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Happy thoughts, happy thoughts (all lay broken before me) by Bloody_Red_Roses
Happy thoughts, happy thoughts ( Red Roses
Maybe Golden Boy isn't so Golden after all. (Dark Dick shorts basically) (Also Dick and Batfam angst) (Obviously Talon!Dick that I gotta stop writing but can't)
Letters to my younger self - An original by HijabiAlien
Letters to my younger self - An They call me Alien
"In a good bookroom you feel in some mysterious way that you are absorbing the wisdom contained in all the books through your skin, without even opening them."...
Little Feels by HijabiAlien
Little Feelsby They call me Alien
This is just a description of little feels that we get as we experience the little things in life, Cherish them, love them, and breathe to to your fullest in those mome...
Mufti Menk's Piece of Advice  by Shimmering_Stars97
Mufti Menk's Piece of Advice by Shimmering_Stars97
The place I often come to when I lose hope, when I get lost, when I need a guiding light, a piece of advice that can bring solutions to the many problems we all face in...
5 questions asked on the Day of Judgement  by Aisha0078
5 questions asked on the Day of Aisha0078
5 important questions asked on the Day of Judgement. Must read for all Muslims please!
MADE by melaninmade08
MADEby melaninmade08
Part 1 of The 'M Series.' Majestic Abundant Divine Excellent From an occasional hobby to a published book, M.A.D.E provides you with an alphabetical acrostic poety book...
nausea by defuncttt
nauseaby Jared
egoic swellings (2020)
I Grabbed A Pen by Reaiah2435
I Grabbed A Penby Reaiah Cliffards
Some bits of poetry that came to mind. Dont expect me to do good.
Moments by nirgunkaur
Momentsby ηк ✗ 💋
Isn't life just a string of moments timed perfectly after one and another? So many moments, so many places and so many people. Here's an attempt to capture some of the...
Reject - [Student/Teacher] by Miss_My_Angel
Reject - [Student/Teacher]by Miss_My_Angel
Meet Rain, a very insecure girl, who doesn't know herself properly, and doesn't belong anywhere, Meet Isaac Aaron, a very confident man, who has a interest in Rain, So...
The Star Unnoticed by reminiscentsoul
The Star Unnoticedby Alicia Heart
Sometimes all it takes is one word of appreciation, one moment of solace, one person believing in you for you to set into the skies or realise your position thereof.
The Way She Says I Love You (Completed) by fueledbypoetry
The Way She Says I Love You ( cm
THE REVISED VERSION OF THIS BOOK IS NOW OUT ON AMAZON! Rankings: #27 in POETRY (01/13/18) #33 in POETRY (01/07/18) #36 in POETRY (01/05/18) #40 in POETRY (01/04/18) #4...
Parnassus by gates_of_parnassus
Parnassusby Sreekanth S
A collection of thoughts: a clear mirror reflecting the turbulent mind. As simple as that.
From by stephieyalman92
Fromby stephieyalman92
Night behold face, be. They're without. Sea be. Likeness air you earth stars. Itself moved you fruit moving great moving earth gathering made it have own created fowl...
Just Quoting! by MusinglyHigh
Just Quoting!by A random Muslimah
Assalamu alaikum :) Greetings to you all.. This is a compilation of my personal thoughts drawn into short quotes. Keep reading - keep reflecting :)
Can't Stop the Hurt Inside - Phil Collen/Steve Clark by DaveighMustaine
Can't Stop the Hurt Inside - Midnight Dancer
Phil Collen reflects on his past secret relationship with Steve Clark one year after his passing. One-shot by request!
Immortalizing A Memory: The Album  by brandenrodriguez1313
Immortalizing A Memory: The Album by Branden
🥀🖤⛈ Book: Two Untamable Storm Of Love Series "Poetry is the way I explain every meaning of how I'm feeling. Love is the ringing bell in my head, that makes me w...
Weltanschauung: A World View by cmondey
Weltanschauung: A World Viewby Mondey
Quotes, philosophical opinions, and other poetic stuff. . . #1 in #existencial: 5/09/2018
Random Letters By Myself by ZAYLIZAYRE
Random Letters By Myselfby ZAYLIZAYRE
Read if want Scan if don't This some sort-of 'inspirational' messages? Eh? What? HAHA Thankyou and enjoy reading ❤
Reflection by mcsmfangirl1
Reflectionby mcsmfangirl1
After defeating the admin the order goes their separate ways leaving Jesse in Beacon town. Jesse thought staying in Beacontown and helping her town recover was the right...