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Invincible // Superman by Geekator
Invincible // Supermanby Geekasauruz
Silvia Stone was a vigilante with only one goal in mind, to give criminals a swift and painful death. As one could imagine, Superman didn't exactly appreciate the bodyco...
Ablaze:  A Sakura Haruno Crossover Fanfiction  Book 1 by Jacquebell
Ablaze: A Sakura Haruno Jacque Bell
Sakura finds herself in a world not her own and struggles to survive while being different. Will the Justice League embrace her? Or will she make her way on her own? Onl...
Oblivious ~ Superman Love Story ~ Completed by FinnishUnicorn
Oblivious ~ Superman Love Story DaughterOfSatan
Meet Fae. She works at the daily planet is clumsy and as fragile as glass. Superman has been seen saving her multiple times, and soon he starts to appear even when sh...
You're him? by FireInTheCarPark
You're him?by FireInTheCarPark
You're working at the daily planet and you get paired up with Clark Kent for a job while Lois Lane is away, What happens next? Qv based
SET DURING BATMAN V SUPERMAN AND BEFORE JUSTICE LEAGUE BOOK 1 "You will give people an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you. They will stumble. The...
It's not an S // Superman by LondonaLozzy
It's not an S // Supermanby Loz
Lauren Lake spent her early life as a Military brat, constantly being moved from place to place. Usually she didn't care when she had to leave again, she'd never had tim...
Life of the Batfamily|| Instagram AU by -DRAGOONLORD-
Life of the Batfamily|| -CC-
You can look into how the Wayne's act on Instagram, as the recently married Bruce Wayne starts to act more like himself, and the boys can say their age. Along with Batmo...
Different Worlds? / Batman x Reader (Under Editing) by gabygabs4030
Different Worlds? / Batman x gabygabs4030
This is a story about YOU and of course Mr. Bruce Wayne. You, a rich girl, who likes to keep it a secret, moves to Gotham to escape all the commotion of National City su...
Clark Kent's Demigod Daughter by heartweasley17
Clark Kent's Demigod Daughterby Sam Uley
When Persephone "Percy" Krínos Jackson was a small baby her mother Sally and stepfather Paul were killed. The Goddess Hera, who loved Percy with all her immort...
Daughter of the Bat by IronSoul001
Daughter of the Batby A Random Person
WARNING!! CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FROM BATMAN VS SUPERMAN!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! When Emma came into the life of Bruce Wayne, he promised to al...
Saving the Multiverse | Avengers, DCEU & Arrowverse Crossover by Idocrossovers
Saving the Multiverse | ShadowQu33n
In which, the daughter of Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Peggy Carter, gets sent to another earth by the means of the Infinity gauntlet and finds her way into the ar...
Zealous | [SUPERMAN] by pobrecita
Zealous | [SUPERMAN]by pobrecita
Marilyn Warren didn't ask for Superman's attention. She didn't need to be saved. She didn't want to be watched over. She already had Clark over protectively hovering ove...
BRAVE 。CLARK KENT by overture-
❝i'm not stubborn, you're just a dick.❞ in which the FBI agent is haunted by the ghost of her past. WINNER IN BEST CLARK KENT STORY CATEGORY IN THE TV AND M...
Save Me by HollyFongheiser
Save Meby Holly Fongheiser
Angel Windham is just a girl from Metropolis. She works with her best friend, Lois Lane, at The Daily Planet when she meets Clark Kent. But there's something about him...
A Series of Change by LDYVERATTEN
A Series of Changeby Victoria Dutton
He had returned after 5 years, two women were upset with his leaving, one was Lois Lane, the one that loved him as Superman, and the other was Isabella Wolfe that loved...
Fallen Angel by LDYVERATTEN
Fallen Angelby Victoria Dutton
What would happen if Lana never lived in Smallville. Shannon had known him all her life they had been childhood friends. But Clark kept secrets from her, and when she sa...
Henry Cavill - One Shots  by livinglikeawarrior
Henry Cavill - One Shots by livinglikeawarrior
Just a collection of some short one shots about Henry Cavill or his characters. Requests are open (just not too smutty 😝)
Loving the Man of Steel | Clark Kent  by Rose_Conspiracy
Loving the Man of Steel | Clark Rose
MoS | BvS 1st place in the 2017 DC Watty Award! From a very young age, trouble has always seemed to follow Rose Montgomery. When she finally moves to Metropolis to get a...
Tsunade, The Healer of Superheroes (Naruto X YJ)  by Arrowgirl051601
Tsunade, The Healer of Arrowgirl051601
Tsunade gets reincarnated in the Young Justice universe.
Only Human [The Man Of Steel] by _LookingAtStars_
Only Human [The Man Of Steel]by Aly
Growing up in the small city of Kansas was okay but what actually made it okay was the friend that I had made. He was different, a good different, and I knew that. He wa...