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Eleven's Hope: (RUE-|-The Hunger Games) by HillbillieNolan
Eleven's Hope: (RUE-|-The Hunger Nolan LaValley
SCREAMS! I remember their screams the most. They were ear piercing and heart shattering as mere children, some even younger than me, were ripped from their underfed moth...
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The Hunger Games X Reader ONE-SHOTS [COMPLETE] by -fromthehallows
The Hunger Games X Reader expecto patronum
As you wander along the 13 districts of Panem and the Capitol, whether reliving your favourite moments of the Hunger Games or simply living among the folks of the distri...
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Games | Cato Hadley | Hunger Games by -arcadia
Games | Cato Hadley | Hunger Gamesby Emily Ann
Shaylin Herba lived a quiet life in District 10. Not untouched by tragedy, she has lost her brother to the Hunger Games, her brother-in-law to an accident and her parent...
  • katnisseverdeen
  • thehungergames
  • cato
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Panem High School by idontwannabe_5
Panem High Schoolby idontwannabe_5
A modern day version of the Hunger Games trilogy, basically the same characters but in a high school and no fighting to the death. Ages may be a little different for som...
  • glimmer
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Potter's Sister (George Weasley) by EL_WEASLEY
Potter's Sister (George Weasley)by M. E. C.
Harry Potter has a sister. Ruby Potter has a crush. George Weasley has a twin. Fred Weasley is irritating. Ronald Weasley is bloody starving. And Her...
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Clato - Words Cut Deeper Than Knives by clatoshipper101
Clato - Words Cut Deeper Than clatoshipper101
It's the 74th Annual Hunger Games. Cato and Clove meet when Cato saves her from almost dying. The two become friends instantaneously but sometimes a friendship is more t...
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The Hunger Games Imagines & Preferences  by _story_writer007
The Hunger Games Imagines & _story_writer007
Title says it all
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This Soon Shall Pass by idontwannabe_5
This Soon Shall Passby idontwannabe_5
This is the second book in a series, the first book called Panem High School. This book picks up at the end of the summer and continues the stories surrounding character...
  • haymitch
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The Revenant | Finnick Odair by mikkiandnackk
The Revenant | Finnick Odairby kinda here
"I died in that Arena. Yet they still crowned me their Victor." [catching fire - mockingjay part 2]
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  • catchingfire
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Allure De Princesse👑 Mantal D'une Guerriere🔫 by inconita-1407
Allure De Princesse👑 Mantal D' SeñoritaDuRocma
WSHHHHH LA 6T📍 MOI c'est Ines j'ai 17ans et suis marocaine 🇲🇦est itallienne 🇮🇹 je suis au lycée je vit dans dans un quartier nord de Marseille. Bref mes pote :...
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Fire With Fire | Rue by grace-lily-potter
Fire With Fire | Rueby Lily Luna Potter
"I won. Katniss ate the Nightlock berries. She wanted me to win. I don't think the shock ever left my face. She should of won. BUT I DID. AND I DON'T THINK I'LL EVE...
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  • primroseeverdeen
  • katnisseverdeen
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Killed In Young Blood << Cato Hadley Love Story by LetsBeAloneTogether5
Killed In Young Blood << Cato A.T. Hill
Kamryn has been chosen for a death lottery. As the strongest girl in District 4, she has no choice but to compete in the Hunger Games. She's been trying to outrun her fa...
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Girl on Fire || Peeta Mellark by Unco0rdinated
Girl on Fire || Peeta Mellarkby Yella
After a past rebellion, Panem is forced to take part in the Hunger Games. As another year rolls round, it is time for District 12 to provide two representatives, a male...
  • peetamellark
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  • cato
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Gone boy by akmpisces16
Gone boyby Lover_and_loser
  • rueevans
  • highschool
  • delaney
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The Daughter of Poseidon (A Percy Jackson Fanfic) by LuMcGarry
The Daughter of Poseidon (A LuMcGarry
They thought they knew everything. They thought they were at peace. They were wrong. Because Percy Jackson is not the only teenage child of Poseidon. And amidst the com...
  • heroes
  • öf
  • grace
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Vendu,battu,violé: tout était écrit... by user95088501
Vendu,battu,violé: tout était é B.U.L.M.A
Slm, moi c'est Inaya j'ai 17 ans et j'ai vécu beaucoup trop de chose..... De fille ordinaire a sdf puis enfin milliardaire, je ne sait plus ou j'en était dans ma vie...
  • voilée
  • désespoir
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Luke Jackson: My Story by Lward14
Luke Jackson: My Storyby Lward14
NOTE: SEQUEL TO PERCABETH: A NEW BEGINNING you should totally read it by the way, it's awesome! Teenager Luke Jackson just wants a normal life and never asked for the pr...
  • hoo
  • luke
  • charlie
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High School Detectives  by IamAteKim
High School Detectives by Kim de Athena
Dala-dala ang masakit na nakaraan, lumipat si Xaianah Rue sa Emsterdom High School. She got herself involve in solving a series of crimes with her newly-found classmate...
  • fanfiction
  • high
  • projectloki
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MEMORY (ON HOLD) by clatoaf
Katniss Everdeen has influenced the rebellion in several Districts and Snow's army is burning with each move she makes. However, Snow has a trick up his sleeve to take d...
  • peetamellark
  • foxface
  • clovexcato
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*MAJOR EDITING* The Hunger Games  by Hlynns
*MAJOR EDITING* The Hunger Games by Haley
Twisted Fan Fiction Being edited so things will be somewhat different I am aware of how similar I made this story to the original, I wrote this a few years ago when I w...
  • haymitch
  • prim
  • clove
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