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If These Walls Could Talk by RowdyRaven
If These Walls Could Talkby RowdyRaven
Just random practice scenes of sex
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the Strange thing about the Dandeson Sisters by CeeAh_doll
the Strange thing about the Dandes...by Cece' Brenea
Twisted is beyond the world for this family !
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Ecstasy  by PoeticAndNotSorry
Ecstasy by Solitude 🥀
The feeling is amazing..sex is so overrated but pleasure is underrated.
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Amatory  by rocskingdome
Amatory by Santobeckham
Two tales meet for the better when a physical connection turns into a mental stimulation. (SOME CHAPTERS MAY BE MATURE THEMED AND BE PRIVATE. Follow and add the book to...
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Privacy by 1cacbaby
Privacyby 1cacbaby
A Nymph inner thoughts. GirlxGirl
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Maniac  by ComeThruForNow
Maniac by Nom De Plume
Ma·ni·ac ˈmānēˌak/ noun informal a person exhibiting extreme symptoms of wild behavior, especially when violent and dangerous. Psy·cho·...
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Rose, Ebony & Snow || Farkle Minkus by riarkle-5sos
Rose, Ebony & Snow || Farkle Minkusby Jamie
Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow. Neveah Rosenthal and Farkle Minkus claim to have loved each other since the 3rd grade. It's when they act...
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Bleeding Love: A True Thug Story by ArmaniSmith0
Bleeding Love: A True Thug Storyby Barbieee
Mercadi is new too town she don't know anything about the "hard" life lets just say she had it easy for the 16 years she been living,but now she's in Compton L...
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Michael Jackson Erotica  by EroticaBest
Michael Jackson Erotica by S a u c e y 🚨
Michael Jackson imagines . Smut scenarios
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After School Detention- Rated R Short story (Complete) by Iwanttoreadforever
After School Detention- Rated R Sh...by Nadira
Mrs. Martinez, is the absorption of every mans wet dreams, maybe it's the sway of her hips, or the way that espanol rolls off of her tounge? All we know is that she has...
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My Immortal by Nationiva
My Immortalby find her sweater
For those of you who do not know what My Immortal is, it is in short and most accurately completely stupid. My Immortal is a very loose Harry Potter fanfiction story abo...
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The Darkness Within Us by DemonPredaqueen
The Darkness Within Usby DemonPredaqueen
We all have some form of darkness within us. Whether it's from some kind of traumatic event in the past, or the deaths you've caused, it's still a form of darkness. You...
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The Ville  by Boujee
The Ville by Li
Please keep all ya' chains tucked inside your shirts at all times. Dress well, but not too well or else you're more likely to be robbed. Keep your eyes to yourself and m...
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The Way of the Beast by ScreamingShadows_
The Way of the Beastby I eat tv
Some run. Some hide. Some fight. Echo is one such girl. The one that stands her ground and fights for what is hers. She doesn't look back. She doesn't repeat herself and...
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Stay on a look out some baddies are coming thru
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Lucky by MorganaBlack394
Luckyby Morgana Black
Cherry House Orphanage is the only home Morgana Black has ever known. But she can never stay out of trouble and strange things always seem to happen to her. Curious abou...
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Never Returned (twilight story) by sarah1114
Never Returned (twilight story)by Sarah
What if, before Bella jumped of the cliff, someone stopped her? Alice would never have had that vision, and Edward never call Bella's home. Would she end up marrying her...
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The BWWM Books that EVERYBODY Needs to Read  by curveyblackgirl66
The BWWM Books that EVERYBODY Need...by curveyblackgirl66
He y'all, this is my first ever book here in Wattpad yet, I have been on the app for years. But, one thing that I love about Wattpad is the books that help you to find t...
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hair black as ebony ↬ personal。 by ebonymoondust
hair black as ebony ↬ personal。by ↬ 𝙚𝙗𝙤𝙣𝙮 ::
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The Child Of Three by EmoraError_404
The Child Of Threeby Malware404
a story spinoff random thing characters belong to me Spaghettiforpapy and crayonqueen so go fallow us! (especially spaghettiforpapy as they be the best!)