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老攻身患绝症[穿书] by FunnyLittleFluffball
老攻身患绝症[穿书]by FunnyLittleFluffball
Xie Yang has spent many years in the apocalypse and is tired and worn out. Then he transmigrated into a simple and superficial novel about the entertainment circle. The...
The night before their wedding, her fiancee ran off with his mistress. Out of frustration, she grabbed the man standing in front of the Civil Affairs Office, "Presi...
Bitter Sweet | ✔ by Beauty4evar
Bitter Sweet | ✔by Shadia N.
He craved the sweetness of her touch, crazed in a frenzy for a woman too pure for his bitter life. * * * * Tasneem was a natural artist. She could create masterpieces wi...
outerbanks imagines.  by rainingfanfics
outerbanks imagines. by e !
imagines of the outerbanks boys. requests are closed! updates may be slow. {SOME CHAPTERS ARE UNDER EDITING} (a lot of taylor swift references <3)
The Six Month Contract by Sadaf3232
The Six Month Contractby Sadaf3232
*Book 1 of 'The Six Month Contract' Series* Sky Calanharo has it all, a luxurious life with enough peace and quiet to last a lifetime. When her father is tricked into a...
Chances (COMPLETED) by YourSecret_Crush
Chances (COMPLETED)by 💎Just.Call.Me.Kei💎
Everyone loves August Alsina. Everyone loves Kierra Sheard. But do they love each other? (I will do name changes in this story).
Peter Pan and Cinderella [彼得·潘与辛德瑞拉] by callme__kitty
Peter Pan and Cinderella [彼得·潘与辛德瑞 KittyKitling
It's just a translation work. It doesn't belong to me. Author: 徐徐图之 Total Chapters: 119
Trial Marriage Husband  by Han_Rui_
Trial Marriage Husband by Han_Rui_
On the wedding day, her fiancé and his lover had a love affair and eloped. Her eyes were dim, she seized the man in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau."To sum it up...
Sun and Moon | Im Changkyun {COMPLETE} by Monstaeil
Sun and Moon | Im Changkyun { 9Muses Supremacy
Ever wondered what it would be like to be an idol? What about when love and your passion become intertwined... Where to go? What to do? So many questions to be answered...
The Secret; Kardashians  by BriFlare
The Secret; Kardashians by -BriFlare
Robert Kardashian was torn apart by Kris' affair, so in return, he had his scandalous affair with a woman who would nine months later give birth to Kamila Kardashian. No...
After I crossed the interstellar space, I survived in the wilderness and engaged by Silver_Moon6417
After I crossed the interstellar Skye
After I crossed the interstellar space, I survived in the wilderness and engaged in infrastructure construction Author: Shuxue Tea Category: Science Fiction Space https:...
Falling For Miss Assistant by SandipPattanaik
Falling For Miss Assistantby Vicky
Its been four years, I thought as I walked. Four years since the girl I loved died. Four years since I lost the only one I cared about. I finally reached my destination...
Changez by AnihkaDior
Changezby PhatBrat
Forget Jada. Forget Janet. Only one person had his heart till his last breath.
Will manipulation turn into love..? Will forgiveness be granted for betrayal..? Will the unanswered remain unanswered...? What if nothing makes sense, what if it was...
After having an AI boyfriend, I will never be afraid of sunspots拥有AI男友后,再也不怕黑子了 by skymiccccc
After having an AI boyfriend, I
🆕Synopsis Before leaving he lay on the hospital bed, with a faint light flashing in his eyes. He looked at the man on the screen with a cold expression but a sad look i...
Jinx (Neko Inventor Book 1) by meroceank8921
Jinx (Neko Inventor Book 1)by J.L. Knoll
Autistic teenage inventor Kathie Holmes must use her intellect to keep thieving, racist company CEO Marcus Smith from stealing her newest invention, the Neko Smart Pet...
I Fell In Love After Becoming a Ghost-魂归西天后我恋爱了 by skymiccccc
I Fell In Love After Becoming a
🆕The entertainment industry's top star, Jiang Ye became a ghost trapped in the cemetery for a few days after his death. He never expected that the man kneeling in front...
"کـۆتـا ئـازارەکـانـی ئـۆلـیڤـیـا"تەواو بووە  by mss3una
"کـۆتـا ئـازارەکـانـی ئـۆلـیڤـیـا" mss.Army
کوڕێک و ئاشقی کچی دوژمنەکەی دەبێت و هەموو هەوڵێک ئدات بۆ بەدەست هێنانی ، بەڵام کچەکە هەمیشە ڕەتی دەکاتەوە ....لەکۆتایدا هەستەکانی ئۆلیڤیا پاشگەز دەبنەوە و دەگۆڕێن بەڵام...
THE ASSISTANT HE LOVED all boundaries broken [UNEDITED]✓ by Ggladayss
THE ASSISTANT HE LOVED all 'Maletooane Gladys Sephaphathi
(Currently under Reconstruction) . . . I will make you mine even if its the last thing I do. You Belong with me Nelly don't resist. Struggling to pay off her study loan...
Tough Time Full Book by FreakyMFLesbian
Tough Time Full Bookby IMMAFREAKYMF
Y/n A famous actress becoming music singer gets pregnant by Scarlett Johansson, but Scarlett makes her choose between their relationship and the babies life. If you love...