Irikuri (Formerly known as "LOCA")

Irikuri (Formerly known as "LOCA")

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maliuzuri By maliuzuri Updated Jan 26

"You will never leave me. You are mine. You love me,  you just haven't realized it yet." he boomed like it was law. 

"I have realized. I'll never leave. I you."

Bullshit. The fuck did he think this was?This isn't your average kidnapping turned stockholm syndrome story. He may be crazy, but I'm crazier. 

Nani figures that her kidnapping is the worst thing that can happen. But when she uncovers something much bigger than her is at stake, she is thrown into a world of lies, fake love, seduction,  betrayal,  espionage, and danger.
If she wasn't crazy before, this would be her breaking point.

ATTENTION: If you think this will be that  book where the female is okay with being beaten, raped, and  treated like property, I am warning you. Nani is not the one. She will not play those games. Period. IN THIS HOUSE WE DO NOT STAN RAPE, ABUSE, MISOGYNY, STUPIDITY, DUMB FUCKERY, AND HEADASSERY.