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Wisdom of the Ancients by dvdvnr
Wisdom of the Ancientsby David Viner
A possible future in less than 500 words, if plastic wins. This was my entry for the WattPad/National Geographic #PlanetOrPlastic competition back in late 2018. It re...
Elaina. In search of a planet. by GenndyGaro
Elaina. In search of a GenndyGaro
Civilization on the planet Almatea could disappear without a trace due to the invasion of underground creatures. Several star teams have been sent out to search for a su...
Concrete Jungle by OlgaPinsky
Concrete Jungleby Olga Pinsky
Alexandra Feodorovna Morozova or Sasha as she's known to everyone is a highly successful journalist for National Geographic Magazine. She has the job of her dreams and...
Planet or Plastic by akyinnamon
Planet or Plasticby အကြင်နာမွန်
Plastic is useful and makes our life easier and more comfortable. We don't need to use most of our time and efforts thanks to plastic material. The question is 'Is it w...
Dead Zone | #PlanetorPlastic ✓ by tsukkki-
Dead Zone | #PlanetorPlastic ✓by Jess
In 2035, the ocean was declared a Dead Zone...
The Pod by greenwriter
The Podby J.D. Ruiz
The Pod centers around a young man's adventure in a place he never knew existed with the help of a beautiful woman who lived there. I am among the lucky ones to write an...
Dear Fish, Stop Plastic #PlanetOrPlastic by RoyallyUsed
Dear Fish, Stop Plastic Meep Garcia
Meep Garcia would like to request that you pick up your litter and put it into the little black bins that appear all over the place*. Please. Or characters like Mona a...
Gay National Geographics  by Olivia_Samantha
Gay National Geographics by Definitelynotgayaf
Our Gay National Geographics star Gay Gay Antonio goes on an adventure through his school with his amazing friends. Idk if their amazing but their something. Anyways...
Weird but true facts by 21isnotmyfavnumber
Weird but true factsby I_love_isaiah
These are my favorite facts from wierd but true! Hope you enjoy it!! All credit from where the facts came from goes to national geographic!! Because I did not come up w...
A Mother's grief by Shifting2wolf
A Mother's griefby Too much inspiration
A short story for National Geographic's challenge #PlanetOrPlastic . The struggle of animals living in the world we pollute and destroy. 500-word count in Office Word, 4...
Sea Witch by ELatimer
Sea Witchby Erin Latimer
A sorority pledge goes badly wrong.
National Geographic On Steriods by SnxkeBxte
National Geographic On Steriodsby Snxke
Take everything in this book with a grain of salt. ❗️= Minor Trigger Warning ‼️= Trigger Warning ⚠️= MAJOR Trigger Warning
Saying Goodbye  #PlanetOrPlastic by TraftonCrandall
Saying Goodbye #PlanetOrPlasticby Trafton
Not too far in the future, on a desolate beach of a dying Earth , a scientist and his young daughter discover something miraculous that gives them hope for the future.
DEATH CURE #PlanetOrPlastic by hararead12
DEATH CURE #PlanetOrPlasticby hararead12
This is one of my personal experience and it's such a heart breaking incident.I know this is out of the topic (may be) but after listening to my story I am sure you guys...
The End of the World by PupperAddict
The End of the Worldby Pupper Lover
Written for the #PlanetorPlastic writing contest.
FREE Animal Jam Generator (Membership, Rares, Diamonds, Gems) by AJGeneratorsOfficial
FREE Animal Jam Generator ( AJGenerators
Welcome to the official AJGenerators Wattpad account! My team and I created a 100% free-to-use Generator for Animal Jam that provides players any desired items. Our Gen...
Our Sandy Shores #PlanetOrPlastic by Amelia_Wick
Our Sandy Shores #PlanetOrPlasticby Amelia Wick
#PlanetOrPlastic National Geographic submission.
The Plastic Trap #PlanetOrPlastic by trulyprarona
The Plastic Trap #PlanetOrPlasticby Prarona Roy
Necessity is the mother of invention. Human beings have made such great discoveries and inventions in the field of life.These inventions are a blessing to mankind. But w...
Sea Guardian by SeaSpree
Sea Guardianby ailun
"A long, long time ago..." Those days are gone now. Instead, I am left in these days. Waiting, toiling, hoping for something that will never change. An entry f...