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Center of Attention: A Black K-POP Idol ✔️ by SnugglyPooh
Center of Attention: A Black SnugglyPooh
Your dreams of becoming an idol started off early in your childhood, being inspired by K-POP to pursue your dreams of being on stage. Leaving your family behind, you fly...
Lone Idol by Chou_Main
Lone Idolby Dark Mode
S.W.O.R.D Series #1 Jung Woo Jin is a 30 years old orphan that likes to be a star more than anyone else. Ever since he was a kid, he likes to sing and dance, he likes pe...
[♡] Me an Idol?! by hndryzen
[♡] Me an Idol?!by min
[ yasmin is typing... ] " Thank you for being you " ---------------- 🌿 ongoing grammar mistakes here and there (i'm sorry huhu)
I'M the idol? | Reader x BTS x EXO x SEVENTEEN by KpopMyJams
I'M the idol? | Reader x BTS x KpopMyJams
"I only wanted to see my Idol. Not become one." (Y/N) was a K-Pop fan, not a big deal. You get them here and there. Her best friend Joy wanting to become an id...
COMFORT PLACE  |  bang chan. by blushymess
COMFORT PLACE | bang steph
Scared and desperate, a girl rushes up to a group of boys with a camera crew in hopes to ward off a stalker. Chan takes it upon himself to make sure she's okay. 𝘣𝘢𝘯𝘨...
old cigarettes | min yoongi by jgukwho
old cigarettes | min yoongiby 𝙟𝙖𝙘𝙚
a little over a year after the death of your parents, you're struggling to keep your music store open and provide for your sister. after spotting him at one of your mini...
notice me | jung wooyoung  by reyaxstar
notice me | jung wooyoung by reya
she loves him, a lot. but he "hates" her. time passes, things changed. she started to dislike him. the problem is, wooyoung fell for her. ✎slow updates ✎lower...
Now I dance for you (Male reader x Kpop girls) by mangolisaa
Now I dance for you (Male reader mangolisaa
Park Hajin was a flourishing choreographer until he disappeared one day. Reasons only Known by his closets friends He returns with a couple of scars and a new drive as h...
Stray Kids Reader Insert One-Shots! (Gender neutral!) by KimiStorm
Stray Kids Reader Insert Kimi
Even more fluffy reader insert Stray Kids stories because I am obsessed with them and can't stop writing for them. I try to make them all gender neutral, but do let me k...
LYS [Kpop x Idol reader] by IwantJiminsBooty
LYS [Kpop x Idol reader]by holy shiteu
You are in a new group that debuted not long ago. You will meet a lot of groups that you didn't even known before. And maybe some of those members will fall for you. {-n...
The Perfect Girl {EnhypenxFemreader} by nam14life
The Perfect Girl { Nami
Where in a girl named y/n was a trainee in an entertainment called Hybe. She was casted because of her outstanding dancing, singing, rapping skills and visuals. . . . . ...
The Beat to my Stolen Heart (a SuperM x Reader story) by always_5hinee
The Beat to my Stolen Heart (a always5hinee
As an up and coming music producer, Y/N has actually done fairly well for herself in the industry. All though left without credit most of the time, she's happy to make h...
ateez Imagines I Suppose Me Writing What Come Into My Head  by Tay0666
ateez Imagines I Suppose Me ..
different story plots for the ateez members so ye I'm not a good writer so this is just a try If you have any request just comment or dm me and I'd be happy to write the...
my type | j.jk by tae-verse
my type | j.jkby love urself ˖⁺⑅♡
"Do you have an ideal type?" the MC asked. He raised his microphone to Jungkook's lips expectantly. The maknae bit his lip, and looked directly into the camer...
Broken Girl Meets Bad Boy | Stray Kids Felix X Reader by FelixsGirlfriend
Broken Girl Meets Bad Boy | ❤️
(Y/N) thought she would never be fixed. After years of bullying, she moved schools, but her heart would still never be fixed. But one day, the school's most popular boy...
Stray Kids One Shots {FINISHED} by plebier-than-plebs
Stray Kids One Shots {FINISHED}by Clingy Loser
As you can tell... one shots. Kinda..... Y/N, you are one lucky person. Since this is a fanfic, timelines will be different.
ATEEZ Imagines by miss_atiny
ATEEZ Imaginesby Etiniii
The title says it all ATEEZ x Reader First time making an x reader book😂 Request whatever you want but no smuts. Please just no. Comment down a member and a scene or wh...
Un-Breaking His Heart (Bang Chan X-Reader) by MissDevoured
Un-Breaking His Heart (Bang Chan MissDevoured
His heart was shattered. Do you think you can piece it back together? Warnings: ⚪possible smut warning ⚪curse word warning
BLACKPINK & TWICE Reactions And Scenario's by pinkish_seafood
BLACKPINK & TWICE Reactions And juni
full of multiple stories/situations about blackpink Girl x Girl If you want a certain situation just comment it 😛
High School Delinquent (Eric The Boyz x-reader) by MissDevoured
High School Delinquent (Eric The MissDevoured
Rumor has it he is a player. He is the worst possible person for you, but you're not so sure. Smut warning 18+ Curse word warning