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Her healer by biblio_philia
Her healerby Monika
Yaduvanshi series #1 An Arranged Marriage Story. POWER!!!!! That's what he always wanted. He is king of a small kingdom of Madhya Pradesh but his power is not limited to...
තේව් ! by Mrs_wang_kavi
තේව් !by Kavi_wang
මං උඹට ආදරෙයි තේව් ! මගෙ ජීවිතේ තියෙනකල්ම තේව් යුහස් අහිංස මගෙ වෙලා ඉන්නයි ඕනෙ!🍃🖤 -Ayesh Dinol Abhises #3 - happ...
Homecoming by Moonfairy28
Homecomingby MOONBOW
The Agnihotri family. A very rich and influential family in the city. Jaiveer Agnihotri, the head of the family, is a very respected man in the social. He is a very succ...
*LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO * by armiotopia07
A story of a family full of happiness,laughter and joy .How because of some misunderstanding breaks apart . . . . . "Promise me that you will never leave me"...
Love Me Before You Lose Me  by lunawritesatnight
Love Me Before You Lose Me by Luna 💓
What happens when your boyfriend mocks your love and sincerity? He loses you. TW: this story has mentions of blood, a car accident, and some swearing. Depression is ligh...
My CEO Husband (Completed)  by Asunawrites486
My CEO Husband (Completed) by _InnocentButterfly_
Cole Xavier Creed is the CEO and owner of the most famous hotels and resorts in the world. He has loving parents, best friends who would always be there for him. His lif...
His flowers  by ashvwrites
His flowers by ashvwrites
Violet Balenciaga:•: She just found the courage to leave her toxic, abusive relationship. The one time she gave love a chance after the love of her life leaving her she...
Russi by lol_hello11
Russiby June_Bay
UNDER EDITING "Listen May" Ace said with a pleading voice. "No Ace! You listen, I was not the one who ended our relationship! I was not the one who decide...
Love in Arrangement (Ongoing ) by Jayiexin
Love in Arrangement (Ongoing )by Jayiexin
නොසිතූ ලෙස මගෙ ජීවිතයට පැමිණි ඔබව, මට දැන් නැතිව බැරි වෙලා...
Scared And Scarred by bluewalls24
Scared And Scarredby bluewalls24
She was abducted and abused. She was scared and scarred. She was malnourished and mute. But above all, she was a fighter and a princess. A lost mafia princess. Abducted...
The Wanted Unwanted   by Nittabeatrice_
The Wanted Unwanted by Nittabeatrice
Being abused by some one you love is PAIN! Not being able to express and defend yourself is HELL! Running away from the cause of you nightmares who happens to be the o...
Arranged In Amour by bluewalls24
Arranged In Amourby bluewalls24
(Not a fanfiction) Siddharth Singh Rathore, an arrogant billionaire. Ishika Maheswari, an innocent soul. Two opposites arranged together. Their marriage is like the mar...
Happy Ending For The Tragedy Side Character by CrescentasBooks
Happy Ending For The Tragedy Side...by CrescentasBooks
Camila who died at the age of 18 got reincarnated as the evil stepsister in which she torments the heroine in the story but after remembering her tragic ending she tends...
When Stars Fall [EBOOK and PAPERBACK PUBLISHED] by RElizabethM
When Stars Fall [EBOOK and PAPERBA...by Wendy Million
THIS BOOK WILL BECOME FREE ON JULY 15TH - A decade ago, Ellie was heartbroken when the love of her life chose his Hollywood party lifestyle over her. Can she forgive him...
🍁නූශ්🍁(Zhanyi) by Axianrhu123
🍁නූශ්🍁(Zhanyi)by Shiru💙
අවසරද නිල් කටරොලු මලකට.... බොරලු පොලොවක සෙනෙහෙ පතන්නට........... (ධතාශ් X තීනු)
blessing for me ( yizhan ) by nowtyhashi
blessing for me ( yizhan )by nowtyhashi
හැමොටම ලැබෙන්න ඔන ඔයා වගේ සිමා විරහිතව ආදරේ දෙන කෙනෙක්. ජිවිතේ අමාරු තැනදි අත දිලා පැත්තකට වෙලා බලන්න ඉන්න කෙනෙක් ආදරෙයි කියලා වචනෙන් නෙවෙයි ක්‍රියාවෙන් පෙන්න කෙනෙක් ...
Daastan E Mohabbat |✓ by samarch_31
Daastan E Mohabbat |✓by Samm
Rayyan Ali Khan CEO of Khan Enterprises. Eldest son of the famous Khan Family. A perfect family man. Ayesha Siddiqui Daughter of Pakistan's famous Hotelier. A college g...
Sleeping With The Homie by Hottie_wit_bawdy
Sleeping With The Homieby Hottie_wit_bawdy
In all of his 19 years, Isaiah Walker has never pictured himself in a threesome, let alone in one with his best friend. Yet, his girlfriend has. When he brings up the id...
හිතුවක්කාර 🔥 ( Yizhan ) Complete ✅ by zhanleo
හිතුවක්කාර 🔥 ( Yizhan ) Complete ✅by H.R.C.NIMASHA
හිතුවක්කාරයෝ දෙන්නෙක් එකට මුණගැහුනාම කොහොම තියේවිද 🤷🥀
Alpha Charming | Rheon by LisaMuller5
Alpha Charming | Rheonby Lisa Muller
When Ash learns she is a royal werewolf's mate and the key to breaking his curse, paying her studio rent becomes the least of her problems. ***** When the opportunity...