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My Girlfriend's Brother {ᴅᴅʟʙ} by SemeFujoshi_
My Girlfriend's Brother {ᴅᴅʟʙ}by Fυʝσʂԋι Sҽɳραι°
'Javi is a lonely little that never had a caregiver before. He plans to tell his first girlfriend. He meets her mean older brother in the way.' ° ° ° ★°• °• ••°° •°°•° °...
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What Am I Going to Do With You? by shinjikrg
What Am I Going to Do With You?by shinjikrg
Benjamin has been best friends with Nate his whole life. Nate knows everything about him, including the things he won't even tell his parents. Nate has always taken care...
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little theo / ddlb by ezroar
little theo / ddlbby ᪥ kitten ᪥
theo. 16. innocent. adorable. who could resist? well, elijah, hunter and noah couldn't. +lowercase intended+
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Little Luca // Ddlb Tbdl by SadAssHoes
Little Luca // Ddlb Tbdlby xxgxxgxx
Littlespace DDLB TBDL // Omorashi Random Updates Possibly Some Light Scat idkkk
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The Snitch's Prison Baby  by Pwincess-Baby
The Snitch's Prison Baby by Sammy Lee
I laugh as I hold up a bank. It's been 10 days since I've robbed this bank. Each day, killing 2 people. I was down to my last 2 hostages. I peak out the window, smirking...
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Spencer's Stress Relief  by DiemsDeviant
Spencer's Stress Relief by Reena Micheals
Dr. Spencer Reid's position at the F.B.I has broken him down and left him mentally exhausted. All the usual tactics of rest and stress relief have had no effect on him...
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Brat by hope1299
Bratby kk.slays
"Kookie is a bad little!" "Are you crazy!?!he is bad tae!" "Kookie is nothing but trouble!" Taehyung is a caregiver of little jungkook. Top...
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A Boys Diaper Wish For Christmas by Fasdfasdf13
A Boys Diaper Wish For Christmasby Fasdfasdf13
A teenager who often wets the bed has to wear diapers to bed, has a secret want to wear diapers all the time and to be treated as a baby. When he confess this to his ado...
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Purely Innocent (DD/LB Frerard/Ferard) by softlyemo
Purely Innocent (DD/LB Frerard/ jade
Gerard Way has been sheltered his whole life. Homeschooled and hardly went out. His only friend was his little brother. But Gerard's father has decided it's finally time...
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Sugar Mommy//CTH by Allena5SOS
Sugar Mommy//CTHby ally
"No... I don't do 'miss' or 'mistress' for that matter. Not 'ma'am' either." "Wh-What do you do then?" "Mommy." // clearly, a mommy kink st...
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Slip by YellowMadame13
Slipby Azalea
Avalanche never had it easy. And storm comes.
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Daddy Loves Me (Discontinued) by Turtleloverbri
Daddy Loves Me (Discontinued)by Turtleloverbri
Matthew had a huge crush on his stepfather ever since he's met him and it was getting out of hand. He didn't even trust his twin, Max, enough to tell him and he told hi...
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Inside Out (manxboy) by chocolatecheesefreak
Inside Out (manxboy)by chocolatecheesefreak
Lucas, also known as Luke is an average senior in his high school. A pretty normal guy, a little bit of friend and family drama here and there. Teen hormones they say. J...
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Nutella || Lashton by daddy_luke
Nutella || Lashtonby Peaches 🍑
It started with lukes head wound, Ashton's spoon, Ashton's kitchen, lukes jar of Nutella, and Ashton's insomnia.
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Sidewalk Chalk by AdriansLittlespace
Sidewalk Chalkby AdriansLittlespace
It's the worst time he could have decided to adopt a little, but one found on the edge of the sidewalk takes priority of his finances. Kyle has been searching for the pe...
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2 1/2 B Baker Street by AdriansLittlespace
2 1/2 B Baker Streetby AdriansLittlespace
Sherlock ageplay AU. Sherlock Holmes is a psychologist with a secret desire of his own. John Watson is an army vet divorced from his wife who wants something to give hi...
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On your knees. by -_Dreamxer_-
On your -_Dreamxer_-
Dylan is now officially eighteen, so what does he want? A daddy of course. Clueless, he walks into an innocent looking bar... Smutt warning.
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His Butler, His Father by AdriansLittlespace
His Butler, His Fatherby AdriansLittlespace
Black Butler ageregression story. Ciel makes the contract with Sebastian Michaelis to devour his soul after claiming revenge. But something intervenes to sabotage. Hi...
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(ON HIATUS) The Jock And The Little (BxB)  by mikaigurashi
(ON HIATUS) The Jock And The Mika Igurashi
Aquila Rose, a 16 year old red-headed honors student and cheerleader. His routine: Go to school, be on time, get things done, cheer practice and football games, head hom...
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worst | gawsten ddlb by idkhowmanypilots
worst | gawsten ddlbby vee ÙwÚ
geoff has✨alcohol problems✨ awsten has ✨mental trauma✨ geoff miserably attempts to be a✨great cg✨ this was called sober once upon a time ranks #1 in #gawsten 2•13•20
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