Two sidekicks  by dancergirl1027
Two sidekicks by Aramina
Cassidy Thunderman was the sister to Phoebe, Max, Billy, Nora, and Chloe. She was the daughter of Barb and Hank. She was a sidekick with Henry to Captain Man. She was Gi...
  • girldanger
  • wattys2017
  • henrydanger
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Shouto Todoroki x Reader  by doggo_galaxy
Shouto Todoroki x Reader by ❤ Kidd ❤️
*I UPDATE EVERY WEEKEND* (if I don't I'll tell u guys in advance) *IMPORTANT SUMMARY* Y/n's parents are one of the most popular heroes in the world, her father being ab...
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • xreader
  • shoutotodoroki
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The League by Kelsea_Dove
The Leagueby Kelsea Dove
Phoenix Anderson has one goal: to avoid the League of Superheroes. He's not entirely sure why he's avoiding the good guys; but, then again, there are a lot of things he...
  • powers
  • superhero
  • supervillain
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Villainism (Featured!) by kissmecait
Villainism (Featured!)by Cait
~BOOK ONE IN THE VILLAINISM SERIES~ In a world where superheroes and villains exist, Annabeth Groves is the one person who wishes they didn't. Perfectly content with...
  • hero
  • humor
  • manhattan
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IRON DAUGHTER | t. stark ✓ by TeenageWriter99
IRON DAUGHTER | t. stark ✓by • Annie •
Every family has demons, but none of them seem to scream as loudly as they do in the Stark family. Tony Stark is known for many things; a father being one of them...
  • pepperpotts
  • ironmansdaughter
  • tonystark
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The Supervillain and Me (Morriston Superheroes #1) by tasting_stars
The Supervillain and Me ( Danielle Banas
[EXCERPT - FIRST 5 CHAPTERS] THE FULL BOOK IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE IN STORES AND ONLINE! Never trust a guy in spandex. In Abby Hamilton's world, superheroes do more th...
  • famous
  • comics
  • adventure
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Should Have Been The Bad Guy | ✔ by OutrageousOllo
Should Have Been The Bad Guy | ✔by Olive Goodwin (Ollo)
Tim is really dumb and he should have died at the beginning of this novel, because science, but he didn't, because superpowers. He does the cool kid thing and uses his p...
  • superpowers
  • humour
  • nanowrimo13
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The Breeze [Tony Starks Daughter] by stark-11-industries
The Breeze [Tony Starks Daughter]by I Am Iron Man
The Breeze | "I am your father." "I thought we were playing out a Star Wars scene." ....................................... Captain America: Winter...
  • tomholland
  • steverogers
  • peter
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ARCHANGEL (Marvel Fanfiction) by liviaalvina
ARCHANGEL (Marvel Fanfiction)by liviaalvina
Elizabeth Pearce is a mutant experimented by Hydra 50 years ago. The experiment caused her to grow wings, aged much slower than normal humans, and have energy manipulati...
  • myth
  • lokifanfic
  • wattys2018
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Peter Parker/Tom Holland Imagines by DolanQuackson23
Peter Parker/Tom Holland Imaginesby QuacksonDolanHoran
Ranked #102 imagines. Request are open and greatly appreciated☺️
  • marvel
  • parker
  • tomholland
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Old Friends, New Beginnings || Peter Parker by mjhollandd
Old Friends, New Beginnings || MJ Holland
Peter Parker has been your best friend all your life. You both are crushed when you have to move away to another state. Three years later, you return to Queens for your...
  • peterparker
  • superheros
  • tonystark
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RED RAVEN | t. stark ✓ by TeenageWriter99
RED RAVEN | t. stark ✓by • Annie •
[ Sequel to Iron Daughter ] There are demons in the girl's head. They make her wish she was dead. Two years ago, the infamous Tony Stark told the world that he w...
  • blackwidow
  • steverogers
  • tonystarksdaughter
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Young God ϟ Marvel [1] by -marvel
Young God ϟ Marvel [1]by MIGHTY CAPTAIN
❝Do you feel like a young god?❞ {across the marvel cinematic universe} {thor - age of ultron} {book one of three}
  • superhero
  • fanfiction
  • scarletwitch
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Tom Holland Imagines  by madi_1028
Tom Holland Imagines by Madi
Request are: CLOSED | Imagines about Tom Holland and Peter Parker. | Highest Ranking: #50 in fan fiction |
  • spiderman
  • ship
  • fanfiction
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Ruin - Peter Parker by charliespiano
Ruin - Peter Parkerby B R I D G E T
Where a hero finds a girl that needs saving. (tom holland as peter parker) post Spider-Man homecoming will be continued next year, you'll understand once you see Infinit...
  • wattys2018
  • thanos
  • spider-man
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POISON & WINE | t. stark by TeenageWriter99
POISON & WINE | t. starkby • Annie •
[ Final Book in the Iron Daughter Series ] "Now I see. The demon is me." Lisa May Stark is so much more than the child she used to be when she and...
  • tonystark
  • superheroes
  • marvel
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It Wasn't Pere by Astrid_Zias
It Wasn't Pereby Astrid Zias
When Adrien finally realizes that his father didn't give him the scarf, he sets out to find the person who did. He asks almost everyone, including Alya! Although Alya is...
  • cute
  • miraculous
  • amazing
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Voltage (Choni AU Riverdale) by tiddychoni
Voltage (Choni AU Riverdale)by tiddy choni
Ordinary takes a turn when something not so ordinary happens. Then you become Extraordinary.
  • tonitopaz
  • lesbian
  • jugheadjones
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Dirty Little Secrets by MeganWaack
Dirty Little Secretsby MeganWaack
Percy Jackson couldn't care less what people think of him. Someone didn't like his newly dyed hair? Not his problem, look somewhere else. People think he's weird for ha...
  • troublemaker
  • demigod
  • secrets
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BNHA x male reader by cr0pl3ts
BNHA x male readerby cr0pl3ts
When you think of a superhero do you imagine a strong person with powers? What about a rich guy who uses gadgets to defeat his enemies? Well m/n isn't either. He is a bo...
  • midoriyaizuku
  • bnha
  • superhero
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