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Kill Me Father by njeri12345
Kill Me Fatherby njeri12345
Mary is a 18 year old a very strong werewolf girl who was abused and raped repeatedly by her father. This story is about her struggles and how she overcomes them. All th...
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IshRa SS ~ £ov€ After M@RRI@R€~ by DiyaRoy6
IshRa SS ~ £ov€ After M@RRI@R€~by Diya Roy
Ishita loves someone who didn't marry him when she got married with her father's choice. Will she ever fall in love again?
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Unspoken by Rattle_The_Stars_
Unspokenby Micky White
"She felt something stirring, something strong and powerful and. . .wrong. She did not want to shift, but the moon goddess had other plans for her." All Rhall...
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Buy and sell by SilverStar1428
Buy and sellby SilverStar1428
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Hey Everyone, A story on two brothers Anurag & Mahir and two sisters Prerna & Bela. An unbreakable love share by two brothers..... A beautiful bond shared by two sister...
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Annoying Roomates by RehanaSiraj
Annoying Roomatesby Reena
When Tamil iyer , Punjabi Tadka Kerala siyyapa Maharastra Mirchi And Delhi danger Were left with no option rather than to live on same flat for 6 months, What do you...
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Black Card (On-Going)  by Pika_Labz
Black Card (On-Going) by Ayessa_Mercado
Having a black card can give you anything you want in this story. But there's one rule that you can NEVER forget. She, is one of the four. But she doesn't know anything...
Let's Let Go by TraceyScaggs
Let's Let Goby TraceyScaggs
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That's Just My Baby Daddy by xx_brown
That's Just My Baby Daddyby Jackie Nelson
Fancy and Tru aren't your typical babymama and baby father story. They actually get along despite the bumps in the road. The obvious chemistry still holds but they can't...
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L'as-tu lu ? by girlonfire1199
L'as-tu lu ?by Girl on fire
Petit recueil des œuvres que j'ai lues et sur lesquelles je veux donner mon avis. Ceux qui ont lu les livres dont je vais parler pourront eux aussi donner leur avis. ⚠️...
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A Story, of two, all the way different people. Filled with white lies along and a pinch of suspense. Admist The Sea of Contrasting Background, Here's a Story Of Heartb...
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Guardian Angel by SVthewriter
Guardian Angelby SV
A troubled teen found his light in the darkness he grew up with through his guardian angel. A devastating incident took place in his life that turned his whole world up...
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Mariposa || Book 1 by Evphoria_
Mariposa || Book 1by 𝖧 𝖮 𝖭 𝖤 𝖸
Mariposa Alarie's family had many dark secrets, including their involvement with the mafia. She was trained from the age of five with all weapons, from bows to ninja sta...
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•B E A U T Y• [Beauty] || Lookism Fanfic by 1800-CatchTheseHandS
•B E A U T Y• [Beauty] || かなしいかなしいかなしい
We live in a world where looks equal relevance. But I don't need lip injections, because I have B E A U T Y. Y/n is tired of everyone's bullshit! She'll change for the...
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Respect by Urban_Elle
Respectby Elle
Respect is something that's earned. When Maia Sullivan didn't get it from the person she expected it from, she moved on to big and better things. Even though finding som...
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The Unknown by Rddudd
The Unknownby Jas jacey
Follow the lives of four young orphans who suddenly find themselves growing up under the stern discipline of not one but two handsome inexperienced guardians who are cle...
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Athena by BookaddictLizzy
Athenaby Lenize Fourie
"I'm Toraq." His deep voice echos through my body causing me to shiver. My head jerking up meeting his eyes. Eyes as blue as the sky greet me. Their beautifu...
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Pyaare Rishte (Lovely Relationship)  by shafdeep
Pyaare Rishte (Lovely shafdeep
Peep into know more 📖......
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Innocent ❤ by MissHeartbreaker01
Innocent ❤by Sugar_Crash❤
How it feels ? when your own family use you for their luxurious life style and all comfort but don't give a damm about you ? .. Heartbroken ? right ? This is what he f...
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❝shine❞ by -itsarya-
❝shine❞by aria ღ
⇢ reasons to be proud of yourself. remember: you are you and no one can change that. you are not alone and you are loved ⇠ all rights reserved @ -itsarya-
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