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Bound By A Bump (COMPLETED) by Juette_Curtina
Bound By A Bump (COMPLETED)by juju
"A little stress release couldn't hurt anyone." With that thought in mind, Kaylyn Fisher decided to be a rebel for a night, break the rules a little and indul...
Beat by Allananananana
Beatby elara ;
"Love is, when you look at the person, and you knew right away that both of your hearts follow the same beat."
It's Not Perfect by The_Queen_97
It's Not Perfectby Carebear!
Emma: shy, traumatized, and an ex-wild child. Duke: violent, abusive, and out for revenge. Ryder: sarcastic, sexy, and champion MMA fighter. Emma is determined to slide...
Axle by somebodywho
Axleby somebodywho
Even simply saying or thinking about his name send shivers to anybody. Axle Rydd When night time falls, they come out to play, killing the innocents. His pack, the Dark...
The Malevolence of a Woman Wronged by B_Zahin27
The Malevolence of a Woman Wrongedby Bushra Zahin
BOOK 1 OF THE ROMANO SERIES Promises are made to be kept, that's what Italian Duchess, Angelina Moretti believed, but catching her husband in bed with another maid was n...
Thy Name is Destiny(Completed) (#Wattys2015) by fantasyknowledgegirl
Thy Name is Destiny(Completed) (#W...by fantasyknowledgegirl
Wolf pack laws are strict and always followed, no matter what the circumstance. Within these pack laws contains the most important pack law: If the offspring is born wit...
Picture Me (Completed) by Lil_Shawty_Jake
Picture Me (Completed)by .H A S A N O T T I.
(IN THE PROCESS OF REVISION) Starring one of your favorites. "People will judge you when they don't know you. Say you're a new 'you', but some people bring out the...
BELONG WITH ME | SB19 Justin ✓ by sheensofroses
BELONG WITH ME | SB19 Justin ✓by roshan ✪
[SB19 Stories #5] Justin and Mira are inseparable. They're always together. Eating lunch, studying, going to school, shopping, hanging out. They're each other's comfort...
Picking Up The Pieces - Emo x Reader by Cherry_Lucid
Picking Up The Pieces - Emo x Read...by ͼhϵrrϒ lῠͼῖδ
(Y/N) bumps into a mysterious black haired, blue eyed emo guy and that's when her life changed into a mess and romance....what will happen?
The devil's challenge by Jessbvt
The devil's challengeby Jess
Tala ends up in hell. She has met the devil, Lucifer and they both hate each other. Her only problem is that she's playing in a challenge where Lucifer the judge of is a...
Not Today by dodochipss
Not Todayby dodochipss
What would you do if your faith, patience, and hope along with your body were ravaged? After a failed attempt to escape a kidnapping scheme, April ends up in an organiza...
Mysterious Mystery [COMPLETED] by kukierosie
Mysterious Mystery [COMPLETED]by ɢᴡᴇɴ
You cant understand the story by one line but i can tell that the first half is sci-fi fantasy and action part, and the second half is horror.
Becoming his Old Lady (A Sons of Anarchy Story) by hicklife
Becoming his Old Lady (A Sons of A...by Josey
Elle beautiful, smart, funny and has always been known as the rich kid with the rich friends and had the most beautiful mansion. She loved it all up until highschool whe...
This Is My Creed by Rainha_Ray
This Is My Creedby Chi_Orginated
What if Apollo Creeds death upset a person. What if it someone had the same journey just like his son? and vowed to beat the best? what if Drago had two kids instead on...
In All Her Glory by jedidiah17
In All Her Gloryby 🌺Precious🌺
After one full year of abuse from her stepdad, Sharon decides she's had enough. On a tragic day, she runs away from what used to be her home, leaving her mother and sist...
His Toy (Book #1) by ecorcran_
His Toy (Book #1)by Emily Corcran
This is the first book of the 'Alpha King Series'. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼ON HOLD👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 I am currently in the process of editing the grammar errors in this story but I am pla...
Saudade Under The Twilight by talesofeunoia
Saudade Under The Twilightby 麦
When I gazed at the setting sun as it slowly descended into the sky, I felt a deep longing for someone I once loved. Her grins and cheers trigger a cascade for me. I'm f...
Being Jade [Completed] by asiamonea
Being Jade [Completed]by Ny'asia
At 20, Most girls are thinking about parties, shopping and boys. Unfortunately for Jade instead of picking up martini's, she's picking up shitty pampers and milk filled...
The Boss Lady 2 by EllaAjaegbu
The Boss Lady 2by 🌺Ella Uchechi Ajaegbu🌺
#2 in THE BOSS LADY Series Ella Coker is back and yet with much bossiness and difference too. Book Two will be updated soon Are you excited? __________________________...
My Boyfriend's Girl by goaldriven
My Boyfriend's Girlby Devi Kiaki Arahan
A story of young love. Their hopes and dreams, the struggle of cheating, second chances, forgiveness and learnings...