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Wings of Heaven by Bobbiejelly
Wings of Heavenby bobbiejelly
Prompt: Hey, can u or someone make a soulmate fic between meredith and addison pairing, where addison is the dom and meredith the sub? Response: How about a pain-sharing...
| The Girl With A Bleeding Heart | by callmeKay_Cee
| The Girl With A Bleeding Heart |by KayCee
[Ongoing] In a world where humans no nothing about supernatural beings, one beautiful black woman finds herself stuck between three demon mafia triples who want every p...
Can't Escape Them   by stacyyy16
Can't Escape Them by Stacy
Serena has always been the one in the corner and she loved it going unotice was her favorite things, with years of not being good enough, pretty enough the best she can...
Amanuensis by re1men
Amanuensisby reimen
A compilation of stories, experiences, and feelings. From people who aren't sure how to express themselves or want their thoughts expressed in my words. Want to confess...
Indigo's Recommendations by indigosa
Indigo's Recommendationsby Indigo Ivy
Want to read some really good Wattpad books? Want to know what I'm up to as a Wattpad reader? Want to see me babble and squeal? Want to see some Wattpad-specific fanart...
My Fabulous Picture Book by BitterSweet_Shade
My Fabulous Picture Bookby BitterSweetNightShade
Hey guys! So these are just some yaoi/cute/random pictures I had saved on Photos and would like to share them, haha. Just somethin' to pass the time. Please, go ahead an...
Sharing Alpha by Setitikide_writer
Sharing Alphaby SETITIKIDE
This is a love story of the dom alpha that get entangled with two troublesome omega and a sweetheart bb --- "Wait author! Why you always make this kind of genre!&q...
Invisible (Larry Stylinson) (On Hold) by Aimeegawler34
Invisible (Larry Stylinson) (On Aimeegawler34
Harry Styles has a crush on Louis Tomlinson, But Harry is invisible to Louis. Harry wants nothing more than to be with Louis but will popularity and friends keep them ap...
Anime & Manga Suggestions! by blaziken01trainer
Anime & Manga Suggestions!by Procrastinator
Incredible cover by the amazing @Juni_Penguin_ Sharing and discovering new anime and manga. Mostly existing and new anime/ manga that deserve so much more love and atte...
The Mafia PRINCE'S Desire For A MALE HEIR by rosehearted_
The Mafia PRINCE'S Desire For A rosehearted_
"A man could be only called a father;With a Son". In the world were there is no equality between genders,a fight between the rank of a girl and a boy.The World...
The trouble with love  by solitude_peace
The trouble with love by solitude_peace
Her relationship with Randhir was like a rose.Beautiful at first but once she got too close,the sharpest thorns cut her too hard that she bled. Sanyukta is left with a c...
book of anonymous stories by Anonymous_person09
book of anonymous storiesby Sarah
This book is for anyone who needs to get their thoughts out somewhere. but can't tell anyone. Or for the people who want to tell their story because they want to be hear...
ADVERTISE: R4R, V4V, C4C AND F4F by LaughingGrass
Blank by JQuoss
Blankby jp.vst
This isn't really a story, but rather a place where I just want share random thoughts or feelings, I'm currently feeling as I don't really have anyone else to share thes...
Ciara's Random Book! by Ciara-is-here
Ciara's Random Book!by 🐼Ciara🐼
Hi! Ciara here~! In this book, I'll be filling it with things I wanna share. Whether it's pictures of neat things I have.. or talking about something funny that happened...
i need somebody [sunkyu] by tensbaek
i need somebody [sunkyu]by sunwoos bestie
One day Sunwoo will work on that part of his brain that processes emotions and go to therapy or something. Today is not that day. or, Sunwoo cant sleep if its not with C...
Cadence Of Wolves by JodieDaKitten
Cadence Of Wolvesby Jodie DeVille
Book 2 in my Wolf Series. Liara is back home. A place she never wanted to be. Family secrets come to light when she begins to hear voices in her head and cravings she d...
Just Another Wattblog by krazydiamond
Just Another Wattblogby Kristin Jacques
Scribblings, news, updates, and other fiddle faddle
Some of My Sketches (Contest Inside) by Arpan_writes
Some of My Sketches (Contest Arpan Bhowmick
Yes, I can draw too. No, not that great. Just Ok Ok types 😅. But you will enjoy them and maybe you can learn something from them too. Also, there is a small contest in...
Weekly Wattpad Contests by Contests
Weekly Wattpad Contestsby ˗ˏˋCONTESTSˎˊ˗
Here is the hotspot for Wattpad competitions. Whether you like poetry, short stories or novels, you will find something to your liking. So stick around and take part in...