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Ah love, my love {Mo Dao Zu Shi} by Rubi_Rupa
Ah love, my love {Mo Dao Zu Shi}by Rubi_Red
Lan WangJi's beautiful laugh echoed throughout the gusu forest, tinkling like bells. Wei WuXian watched, happy, but no...something was wrong. The sudden change in Lan W...
The Sun in My Eyes by muggedoff4life
The Sun in My Eyesby Christy Sparkle
Bobby's friends dared him to audition for Love Island and he never could resist a good dare. He didn't expect to make it onto the show, but he did, and now he's there fo...
We're the Gods of Misunderstandings [TCF/INTKOT CROSSOVER] by Allioune24
We're the Gods of Allioune24
One was asking for a slacker life. The other asking for a retirement life. No way the motherfucking god will allow you to enjoy that life!!! Those damn old men!
The Last Cross Offs (Part 1 of The Eternal Partners Series) by whoislikeaparadox
The Last Cross Offs (Part 1 of Miss Paradox
Rimuru discovers the human experiences he missed out on. Ciel helps. The result; they both become closer than ever before. Part 1 of The Eternal Partners Series which is...
Trollhunters: The Aftermath by ElijahI710
Trollhunters: The Aftermathby He's at the wheel
This takes place after ROTT, after Jim directs his best friend to the canals, where he picks up the Amulet of Daylight. Sooo, what happens next? Just a "What happe...
Longing For Home [BingQiu] SVSSS by Truly_Morgan
Longing For Home [BingQiu] SVSSSby Morgan
Shen Qingqiu, or rather Shen Yuan, is thrown back to his original world by the System. After years of being a Peak Lord, he doesn't know what to do back in his original...
Fly free again by MydlaMydla
Fly free againby Mydla
Ever since being thrown into the Burial Mounds by Wen Chao, Wei Wuxian cannot ride a sword. He has a severe fear of heights now. During a night hunt, the juniors learn a...
Bloody Princess From The Shadows by lanceron2Writes
Bloody Princess From The Shadowsby lanceron2Writes
Ever since the Blood Moon and meeting Shadow, Elizabeth's life has gotten more livelier. And yet.. She still felt as if she was empty. Rather than just having on...
the eldest returned by BND__ZB1_
the eldest returnedby ~♤~
tankhun didn't come back home after his kidnapping..... he escaped then ran away as far as everyone knows kim and kinn are the only sons of the main family kim doesn't...
CLOY : Life in Switzerland (Season 2) by ZoreenKhan
CLOY : Life in Switzerland ( Zoreen Khan
This picks up from where the drama ended. You can call it season 2 of Crash Landing on You. This story tells the life of Ri Jeong Hyeok and Yoon Se Ri when they move to...
it's you [TCF/LCF Fic] by ItisMilamimi
it's you [TCF/LCF Fic]by Milamimi
Cale gets soul switched with ogCale. Everyone thinks at first that Cale lost his memories. But they soon find out the truth. SPOILER warning till the most recent side st...
Starting Anew | 4X BFB by FOURFANETC_
Starting Anew | 4X BFBby :3
[ set after the last episode of bfb, this is a 4x story! and no, there will be no smut, expect spoilers for the entire show. ] - - - - - enjoy! p.s. | This is not a s...
Face it all Together at Skyfall by carmoxide
Face it all Together at Skyfallby carmoxide
After the events of recent manga chapters, Sigma decides to join the ADA with Dazai. Sigma must come to terms with his new home and find comfort in Dazai. Uploads to thi...
Fix the future by changing the past by cheebs18
Fix the future by changing the pastby chibi loveHearts
when Jim uses the chronosphere to rewind time, things don't exactly go as planned. Jim is now tasked to save his friends and family from the evils the lurk in the shadow...
Fan 'n' Flame; Earth 'n' Sword by Mullach21
Fan 'n' Flame; Earth 'n' Swordby Mullach21
Sometimes you don't realise you're falling for someone until it's too late. For Suki and Zuko, having spent 3 of the nearly 4 years since Zuko's coronation side by side...
In The Name of Shadows - A Darklina Story by EwciaEwciaToJa
In The Name of Shadows - A Eva
It has been more than a year since Alina Oretsev (formerly known as Alina Starkov) has tried to shake off the events that destroyed the Shadow Fold and that stripped her...
Forever Bound [Book 3] by MidoriClover
Forever Bound [Book 3]by Midori
(Major spoiler warning for the entire series) [SLOW UPDATES] Seven years have passed since the third year of middle school now. Upon graduating university, Nagisa is n...
Brooken Ficlets by DJJordanne
Brooken Ficletsby DJJordanne
Just as the title says, a bunch of ficlets of Ben and Rook being two morons in love... mostly. (There's a reason angst is tagged lol.) Updates 1-3 times a month (or at l...
(Complete✔) With a side of anxiety (Luca x Alberto) by yourlocal_postcard
(Complete✔) With a side of 𝑃𝑜𝑠𝑡𝑐𝑎𝑟𝑑
(Heavy Angst) What if Luca's parents actually sent him to the bottom of the ocean with his Uncle to prevent him from going to the surface? They're doing what's best for...
Lay Me Down to Sleep by AzileAE
Lay Me Down to Sleepby Annie Eliza
The last few months have been hard on Chay. He had gotten kidnapped, found out his brother was a mafia bodyguard, found out the guy he was in love with was using him to...