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Kairos by leighheasley
Kairosby leigh heasley
Time travel is legal and Ada Blum is looking for love. But what happens when one of her charming bachelors from the past makes his way to the present? ...
Plus, Love #WattyAward2016 by SuperNerdAway
Plus, Love #WattyAward2016by Gabby
Melanie Lynch. A simple girl full of fire. No one has had the thought to notice her flames though. Daniel Greyson. A boy with a bad reputation. Has anyone really looked...
Adorkable (BWWM/Plussize) by no_one_u_know
Adorkable (BWWM/Plussize)by no_one_u_know
April is a big girl who knows how to handle herself. Growing up with two older brothers she learned you either fight back or get pushed over. Her kind heart and boyish w...
You Belong With Me (Phantom of The Opera fanfiction) by harleyjokerphantom
You Belong With Me (Phantom of Musicalgeek
Sennett Emerson had the biggest flaws, she was short and fat, and everyone made fun of her except for the strange masked boy......Seventeen years later she changed she w...
With You by Beauty_Nenee
With Youby Nenee
Tiana is a normal average girl just trying to make it through college. Not really noticed by much or so she thought. In comes Troy who she thinks is full of it. Will he...
Super Girl ✩ {being edited} by xPollymuse
Super Girl ✩ {being edited}by Sarah Smiles ♛
"The favourite food of us all, the pizza, if it's properly baked and has all the right topping on it, it contains over one thousand calories. The American chocolate...
Loving a Phat Girl. ****ON HOLD**** by baby_quant
Loving a Phat Girl. ****ON HOLD****by Demetra
Sierra Cole is a plus size woman. She always had bad luck when it came to finding love. Not until her best friend hooks her up with her old high school bully?
One Curvy Night by Ahh-ha
One Curvy Nightby Ahh-ha
What is a girl supposed to do when she is still a virgin after passing a quarter of her life without any attention from men? According to my friends, I'll "just&quo...
Plus-size nerd and the Bad Boy (Curvy Romance Book 1) by sabrina1730
Plus-size nerd and the Bad Boy ( Sabrina Morgan
Annabeth Daniels is starting her senior year in a new school. She has no friends. She is a nerd. But worst of all she is plus-size. She has a past that she doesnt talk a...
Changez by AnihkaDior
Changezby PhatBrat
Forget Jada. Forget Janet. Only one person had his heart till his last breath.
Never Let Go by no_one_u_know
Never Let Goby no_one_u_know
(Mature themes and possible other stuff.) Shea just graduated from high school. Which should be a good thing but she out on her own. Her mother stole her savings and kic...
Love Always, Ella by Believeeexoxo
Love Always, Ellaby DeAnna Ingraham Faison
What sucks more than being overweight? Falling for someone you don't have a shot in hell with. In the process of overcoming her insecurities and learning to accept hers...
So This Is Love by experiment--626
So This Is Loveby Sarah
This is love. I deserve this. After all I've been through, I deserve this.
Anyway. by authenticblackgold
#15 Lu ❤️
If you show me all your flaws, I'll show you mine I'll claim your baggage, no longer need to hide 'Cause I'mma love you anyway...
Kaya & D'mitri by JanyJ0
Kaya & D'mitriby Janéy J
"Oh, come on. Don't tell me you mad. I was just joki..." And before he could finish, I hit him upside his head with one of the couch pillows. I couldn't help b...
Phat Girl Wolf by fabs909
Phat Girl Wolfby fabs909
Fate always has a plan, at least that's what she was taught to believe.
Bordering on Love (wattys2016 ) by Sydne_y
Bordering on Love (wattys2016 )by Sydney
When Monica meet Carlos she thought he was one of the best looking men she had meet in a long time. Only problem is she can't seem to remember weather they slept togethe...
my FAnTastic mate // H.S by CurlyMyStyle
my FAnTastic mate // H.Sby CurlyMyStyle
Angel Horan, is 18 years old and loves life, but not necessarily her life. She's an overweight girl that gets bullying in school, her family hates that she's fat, never...