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yes or no? | jl fanfic by jenlisafolifefiteme
yes or no? | jl fanficby NotAtHome
- completed - description : Lisa had been courting Jennie for 3 years and she still hasn't got the answer. Will Jennie accept Lisa?
MY THREE LOVERS ( FF) by Qwertyjen23
⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING⚠️ JENNIE was Lisa's first love but when lisa confessed her love to Jennie, Jennie dumped her and rather go to her so-called boyfriend who she did not...
Gang Leader by DraxxBlack
Gang Leaderby Hakuna Matata
Short story GP! [JL-A]
The Bet  by MAXIMUMPAIN694
The Bet by Jennie Kim
Jenlisa Fanfic Where lisa's cousin bet lisa to make Jennie Kim fall inlove with her. How can Lisa win the bet if she's the one who's falling too? Date Started: [01/01/1...
My End Game (Jenlisa) by jendeurio
My End Game (Jenlisa)by jendeurio
Five years later, they meet again in New York. When the leaves are turning gold. Of growing up, moving on, and the chance to begin again. Originally Camren, Converted t...
Lust On Set // JenLisa by cindeukie
Lust On Set // JenLisaby cindeukie
"You, were you paying attention when I was directing them?" I was snapped out of my thoughts when I realized the director was talking to me. "Y-yes, I was...
Affection | Jenlisa by unrighteously_
Affection | Jenlisaby ً
Collection of Jenlisa oneshots. ★ - personal favourite
Purpose // Jenlisa by sshlalisa
Purpose // Jenlisaby sshlalisa
[ COMPLETE ✅ JENLISA AU ] Jennie Kim is a rebellious theatre major who was given the lead role for the "Beauty and the Beast" musical, while Lisa Manoban is t...
Just Best Friends [JENLISA] by jenlisa4lifeu
Just Best Friends [JENLISA]by jenlisa4lifeu
[COMPLETED]You will see a crazy Lisa here.A Lisa who can do anything for Jennie.For Lisa, Jennie is her love,her life,her everything.But for Jennie,Lisa is just her best...
That Girl (Jenlisa) by ashtngry
That Girl (Jenlisa)by Lumiere (Grey)
Disclaimer: This story isn't mine. All credits belong to the original author of this book.
Jenlisa || Oneshots by Mysterious_Limario
Jenlisa || Oneshotsby ⸸ 𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖊𝖘 ⸸
Just random and accurate things the BLACKPINK members would do, Mostly Jennie and Lisa. [© 2020 Mysterious_Limario]
I Love You Forevermore [Jenliam] by blackpink_ships
I Love You Forevermore [Jenliam]by JKLM Official
Jennie is a bully in the school while Liam disguises as a nerd to keep his hidden secret. Jennie always bully Liam because he's a nerd not knowing the one of the Manoban...
Black, Blue, and Gold (Jenlisa Adaptation) by Barabim_
Black, Blue, and Gold (Jenlisa Barabim_
Inspector Lalisa Manoban is a Police Officer who only have one goal in her mind, to avenge the death of the love of her life, TaeHyung Kim. But along the process of inve...
JENLISA SMUTSHOTS by blackpink_yuh
JENLISA SMUTSHOTSby blackpink_yuh
(Mostly Lisa G!P) Jenlisa smut one-shots. Extremely detailed and hot. The more extreme kinks will have warnings at the beginning of the chapter in case people aren't in...
Beating Hearts-jenlisa by crishtiee
Beating Hearts-jenlisaby enjoy life
One is married but lost. Another is finding way not to be alone. Will they both end together??? Lisa gip!!!! If you feel uncomfortable please don't read.
Black, Blue, and Gold (Book 2) by Barabim_
Black, Blue, and Gold (Book 2)by Barabim_
More crimes and mysteries to be solved, and pasts to be dealt with. Will Inspector Lalisa Manoban and her team finally reach the justice that they seek for her past love...
8 Letters by AuthorMandu
8 Lettersby AuthorMandu
Does marriage needs love? or does love needs marriage? A two women in their 20's marry each other to fulfill Jennie's father's wish Lisa Manoban is a full time Dancer...
You're Art by cindeukie
You're Artby cindeukie
I've been loving her secretly for years; admiring my muse from afar. Should I even tell her how I feel? A Jenlisa + Chaesoo fanfiction.
Motorcycle by jclc_bp
Motorcycleby CDR B.
Jennie Kim's brother's motorcycle was needing a little fix so he had asked her to take it to a shop, while there, she meets Lalisa Manoban, a mechanic who she finds intr...