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Daughter of The Flash by Nova_LR_000
Daughter of The Flashby Nova LR
DAUGHTER OF THE FLASH || "Emotions aren't meant to be controlled, they are energies that run through our veins, but the one you choose to let overcome you and be a...
Insanity || Suicide Squad || Rick Flag by paigetcute
Insanity || Suicide Squad || Pez
"Listen bitch, You're no better than we are...the only difference between us that is we don't hide behind a 'good guys' façade"
『❅ѕυвzєяσ❅』 | ❅ Peter Parker ❅ (1) by CrownHollows
『❅ѕυвzєяσ❅』 | ❅ Peter Parker ❅ (1)by Koi
"I'm sorry." "What do you mean 'I'm sorry'? Please don't leave me." "I'm sorry, Pete, but I can't stay. I wish things could have been different...
Serendipity (GirlxGirl) (Omegaverse) by Feverish
Serendipity (GirlxGirl) ( FEVERiSH
Casper Owen, a Female Alpha, who is only trying to sail her way through Halverich Boarding School, one goal at a time. She's the cool athletic girl that's immune to love...
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Arlington (Book One) by CCDaleo
Arlington (Book One)by CC
Aviva Arlington has never seen the world the way everyone else does, but she's always been very content hiding behind half-inch thick frames. She was raised to ignore he...
Supernatural by thewinnster
Supernaturalby thewinnster
"Just because we win the war doesn't mean we don't lose everything in the process." - Joey Magnom --------- Practically everyone dreams of having superpowers...
Flash Flood (A Percy Jackson / Flash Crossover) by AuthorBelleWard
Flash Flood (A Percy Jackson / Belle Ward
Percy Jackson's life is finally looking bright. When his mom's books take off, she decides to attend an author expo and brings her family to Central City, where they'll...
Radioactive {Barry Allen} [1] by izzyxsivan
Radioactive {Barry Allen} [1]by 🌹izzy🌹
"Mack you need help. Let me help you" "I don't need your help Bartholomew Henry Allen" "You keep telling yourself that Mackenzie Elizabeth Carte...
Looking for myself by musingswithwings
Looking for myselfby D~
When sheriff stilinski finds about all the lies stiles tells him( in a wrong way) he decides to send stiles to boarding school. What stiles doesn't know that this was be...
Before The Storm [1] Barry Allen  by MysticAllen
Before The Storm [1] Barry Allen by MysticAllen
Kara Reeves received an email from the famous Doctor Wells inviting her to work at his world class Star Labs. Not holding back, she accepted in a heartbeat, not realisin...
Faith (Book Two) by CCDaleo
Faith (Book Two)by CC
Faith has been cursed with a voice so beautiful, she has to stay silent. She wasn't born with it, rather she was transformed into a walking weapon at the ripe age of ten...
Prodigy Returns (book 3) by EdwardMullen
Prodigy Returns (book 3)by Edward Mullen
Picking up where the last story left off, our hero finds herself alone and afraid. Her mission is to locate her father and bring him home. With nothing but her wits, she...
Prodigy Eternal (book 2) by EdwardMullen
Prodigy Eternal (book 2)by Edward Mullen
The highly anticipated sequel to the cult-classic Prodigy is now available in print and eBook stores! One year has passed since Alexandra Gray became the symbol of hope...
Chaos: Young Justice by Bodineaf
Chaos: Young Justiceby Bodineaf
Levi Romanowski was one of many test subject for the High Evolution, a strategic terrorist organization designed by Vandal Savage to study the meta-gene. With Vandal Sav...
The One Eye King by DarkOneTAS
The One Eye Kingby Dixon_FanZ
This is in the arrowverse. When the famous flash gets a victory over reverse flash thinking things are easy. But he was wrong after earth one collided with there earth t...
Brains over Brawn [ A Cisco Ramon Romance Novel ] by 11thstreetkids
Brains over Brawn [ A Cisco ˓Em
[Book One] #6 in Cisco Ramon Fanfiction |After being convinced that she's a beacon for disaster, Reyna chooses a quiet city to settle into, only to discover that everyon...
Bella's half sisters  by Cherrybomb9824
Bella's half sisters by Cherrybomb9824
Kira Blossom and Eira Snow Swan are the twin daughters of Charlie and Cora Swan. When their older half sister returns to Forks after being gone for 14 years, how will s...
Influx (Book Four) by CCDaleo
Influx (Book Four)by CC
Beta stopped caring about anything but work when she burned bridges with everyone she used to know. The only thing she concerns herself with right now is her job, and ke...
Aegis (Book Three) by CCDaleo
Aegis (Book Three)by CC
Zana Black lives in Circa City, an unforgiving city, built on the edge of an old nuclear disaster site, the crime rate is high, and the homeless population is even high...
NOVA || Titans {Jason Todd} by CharmedGirl4
NOVA || Titans {Jason Todd}by Ash
Aurora King planned on protecting Central City not training a new Robin. With Central City without a Flash, Aurora steps up. But when she receives a call from Bruce Wayn...