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AN EVERLASTING LOVE  [Kai Hiwatari  X Reader] by Anime-THE-Legend
"Just because of you. Because of you kaily is not here with us. All because you held me back." He said angrily while griping her arms tightly as she sobbed and...
Histoire de vie  by Malbaraiize_du_sud
Histoire de vie by Malbaraiize_du_sud
Dans cette histoire les valeurs et les principes de la femme sont défendus
Whispers 2 by wishinglife
Whispers 2by 😇
Sequel to "whispers" Some random thoughts and quotes on girls...
My Girlfriend's Mysterious Past by _Shivani_1910
My Girlfriend's Mysterious Pastby Shivani
My girlfriend's mysterious past is a love story between Sanjay a powerful businessman and Sanvi the broken soul *** Sanjay saho a powerful businessman, attacked by an en...
Rough from outside fragile from inside  by Enakkhi_b
Rough from outside fragile from Enakkhi_b
This story is about a girl JIYA who is rough and ruthless to the world but fragile from inside. And PARAS is a ma ka lardla boy who is finding her miss perfect. Will d...
𝑃𝐻𝐼𝐿𝑂𝐶𝐴𝐿𝐼𝑆𝑇  by boringlmao
𝑃𝐻𝐼𝐿𝑂𝐶𝐴𝐿𝐼𝑆𝑇 by Didiandfriends
philocalist (n.) a lover of beauty; someone who finds and appreciates beauty in all things. ꕥ ☘︎︎ ꕥ ☘︎︎ ꕥ "So you're also from another world?!" "Yes,um...
The Writer Weekly by The_Writers_Lounge
The Writer Weeklyby The Writers Lounge
The Writer Weekly is a fun, short story contest ran by the team @The_Writers_Lounge. Mini contests are held (almost) weekly and challenge fellow writers to dig into thei...
The Incarnation of Egypt by CODGhosts1
The Incarnation of Egyptby CODGhosts1
this is a story about a guy who thinks he is an ordinary individual but soon finds out he's anything but ordinary and is the Vessel for all 2,000 of the Egyptian God's h...
New Years by LikeCairo
New Yearsby Cairo Camarma
Welcome to my New Year's writing prompt for the, "New Year Fiesta" contest. A writing prompt about one of the two friends confessing his like for the other, th...
GUDUNA AKEYI  by muneeraahh
GUDUNA AKEYI by fatima muneera
Tun tana yar karamar ta marikin ta ke nuna Mata batare da gajiya wa ba, samarin kauyen duk tsoron kulata sukeyi saboda alwashin da marikinta yaci kan cewa seya aura Mata...
Karna: the lost prince by Parasanki
Karna: the lost princeby Parasanki
what would happen if Kunti told Pandu about karna ,before Pandu's dead and he accepted karna as his eldest son ,but despite trying in every way ,karna could not be fou...
two girls two different sides by zebramaria2899ee
two girls two different sidesby BTS my life
two girls have two completely different sides - I love you just the way you are- Emily
Marriage Contract by Rheacakes16
Marriage Contractby Rhea Mae
Samantha Santos is a 23 years old woman who grew up in poverty due to her mother having heart disease and her father died due to an accident. She works in a coffee shop...
Adult bluey 2 | adventures  by thebonnieverse
Adult bluey 2 | adventures by Adult Blu- LOKI
(Cover art by yingcartoonman on deviant art) Bluey and her family go on tons of adventures around the city of L.A! Usually leading to shenanigans involving Hunter,max,Lo...
my personal memes by KeannaEvans1
my personal memesby Keanna Evans
cuz I'm bored please don't judge my opinions
{The Shape-shifter And His Girl} [CamiloXreader] by lalouvecrystal
{The Shape-shifter And His Girl} [ lalouvecrystal
----------------------- ->"Your weird" ->"So.. you love me ?" ->"Maybe.." ->"Come on (name) tell me you love me !" ...
Given Mark by wtaf3131
Given Markby Anna
Life isn't nice to everyone. But then again not everyone is nice to life. Twenty year old Adira has a hard time getting mad. She learned a long time ago that she can't c...
EK ANMOL RISHTA by Sparkly_Fic
A story which deciphers brothers bond, love, care💕! To know peep into the story 👀👀!!!
A Ceo Love Story  - BTS Taehyung And Y/N by SoffieProsper
A Ceo Love Story - BTS Taehyung SoffieProsper
CEO of Black Pearl- Y/n CEO of Bizzare - Taehyung Mk assistant - Yeounjun You Must learn to respect all jobs and behave properly regardless . Read to find out