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ONLY YOU | Lisrene ✔ by shandeukie_
ONLY YOU | Lisrene ✔by shee
you're the one that i want, only you...
Crazy Little Thing called LOVE by JenSperbund
Crazy Little Thing called LOVEby
Let's see the struggles that Seulgi went through to gain the attention of the one and only BAE JOOHYUN and the obstacles faced by her when trying to win her HYUNNIE'S he...
Can I? |  SEULRENE by lueshun
Can I? | SEULRENEby Sam
Can I? A story of two people adjusting to what is expected of them?
Never Enough (COMPLETED) by ZiaSeulgs
Never Enough (COMPLETED)by Zia
COMPLETED "Jennie, I-I like you." "I definitely don't feel the same way four eyed monkey." "O-oh well it's ok. I can wait-" "Nu-uh I'...
𝐁𝐚𝐢𝐬𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐢 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭  by NotoriousMila
𝐁𝐚𝐢𝐬𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐢 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭 by Lloud's Maid
Lisa Smut (Bottom Lisa) G!p female idols Mostly Converted stories so credits to the owners
Divinity ~ Male KPOP Idol by Arakage
Divinity ~ Male KPOP Idolby Arakage
Minatozaki Sei, a rising star in the Japanese football scene experiences an event that could change his life forever. Faced with a life changing decision, will he spread...
I MARRIED JENNIE KIM || CHAENNIE || Complete  by iheartchaennie
Park Chaeyoung knows that being married to a global kpop royalty isn't easy. However, Jennie Kim also knows that being married to a secret Korean heiress isn't easier.
Mistakes • Satzu [COMPLETED] by jlsatzu
Mistakes • Satzu [COMPLETED]by ᴀᴛᴢᴜʙᴀʙᴀ
CEO Chou and Secretary Minatozaki's love story. With CEO Chou being the cold hearted one, and Secretary Minatozaki the one trying to break down her walls. Status: COMPLE...
Marry The Devil Woman [18+] by HiL0329
Marry The Devil Woman [18+]by Renebae
I'm Kang Seulgi the CEO of KSG Group. I never think I will marry with that evil woman. She is the one that I hate the most. She is Bae Joohyun.
Marrying Ms. Popular✔️// seulrene ff  by _chelsseyy
Marrying Ms. Popular✔️// 🦋
[ENGLISH] My life sucks! I'm marrying that little freakin' devil reincarnate-I mean jeez..I'm marrying Ms. Popular. (Completed) (Edited) a seulrene ff! If you're a revel...
Made for Two by lsmmmmmm
Made for Twoby gail
Dealing with a trauma, Lisa's father decided to transfer her school where she met two women who will change her life. The question is, is it for the good or not? This is...
Attention || Seulrene | Ongoing by jenlisasbiatch
Attention || Seulrene | Ongoingby ysab
Seulgi was scared shitless. She knew she was in deep danger because Irene Bae rarely smiles. #1kangseulgi(022321) #1seulrene(081921) #2baejoohyun(081921) #1seulgi(082921...
Guarded | Seulrene FF by RossierX
Guarded | Seulrene FFby RossierX
A brat client vs. A mysterious bodyguard. Where does one curiosity might lead to? PUBLISHED: 8 OCT 2017 COMPLETED: NOVEMBER 2017
Queen's Of Mafia [JENLISA ft. CHAESOO] by itsnikkiiiiiii
Queen's Of Mafia [JENLISA ft. itsnikkiiiiiii
just read it if you, sorry for wrong grammars hope you like it ❤️
STEP SBILINGS (BTS X BP X YN) Dhanush Bharathi
park yn is cold dangerous glare is enough to kill 100 person .world's no:1 youngest multibillionre.also successful bussiness women trust me if i tell you don'...
"The whole idea was a mess, in fact it was stupid. To get married with someone who's practically a stranger to me was already an absurd concept. But having a child...
mafia step brothers (BTS FF) by Amour_moonlight
mafia step brothers (BTS FF)by justt.sid
It will reveal in the story... u will love it i don't promise but I can say u.. This is my first book ever so please vote ,comment and follow me
[ ✔ ] We're Not Friends ▪ Jenlisa by zhenaerys
[ ✔ ] We're Not Friends ▪ Jenlisaby irisviel.
A bitchy brat straight when it comes to everything- Jennie meets the playgirl badass top of her game Lisa on unexpected day in unimaginable way. The two were like fire a...
Mafia Stepbrothers(BTSxBPxY/N FF) by bangpinkeu_lifeu
Mafia Stepbrothers(BTSxBPxY/N FF)by .KIMsiblings2
"You all are betrayers" "You killed my mother" "I will make them suffer just how I did in the past" "I will take my revenge" &quo...
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Lost G!P by ManduLimario
Lost G!Pby AJ
"Are you still mine?" She asked "I'm sorry but I'm not happy anymore" She replied and swift away. The girl had been left behind and cry under the pou...