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Edward Cullens True Mate by WolfQueen756
Edward Cullens True Mateby Alex💜🎼✌🏽
You've heard of the Bella and Edward story haven't you? Of course you have. But you haven't heard of Alexandra Nightingale and Edward Cullen. But what happens when Bella...
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Captured By A Ruthless Vampire King (Book 2) by queenofthewalk
Captured By A Ruthless Vampire Queen Of The Walk
Book 2 of (The Awakening Series) I'm a She-wolf who happened to be born on the day of The Awakening. My people once believed that the day when Luna passes directly behin...
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Caius's True Mate by Sgb1011-QOD
Caius's True Mateby Sgb1011-QOD
Caius is one of three King's who rule the Vampire world. Already having the reputation of being ruthless, and a foul disposition not many cross him. He finds out while h...
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The Warrior by KendraBingham
The Warriorby Kendra
- Evelynn has been different for her entire life. Stronger, faster and smarter. Her wolf was just as strong, if not stronger. No one could have every guessed how diff...
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The Mermaid of Forks [Twilight/H20 Crossover] by Nightwriter0317
The Mermaid of Forks [Twilight/ Caitlyn the Dreamer
Luna Taylor has spent her entire life in secret, moving from place to place to protect both herself and her family. Especially since she's half-human. Now forced to leav...
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ALPHA CYRUS - The Rising King by Nicole2141
ALPHA CYRUS - The Rising Kingby It’s Shay!
Highest Ranking: 2nd in Werewolf 19/10/19 "Beg for it, Nevaeh." He demanded. I pushed him down, his back hitting the bed. I bent down quickly, connecting my l...
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The Myth that Became Real by Gray18
The Myth that Became Realby Kiah Gray
I was an ordinary girl, as normal as anyone can be. The day some mysterious guy rolled into town and noticed me, my world flipped upside down and things started happenin...
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Rejected Hybrid by XxxGraysonxxX
Rejected Hybridby Grayson
Kat Adams lived in the Dark moon pack the second strongest in the world. She is the omega because she did not shift at 16. At 17 she still hasn't shifted and she is supp...
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A Rogue's Heart by SouthernRose94
A Rogue's Heartby SouthernRose94
At the age of ten Jenny becomes a rouge: a wolf without a family and without a pack. Everyone she ever knew had been killed by hunters. Will Jenny come out of hiding and...
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My Sky by KatyBizi
My Skyby Katy Bizi
Emilia Buckett lives a quiet life and she's happy about that. However big changes are about to come her way, when new neighbors move in next door. Her life is about to t...
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We Found An Island and We Got Stranded (Larry) by ishiplarry79
We Found An Island and We Got Lizzy
Louis knew that sailing off to sea with his best friend, who was still properly learning how to drive a boat, probably wasn't the best idea for his summer. He didn't rea...
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Aro's Beloved True Mate by Sgb1011-QOD
Aro's Beloved True Mateby Sgb1011-QOD
===== Disclaimer, I do not own Twilight, all credit revolving nicknames, pictures found online, models, gowns, Meyer's story, and characters belong to their respected ow...
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Edward's True Mate by Sgb1011-QOD
Edward's True Mateby Sgb1011-QOD
Edward and the Cullen's arrived at another location. Ready to begin their life again. His marriage with Bella has been rocky. She found out she was his blood singer/Mate...
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Another end by lilly1406
Another endby lilly1406
What happens when Liam Sangpur Alpha of the Primus Pack is challenged by Alpha Markus for his chosen Luna, Eleonora. Eleonora is nothing else than Markus true mate. And...
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Edwards True Mate and Bella's Cousin  by hyctea
Edwards True Mate and Bella's 𝐌𝐀𝐃𝐈𝐒𝐎𝐍
Edward meets his true mate In Gemma Williams Bella's Cousin of course bella will be upset jealous and angry cause her cousin is Edwards true mate
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An Alphas human mate; Her shattered life by truluv_2000
An Alphas human mate; Her truluv_2000
Blaise Turner was one of the most popular guys in his school. He and his pack of friends stuck by each other, outsiders being left in was a rare occurrence. Not only thi...
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Quotes  by beckyjohnstone1
Quotes by beckyjohnstone1
A variety of different quotes. #62 in true mates. #976 in wolves. #212 in souls #989 in warriors #163 in true alpha #606 in poetry #818 in quotes
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Missing (A Vampire Knight Fanfiction, KaZe) by Airrah11
Missing (A Vampire Knight Erin Hughes
Fem!Zero, Pureblood Zero. Reincarnation. KaZe. Preg Zero "Please, please forgive me, But I won't be home again. Maybe someday you'll have woke up, And, barely consc...
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Colonel Seeders' Mail order brides, Xander and Trixantha by Janine70
Colonel Seeders' Mail order Janine
Colonel Seeders did not expect a pregnant woman to show up at his doorstep. His plan to help the women still trapped in their cells had come to a standstill, but when he...
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The World Is Not Enough (Snake Eyes x Oc & Storm Shadow X Oc) by AnimeLoverMurillo
The World Is Not Enough (Snake Marisol Murillo
Rocky Gonzalez Aka Leona, a teen protagonist who happens to be searching for her younger sister, unfortunately she has no idea of where she is because of her not existin...
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