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My Inner Demons (Under Editing) by Send0Help
My Inner Demons (Under Editing)by Unknown
This book is under editing. One * means that chapter being edited. Two * means that chapter has been edited and no * means the chapter has not yet been edited. All * wil...
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late night poet  by lonelinessnpeaches
late night poet by alora
some poetry I write when I'm a tad bit delirious
Poems Reflecting my Soul by DorothyZhong
Poems Reflecting my Soulby nerD
I just felt like writing poetry about how I feel so... warning: there might be mentions of sad stuff). Reached number 1 in poetry on 11/1/18-11/13/18 Reached number 1 i...
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My Life with My True Feelings by ShadowMoon070904
My Life with My True Feelingsby Moonlight
It's a poem that I did for fun. I hope yall will like it! (n u n) And I mostly express my feelings and with my sorrows. And I write about my depression at times and if I...
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Midnight Thoughts | | Wattys2019 by cwritesworld
Midnight Thoughts | | Wattys2019by Inner fragments
Midnight. A time of vulnerability and rawness of emotions. It is the only time where in most unwanted thoughts comes creeping in. At midnight- the hole in your heart get...
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OWNING THE VIRGIN [18+] by mydreamtofly
OWNING THE VIRGIN [18+]by My Dream
MATURE STORY 18+ BE AWARE . . . The girl looked so sad. All she could think about is her grandma. The Devil watched his love crying silently in the garden of his mansion...
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In The Name Of Love by Sandra_Tacko
In The Name Of Loveby Sandra Tacko
Isabelle had made it through her first year of college and after a three month holiday with her family, she is excited for her next year especially since she just moved...
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The New Kid In The Mind Palace ||A Sander Sides Fanfic|| (ON HOLD) by Hamiltrashcat
The New Kid In The Mind Palace || 🇵🇷🇵🇷𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓭𝔂🇵🇷🇵🇷
When the foster system sends Mandy to her next home, she's expecting some other anti-vax Karen who doesn't care about her needs. Thing is, she's known as a problem child...
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D.I.D. You Know We Love You? by boyloveangel
D.I.D. You Know We Love You?by Angel
Denis is your typical boring office worker. He is a mild mannered, non-confrontational, totally laid back guy with a smile. On the outside at least. Inside though, Denis...
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Short Stories and Poems: Book 3 by dontmindelise
Short Stories and Poems: Book 3by e l l i e
Book three of my life's short stories and poems
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The Hopeful Love (Sans x  Untrusting! Hybrid! Abused! Reader Story) by GoddessesRosear
The Hopeful Love (Sans x
I know it's the same story from before but This is a better edited one! Back then I was in the 6th grade and I didn't know a single thing about writing a story, so with...
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Beastly Curse by sacredfeline
Beastly Curseby TeaQueen
In avenge to free her parents from the hands of psychopathic werewolves she now knew existed, she fought between anger and guilt for it was her fault her parents were th...
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The Runaway [A Supernatural FanFiction] by thaliagrace-
The Runaway [A Supernatural jordin
{ COMPLETED - UNEDITED } Leila Connors was mistreated in her household. She never told anyone except a couple of her close friends, even then they didn't know th...
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Ain't The Fairy Tale! by YouAreMyTrigger
Ain't The Fairy Tale!by m u s k 🌙
These poems are about the feelings that almost everyone of us has once experienced. It is the emotion we always try to run away from, but stand against it anyways. It s...
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Demons  by JungkookAnime
[Shouto Todoroki x Reader x Katsuki Bakugou] Daughter of the Number Three Hero - Shadow. Daughter of a mother - one who barely stands her. Friends of their childhood...
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 Why love me (depressed/hated Ouma X happy/loved saihara~) by starsilly468
Why love me (depressed/hated Kate
This is an au where the 15 ultimates still go to danganronpa but that is just the name of the school no kill game but thing aren't less worrying for the group because li...
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Ducktales: Possession by TwilightAurora
Ducktales: Possessionby Twilight Aurora
Magica De Spell may not have gotten Scrooge McDucks number one dime, but she is after something much more, Scrooge himself. After taking possession of Scrooge, Magica te...
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inner demons (yandere simulator au) by twistedastrix73
inner demons (yandere simulator au)by twistedastrix73
megami has had enough. that elusive yan- Chan has been a pain in her side for too long. so she decides to take matters into her own hands. she creates a pact, with a al...
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