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Mal X Ben: Love by Moonlightttbabyy
Mal X Ben: Loveby Moonlightttbabyy
This is right after Descendants 2. I DO NOT own anything but the plot. WARNING: VEEERRRYYY SLOW UPDATES (!!)
The Prince and His Princess (Book 1) by SabrinaKinkle32
The Prince and His Princess ( SabrinaKinkle32
Completed. When Prince Ben was 10 he would take visits to the isle with his father. One day he met a girl by the name of Mal. They connected quickly. 6 years later Ben i...
Our Happily Ever After by GatsbyGirl97
Our Happily Ever Afterby Em👑
Takes place after Descendants 3... This is my take on the lives of everyone and the many twists in their lives and their happily ever afters. I'm really sorry if it's n...
Princess of the Moors by empssyroro
Princess of the Moorsby Descendants
What if there was no barrier? What if there is no isle of the lost? In this story the villains are forgiven and The Isle of the Lost was never made Maleficent lives in t...
Family day reveals by miraculouslymad
Family day revealsby Adri
in the story, Queen Leah still accuses the Vk's of being evil. And mal open her eyes infront of everyone by showing that villains are not born. #no 8 in Bal (March 2021)...
You&Me ~bal  by decendantsxjerika
You&Me ~bal by :)
Mal & Ben living there best life ✨
What Comes Next? by GatsbyGirl97
What Comes Next?by Em👑
Sequel to Our Happily Ever After... They thought all was well in the kingdom. Tiffany has been defeated, Mal is Queen, and everyone had their memories back. But...
The Royal Hearts by carol_stories
The Royal Heartsby Carol
The fascinating sequel to The Dragon Who Stole The King's Heart. They thought happily ever after was near but on the birth of their firstborn something terrible happens...
Our Broken Souls  by Monkeybusiness13
Our Broken Souls by monkey business
All the VK kids are hiding a secret. Something that they have been hiding for a long time. They all depend on each other. Will they be helped or will they help their par...
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Mal and Ben: Bad at Love by illikeme
Mal and Ben: Bad at Loveby xxmalandbenxx
At just the age of two, Mal and Evie had to leave each of their kids on the isle of the lost. Since they were born, both kids had to remain hidden from the dangers of th...
The other 4 by descendantslife1
The other 4by descendantslife1
Mal's, Jay's, Evie's and Carlos' younger sisters. This is about how the core 4 deals being away from their Familys. Set after descendants 2.
Descendants: A New Beginning  by _camfia
Descendants: A New Beginning by Mackenzie
This story takes place after Descendants 2. One night of fun, a present after nine months. After Cotillion, everyone thought they were back to normal now. But when Evie...
Damaged - A Descendants Fanfiction by Descendants_10_26
Damaged - A Descendants Fanfictionby Descendants_10_26
Mal's been having ton of problems lately. Eating, her mother, harming herself, kidnapping, and even her love life is a mess. She's damaged and someone needs to put her b...
The Royal Wedding by NarjissBennani
The Royal Weddingby Narjiss Bennani
This story is about Mal and Ben's wedding. It's about: - Making the dress - Choosing a cake - Getting a venue - Hades seeing Maleficent as a lizard - Maleficent back to...
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VKs' Childhood by nerdycook24
VKs' Childhoodby nerdycook24
We know that they never had the best childhood. We know that they never had much love and that life was tough. How tough was it, exactly? Why do Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carl...
It ends with you or me by miraculouslymad
It ends with you or meby Adri
It has been 16 years since the barrier around the isle of the lost was brought down and all the Vks and aks are finally living their happily ever afters. but when a new...
Switched Tales 2 by SabrinaKinkle32
Switched Tales 2by SabrinaKinkle32
This is the sequel to Switched Tales. The story where everything is opposite. The heroes are actually the villains and the villains are actually the heroes. This story i...
Mal and the twins by CozzagirlXOXO
Mal and the twinsby CozzagirlXOXO
Mal and Ben were 16 just after cotillion they 'did it' for the first time and something happened. Later on she goes to the shops it goes black and she ends up back on t...
Ben and Mal : Do we have a happily ever after ? [COMPLETED] by WellsIsAll
Ben and Mal : Do we have a Txxpo D.
What happens if Mal returned to the Isle at ben's coronation? 5 year later, ben invited Mal and the gang to his and Audrey's wedding. Will Ben and Mal's old love stay or...