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Taking the Risk by Petrafied101
Taking the Riskby jae
A MCSM Fanfiction, Highschool AU. She's the bad girl. He's the good guy. Blockwest High, home of the Ocelots, and school to the mysterious Jesse Lynn and curious Lukas...
A Second Chance by silverfox785
A Second Chanceby silverfox785
Jesse was a great hero who sacrificed herself to save the world from the Wither Storm. Her friends miss her deeply, but must go on yet another mission to clean up the ol...
Silent Love by NeverEndingFanfics
Silent Loveby #Potato451
"One stupid mistake can change everything." After a traumatic experience, Jesse just stopped talking. No one and nothing could make her talk. As the days turne...
Mcsm Ask or Dare |Requests Open| by IreneAngel1200
Mcsm Ask or Dare |Requests Open|by IreneAngel1200
Please send in requests or questions! Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of MCSM. They belong to TellTale games! Also, I may do different game characters! NOTHING I...
Day and Night by NeverEndingFanfics
Day and Nightby #Potato451
(Book 1) The Prince of the day who has never seen the night and the Princess of the night who has never seen the day one day they meet and fall for each other. Each of...
Reflection by Untold_Eulogy
Reflectionby Aka mcsmfangirl1
After defeating the admin the order goes their separate ways leaving Jesse in Beacon town. Jesse thought staying in Beacontown and helping her town recover was the right...
Fall Behind You (MCSM Fanfic) by Artykatoo
Fall Behind You (MCSM Fanfic)by Arty
F!Jesse will be used in this story :) • • -X-EVENT TAKES PLACE DURING EPISODE 7- • • After the tragedy of Cassie Rose, everyone decided to leave for home, except for the...
MCSM: Ask or Dare! by MintyStarfish28
MCSM: Ask or Dare!by Minty
Yes. I know. There have been many, many, MANY people who have done this. I just thought it'd be fun to do. Comment what you would want a truth or a dare to be- it could...
Minecraft Story Mode: One-Shots (Jetra/Lukesse Edition) by TRJennings
Minecraft Story Mode: One-Shots ( gβ⭐トミーくん
It's ALL OTP from this point. Every single one is gonna be full-on Jetra or Lukesse fanfiction! And it's all dedicated to my favourite couples in the fandom! Haters get...
Mcsm Lemons by NeverEndingFanfics
Mcsm Lemonsby #Potato451
•-• Judge me all you want, but you are the ones who are reading it!!! Read at your own risk and don't read if you have no idea what lemons is. I don't wanna scar you.
From the Witherstorm to the Admin (Minecraft Story Mode)  by Golden_Infinity_luv
From the Witherstorm to the Golden_Infinity_luv
What is this cringe? Minecraft Story Mode only with ships involved. I've actually done this a lot in the past. Friendly warning: if complicated romances, loads of ex's...
Art Book 2 (Requests unplugged) by LexPex_thefangirl
Art Book 2 (Requests unplugged)by Lexis Lazuli :P
This is not a story! This is just a book where I can display my art...again.
MCSM: Ghost of Her Past [COMPLETED] by stardoesnthaveaname
MCSM: Ghost of Her Past [COMPLETED]by Heccin ree
Jesse can't sleep. While being haunted by nightmares of Reuben's death, and failing her friends, she is being hunted. She must now find a way to save the world before it...
Everything Starts With Just A Block || MCSM by RayneTheWolf108
Everything Starts With Just A RayneTheWolf108
Jessie was headed off with her friends, Olivia, Axel, and her beloved pig Rueben to the Endercon Building contest. She didn't remember any mention of the winners having...
Ghost of Her Past [Rewrite] by stardoesnthaveaname
Ghost of Her Past [Rewrite]by Heccin ree
THIS BOOK HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED There's no doubt that the things that Jesse has been through have been some pretty intense experiences. But nothing could prepare Jesse f...
MCSM Oneshots by ReaTheMinecraftGirl
MCSM Oneshotsby ReaTheMinecraftGirl
Just as the title says, these are all oneshots related to MCSM. I accept any ship from either season one or season two, as well as an OC with a character.
Together (A Lukesse story) by TheRealCuddlyFox
Together (A Lukesse story)by CuddlyFox
Lukas lives with his family, Lukas parents don't know hes gay. Till he met Jesse and he fell in love and wants to be with him forever. Jesse also loves Lukas but has to...
Your Soul is mine by XxTheDarkBeatXx
Your Soul is mineby
A few months past after Jesse faked his death and came back with his twin sister. When the new order was getting along things started to get horrifying for the twins. Th...
MCSM: The Forest Temple by Shamzies71
MCSM: The Forest Templeby Shamzies71
Here's a long story on the two best couples in MCSM Lukesse and Jetra!!! It has both female and male Jesse (Except male Jesse in this story is Jess). This story is abou...
The Aftermath  by stardoesnthaveaname
The Aftermath by Heccin ree
"All that she could think of right now was that Reuben was gone, and it was all her fault." ••••• This story is basically what happened during that &quo...