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(TƯƠNG LAI) Em Là Thiên Thần Của Tôi Mèo Nhỏ À (P2) by user16104373
(TƯƠNG LAI) Em Là Thiên Thần Của Hinamia Lyana
Kể về con cái của Syaoran và Sakura. Mối tình của ba đứa con nhà này và gặp được một số nhân vật mới và cũng như sự trở lại của mối thù năm xưa con của như thành viên nh...
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  • ajambrose
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Donald Trump Smut by aquateens
Donald Trump Smutby crack baby
Donald Trump X Reader [HIGHEST RANK: #48 IN ACTION] how could you resist his raggedy hair his wrinkly orange skin his whopping 2 centimeter peepee 4 in 5 Doctors Recomm...
  • oakley
  • donaldtrump
  • agent
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Team 10 by lizzzxsmith
Team 10by Liz❤️
Emilia Rodriguez always wanted to be a part of team 10 when suddenly all her dreams come true.
  • anthony
  • hayley
  • brooks
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Adopted By O2L by wearefinishedhere
Adopted By O2Lby done
Hey! I'm Bethany Noel Caylen! Yes I'm Jc daughter.. But I'm Also A Youtuber, Model, Actress, Singer, Viner and way more. But My Life Is Not All Good.. Dating Shawn Mende...
  • magcon
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My Best Friend's Bully (Dan Howell x Reader) by Hidden_Tomboy
My Best Friend's Bully (Dan Hidden_Tomboy
You and Phil are best friends and Tyler is your cousin. Phil's bully, Dan started to become friends with Phil. Making you friends with him too or maybe even more?
  • phillester
  • danisnotonfire
  • oakley
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Tyler's Little Sister by SprinkleofOakley25
Tyler's Little Sisterby Jasmine🍃
Alicia Oakley is the 16 year old younger sister to the queen of the internet Tyler Oakley. See how life is for Alicia, being Tyler's Little Sister.
  • tylerslittlesister
  • markiplier
  • tyde
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50 Shades of Kian by xxsupernerdyxx
50 Shades of Kianby k.m
"Jade, Mr.Lawley is waiting."
  • espinosa
  • kian
  • tyler
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Adopted By Cameron Dallas  by KobraKid-
Adopted By Cameron Dallas by |\|
Natalie Marks is an orphan that is 14 years old, she was out on a trip with the orphanage, she met Cameron Dallas. Then Cameron made a decision that changed her life for...
  • cameron
  • oakley
  • brandonrowland
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Instagram Model // Dylan OBrien by Cece20102
Instagram Model // Dylan OBrienby Sierra 20102
Melanie Sugg, Zoe and Joe's cousin fights to continue her career as a youtuber and a actress. Finding herself auditioning for the popular show, Teen Wolf. Falling in lov...
  • zoe
  • oakley
  • joe
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Astig Sya , Maangas Ako  by Jimin_Kook_bts
Astig Sya , Maangas Ako by ParkCL
"Bitch!" Sinampal nya ako ng pagkalakas lakas pero di ako nag patinag. Sinampal ko sya pero mas malakas. "Satingin ko ikaw ang bitch dito! Kung satingin m...
  • rydellynch
  • gilmoregirls
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Adopted By Tyler Oakley (Completed) by exploratiion
Adopted By Tyler Oakley (Completed)by 🔥
I am Synthia Grace Hilland and someone special was here. It was him. The best youtuber I know,I've watched his videos for hours and hours. And now,he's here. *currently...
  • youtubers
  • adoption
  • tyleroakley
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Paige by UnicornLover1503
Paigeby Dempsey
When Michigan-born, Adelaide-raised girl Paige Marie Oakley gets some important news and finally meets her older brother along with a few of his friends and their siblin...
  • oakley
  • youtube
  • paigeoakley
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Poémes a vous  by SadIsSad_
Poémes a vous by SadIsSad_
Poems for what you feel and will relate to. Feel free to suggest, criticism allowed. poemes a vous, j'taime beaucoup.
  • perfect
  • poetry
  • fanfic
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Texting Troye // Tronnor by americantwit
Texting Troye // Tronnorby madi
Connor loves Troye, but he can't confess his love to him, so he texts it.
  • jon
  • tronnor
  • cozart
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Donald Trump Smut SEQUEL by aquateens
Donald Trump Smut SEQUELby crack baby
SEQUELLLL [HIGHEST RANK: #386 IN ACTION] "u emo fucker ur going to hell" "u were dead for like 10 years" "he, was, telling, you, to, wash, all...
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Instagram // Dan Howell by Cece20102
Instagram // Dan Howellby Sierra 20102
What happens when Elena Oakleys best friend, Carson Dillion starts to fall for an socially awkward YouTube sensation? * THIS IS A SPIN OFF OF INSTAGRAM // JOE SUGG READ...
  • howell
  • lester
  • dillion
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My Best Friends Brother (TROYLER) BoyxBoy by meggiemoo314
My Best Friends Brother (TROYLER) meg
Its a AU so there are a lot of differences ~SET IN ENGLAND~ Tyler and Steele have been friends since forever and have always done everything together - they may as well...
  • fandom
  • troye
  • tyler
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Texting Connor// B2 Tronnor by americantwit
Texting Connor// B2 Tronnorby madi
Troye had his chance, and he blew it. Now he's the one with feelings, and Connors the one with a boyfriend. Troye cant tell Connor about his feelings, so he messages the...
  • texting
  • franta
  • tyleroakley
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The Youtube Burn Book by colorfulruins
The Youtube Burn Bookby kel
This is based off Tyler Oakley's video on his youtube channel:
  • burn
  • youtube
  • book
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Instagram J.G by daddyjohnson69
Instagram J.Gby Jack Johnson
It all started on an app called Instagram
  • nadinelustre
  • jadison
  • harrystyles
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