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It ends with you or me by miraculouslymad
It ends with you or meby Adri
It has been 16 years since the barrier around the isle of the lost was brought down and all the Vks and aks are finally living their happily ever afters. but when a new...
Descendants oneshots by fallingattheconcert
Descendants oneshotsby Bridget
this is where I'll dump all my descendants oneshots because I love this movie and the characters.
VKs' Childhood by nerdycook24
VKs' Childhoodby nerdycook24
We know that they never had the best childhood. We know that they never had much love and that life was tough. How tough was it, exactly? Why do Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carl...
Descendants Mal: Long Live the Queen by AlisCorner
Descendants Mal: Long Live the Aleeeeeeee
This takes place after Descendants 3. Auradon is now a happy place as they unite with the people from the Isle of the Lost. Mal is excited to marry the love of her life...
The little Dragon (Bal) by Cabudle
The little Dragon (Bal)by #RenesmeeCullen
This is a cute fanifiction. I own the story but not most of the characters.
The Truth - Watching Descendants by Queen10of10Warriors
The Truth - Watching Descendantsby Queen10of10Warriors
After Leah's attack on Mal at family day Malissa Fae has had enough. The empress of Auradon thinks it's time to show everyone what the isle is really like.
Together Again by Descendantsfan10
Together Againby Descendantsfan10
(COMPLETE)What if Evil QUEEN had twins.What if Ben and Evie were twins.Ben was adopted by Belle and Beast.Evie,stayed with her mother.Follow their Adventures together as...
The Prince and His Princess (Book 1) by SabrinaKinkle32
The Prince and His Princess ( SabrinaKinkle32
Completed. When Prince Ben was 10 he would take visits to the isle with his father. One day he met a girl by the name of Mal. They connected quickly. 6 years later Ben i...
Bal one shots by ilove_Bal
Bal one shotsby ilove_Bal
This is my new account . Pretty self explanatory ...
A surprising future//Bal by TabTj011
A surprising future//Balby TJ024
-Takes place after D2 but happens during/after D3 -I take no ownership of any of the Descendants characters. --- Uma hadn't resurfaced, Hades tried to escape the isle a...
New Style, New Destiny by luvwarriorcats13
New Style, New Destinyby Luvwarriorcats13
Book one of the 'New Destiny' series 'Every villain child has great weight on their shoulders, on their 18th birthday they found out their destiny in a dream and only se...
Once Upon a Dream by JessMaiarom
Once Upon a Dreamby Jessica
"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream. I know you the look in your eyes is so familiar, a gleam and I know it's true that visions are seldom all they see...
Family day reveals by miraculouslymad
Family day revealsby Adri
in the story, Queen Leah still accuses the Vk's of being evil. And mal open her eyes infront of everyone by showing that villains are not born. #no 8 in Bal (March 2021)...
Descendants Instagram  by ilove_Bal
Descendants Instagram by ilove_Bal
Saw people doing it : thought I would too . Don't judge ; I'm bored ?
Parenthood | A Devie Fanfiction by ravenclawgal_
Parenthood | A Devie Fanfictionby 𝐭𝐚𝐲𝐥𝐚𝐧
In which Doug and Evie discover the ups and downs of the first stage of parenthood.
DESCENDANTS INSTAGRAM Finished by LagoonArea56
Read the title baby
Behind evil by decendantsxjerika
Behind evilby :)
Ben gets to see the soft side of Mal... a side no on else sees
Always by your side - a Descendants story (Bal) by Pava96
Always by your side - a Pava96
At this moment, my life is like a fairytale. Although not everything is perfect, I have everything I could ever ask for. In the past 6 months I've learned more than I've...
Bal Mal and Ben story by kalisbarrett19
Bal Mal and Ben storyby kalisbarrett19
Mal is pregnant with Ben babies the only people that know is belle evie jay and Carlos
10 years after the cotillion: A Bal Story  by Lissi7
10 years after the cotillion: A annalyse
This is what happens 10 years after the cotillion. 10 years after Mal and Ben had true loves kiss. 10 years after Mal finally told Ben she loved him back. Read to find...