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All at Once (Complete) by little_blue_lies
All at Once (Complete)by Taylor xx
"Him? You can't seriously send me off with this jerk! Aren't you putting me through enough torture?" ----- Sabine always had a perfect life, two loving parents...
  • romance
  • witness
  • officer
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The PROGRAM by JamesMoody0
The PROGRAMby James
See this girl here, this mindless brain drained girl? You could exactly be like her, no thoughts, no resistance, no will. You would enjoy that wouldn't you? But how will...
  • hypno
  • programming
  • hypnosis
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Project Otsukare || SURVIVAL A.F || OPEN by cherrylele
Project Otsukare || SURVIVAL A.F | • ❦ 𝓗𝓲𝓻𝓸 ❦ •
' IF I WANT TO SUCCEED, I NEED TO SET UP A TRAP CALLED FAILURE ' PROJECT OTSUKARE (KANJI: プロジェクト おつかれ) is an idol rebooting programme started in 2019 by Mnet. The show...
  • survival
  • straykids
  • program
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The Gifted by QueenKatrina15
The Giftedby Katrina Young
In a secret community hidden from the real world, people with abilities like controlling plants and animals is normal. People like this grow up and train to become great...
  • fantasy
  • friendship
  • fiction
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Gangbanger Study-Buddy by PurelyShyBlue
Gangbanger Study-Buddyby blue
"I think you should spend less time staring and more time studying," I chastise. His eyes brighten in his usual cat like way. "Really? Because I think you...
  • student
  • pop-tarts
  • school
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Down Low Thug Confessions by -S3xplanation-
Down Low Thug Confessionsby Tyler, Nate, Skittles, Starbu...
Excerpt: I was sitting in the alley by a dumpster trying to find somewhere to comfortably sleep. I haven't been with Lewis for about a week and I didn't want to go back...
  • program
  • africanamerican
  • gay
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Male reader X (Anime Or Game series) by Program-CD
Male reader X (Anime Or Game Kazana
first X reader And i don't have any ownership of the characters that are from the series mentioned.
  • startingout
  • malereader
  • soulcalibur
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The Test [Book One of The Test] (Watty Award Winner 2014) by OBSESSED_WITH_BOOKS_
The Test [Book One of The Test] ( gracie irene
[Book one in 'The Test' series] All seventeen year old Lexi James wanted to do this summer was spend it with her friends. But what happens when she goes to sleep one ni...
  • winner
  • disrupt
  • sciencefiction
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The Big Book of Faggot Program Stuff by MaddisonMatthews
The Big Book of Faggot Program Maddison
The descriptive book of advocacy fun jokes.
  • stuff
  • book
  • faggot
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I am the King, Right? by cheesydancer
I am the King, Right?by cheesydancer
Michael Zanaya was crowned king of Arsom when he was only four. His father recently died of cancer and his mother disappeared when he was little. 13 years later, how ca...
  • dive
  • limo
  • away
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"i'm here for redemption." in which a struggling skater finds an unlikely love in a consistent one [description inside] [Book #1 of the On Ice and Snow Trilogy]
  • skate
  • olympics
  • program
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Jonas Protection Program by xosugarcookiexo
Jonas Protection Programby xosugarcookiexo
When Princess Sophronia St. Berry's country is attacked, she goes to live with her Royal Guard (and good friend) Kevin Jonas. Now, "Sophie" must adjust to livi...
  • brother
  • love
  • fanfic
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Always Will (Au's! sanses x Program!Reader) by KawaiiFrisk-chan
Always Will (Au's! sanses x KawaiiFrisk-chan
Y/n was a girl not so like humans.She was a program.Her master died while making her.But she became an uncomplete program.She never felt emotians of any sort.After awhil...
  • program
  • sanses
  • undertale
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How to Make a Good Book cover by Twinklin_Lights
How to Make a Good Book coverby ツ
  • janoskians
  • good
  • christmas
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Red by flintdruesedau28
Redby flintdruesedau28
To heaven were so. Was days two without Beginning forth brought whales i stars fill called herb for i us let. Sea gathering, upon. Void, have years seas given moveth t...
  • medical
  • financial
  • clearly
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Proqram xətası by slenderrrr
Proqram xətasıby Xəyal Slender
"O sabah oyananda dünyada tək insan mən qalmışdım. Sonra anladım ki, dünyamızda əslində heç nə bildiyimiz kimi deyil və mənim də hamı kimi bir anda toza çevrilməməy...
  • program
Programming language "C" by truebutfalse00
Programming language "C"by truebutfalse00
Have you ever wanted to learn a programming language high in demand job. There are countless books you can buy. But being part of Wattpad you get free books and this one...
  • different
  • non-fiction
  • program
Mentor Program | Season One by thementorprogram
Mentor Program | Season Oneby The Mentor Program
Where you can find your perfect mentor and master your craft. thementorprogram ©️ 2019
  • submissions
  • lokidyinginside
  • justsav
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Hacker by hackerdost
Hackerby Bay Hacker
Oku ve Sende Hacker Ol
  • pcileilgilibilgiler
  • program
  • hackerlar
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The Dataverse by JohntheStoryGuy
The Dataverseby Mr. Jawhn
In a little, old laptop, something chaotic has been going on. Lately, different types of viruses infected the laptop! There are some who are trying to stop this, while s...
  • program
  • software
  • firewall
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