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after midnight // shin soukoku by romaenna
after midnight // shin soukokuby JANE
In which Akutagawa receives a message from a stranger every midnight and don't know if he should continue talking to him or not. started | 10416 finished | 102716 cove...
  • lonely
  • lonelines
  • 12am
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Cold Nights Alone by _Jazzabelle_
Cold Nights Aloneby Issa Jazzy
One kicked out for being gay and the other the new kid in town. See where life takes these two! This is a really shitty attempt at a description but what can I say....th...
  • s4s
  • studxstud
  • wattpride
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The Things I Want To Say by j_hyun_k
The Things I Want To Sayby J. Hyun Ki ❆
The title is self-explanatory. But there might be some things that might bother others in this... book. If that's what you want to call it.
  • sad
  • people
  • happy
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love blooms // soukoku by romaenna
love blooms // soukokuby JANE
in which chuuya loved flowers and dazai came to become his new happiness. started | 6316 finished | 7416 cover by : @tsukkki:
  • atsushinakajima
  • bungou
  • love
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JALILAH by AyusherMohd
JALILAHby Ayusher
A painful love story.......... Duk yanda taso bacci ya dauketa ta kasa, juyi kawai take akan yar katifarta, ina zata sa kanta? Ya zatai da rayuwarta? Ina zata sa kanta...
  • sacrifice
  • love
  • abondoned
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Fractured Violets by ShaisaGarcia
Fractured Violetsby SailorMoon
Have you ever felt the vast emptiness? Like your existence never mattered like you could die today and no one would care? For Elena it's all she has ever known. Ever sin...
  • mystery
  • tragedy
  • hot
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Within The Shadows by BlueTheTigerGirl
Within The Shadowsby BlueTheTigerGirl
Roxy... That was the name given to me at birth, or so my dad used to say. I wish i had been raised normally, maybe i wouldn't be in the situation if i wasnt sapposed to...
  • acction
  • sad
  • high-fantasy
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mind loss by xXbetrayal
mind lossby orlando ;
- Изгубихте ли се? - Няма как да се изгубя ако не зная накъде съм тръгнал.
  • cold
  • light
  • random
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poems by Lollilela
poemsby linnea
this is a book with poetry in it. in case you missed the title.
  • bbcsherlock
  • poem
  • lonelines
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suicide Letter by AdriannaDanee
suicide Letterby Adrianna Danee
Trigger warning!!!!
  • nobodyknows
  • suicideawareness
  • suicidalthoughts
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11:02 by AngelsStarsAndFire
11:02by Celia
There was one minute that changed everything. Ember remembers it like it was yesterday, but knows she didn't see it all. People avoid the topic like the plague, but sh...
  • fiction
  • mystery
  • remember
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Short Stories For The Bewildered  by LexiiMascrene
Short Stories For The Bewildered by Lexii Mascrene
Welcome to Short Stories For The Bewildered. Here you will find thriller based stories, of stand alone plots. Please be warned of dark themes such as: abuse and trauma.
  • stalker
  • lonelines
  • romance
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Ashes & Flames by Swathi_Mani
Ashes & Flamesby Swathi
They watched her burn. The flames only grew higher as their laughter echoed in her ears. A light drizzle could have made a massive difference. But there was none. None...
  • abuse
  • life
  • suicidalthoughts
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The Painting by Journee_A_Haven
The Paintingby Journee A. Haven
If I told you what it was about, I could ruin it. Just read it and find out yourself! Word to the wise, it's a short story, so it won't take long to read.
  • painting
  • hope
  • objects
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The Weight Beneath the Smoke. by Frankremmy
The Weight Beneath the Smoke.by remmy frank
These are personal thoughts that I believe is shared and can be related by many. Take a journey with me to the world experienced by many but understood by less.
  • tears
  • sadness
  • deprivation
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Translate words to feelings by lovetohaveadventure
Translate words to feelingsby Silver
-Completed- Hi everybody. This is just a collection of poems I wrote. I hope you enjoy reading. #3 loneliness 8-2-18
  • brokenfriendship
  • friendship
  • poembook
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the people need help again by blackberrywater
the people need help againby ɪ'ᴍ ʟᴏsᴛ
the things on this planet will destroy each other before gravity ever has a say in it my thoughts on the world turned in to how the people need help
  • poetry
  • pain
  • lonelines
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Loneliness Kills-Discontinued by JessicaMullan2
Loneliness Kills-Discontinuedby aprowriter101
This story is about a girl (13) who has a lot going on and feels she has no one there. After awhile things start changing badly and she doesn't know how to deal with it.
  • no
  • depression
  • fakefriends
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I love radio because of his voice. by Thazin99
I love radio because of his voice.by 1485,12,tzt
  • negative
  • sad
  • radio
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