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End of a Rivalry by Randomrandomness12
End of a Rivalryby RandomRandomness12
How do you end a millenia old rivalry? An Arranged Marriage of course! Made in response to Codayoda's arranged marriage challenge thing.
Percy Grace son of Jupiter by AgentHunter123
Percy Grace son of Jupiterby AgentHunter123
When Jupiter/Zeus falls in love with the famous actress Beryl Grace and sires 3 kids, Thalia, Jason and Perseus he leaves. But when Beryl goes to pick Jason up from scho...
Wonderful Percy Jackson by Quiltvent
Wonderful Percy Jacksonby Quiltvent
It starts about 6 months before the Son of Neptune would've taken place, this is because in this story Jason never goes on the quest which elongates the amount of time P...
The One (Percy Jackson) by Riptide_2020
The One (Percy Jackson)by ....
Percy arrives at camp jupiter with no memories, and meets a beautiful praetor. What will happen when they have to work together. Will they get along? or will they becom...
New Olympus by INFERNOLORD
New Olympusby INFERNO LORD
there's a story that the gods never wanted told, story that could destroy them and everything that they stand for, could end of the darkness on Olympus as well but they...
New Roman by prophesyof7
New Romanby prophesyof7
The war is over and things are supposed to be perfect for the demigods at Camp Half-Blood; but one lone being is cast away and betrayed by everyone he knows under false...
Percy Jackson Blessed by Hades by Dynamis_garmadon
Percy Jackson Blessed by Hadesby Dynamis_garmadon
Poseidon never comes to Percy's aid when he needs him. Hades finds him running and takes Percy into his care. He trains Percy with the greatest heroes in the underworld...
The Lost Demigod (UNDER REWRITE)  by LWP571
The Lost Demigod (UNDER REWRITE) by LWP571
After the deaths and betrayal of those closest to him, Percy disappears from the face of the earth. Four years later he returns with a new purpose from the gods. Will th...
All Four United: The Abductee of Inanis by BenTanvir
All Four United: The Abductee of Tanvir
Cover art made by VitheyTries Percy Jackson is roped into yet another Great Prophecy along with his girlfriend, Annabeth Chase. But this time, it isn't just the Greeks a...
PJO / HoO X HP Instagram by Truthbro
PJO / HoO X HP Instagramby Truthbro
Percy and Harry are brothers, there are also more Potter siblings. Poseidon is James Potter. Sally is Lily Potter. No one beside Sally, Paul, Sally and Paul's children...
The 5th Hero by Randomrandomness12
The 5th Heroby RandomRandomness12
Percy Jackson in Clash of Clans
Chaos's champion this is under COLOSSAL EDITING (Currently being revamped) by Nasir34
Chaos's champion this is under Eclipse
I do not own I don't own PJO nor HoO also this is my first story so be honest what you think please also I'm restarting this story cause I do not like how I started it o...
The Sixth Age by MrPraetor
The Sixth Ageby MrPraetor
DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN PJO NOR HOO. Olympus fell into the hand of Gaea. Demigods started to panic. They did not know their fates. What would the giants do to them? Rea...
MISERY by chaosrocks
Percy Jackson: The Feast of Fortuna by MrPraetor
Percy Jackson: The Feast of Fortunaby MrPraetor
DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN PJO NOR HOO. Today is the Feast of Fortuna. The famous demigods come back to Camp Jupiter. They exchange their stories. They enjoy this festival...
Percy Jackson  One shots by Theseodous
Percy Jackson One shotsby SON OF CHAOS
I guess it is pretty self explanatory, mostly Pertemis.
A Broken Pearl: A Percy Jackson Fanfic | [FEATURED] [HIATUS] by Brazen5ive
A Broken Pearl: A Percy Jackson Bruh Moment
After Percy defeated Gaea, his heart was broken when he saw Annabeth kissing another man. He then returns to the other place he calls home other than Sally's home and Ca...
Camp Aphrodite by Charmspeaker2137
Camp Aphroditeby Charmy
This is my first story so plz don't bully me I do not own any of these characters because they all belong to the great Rick riordan
Perseus Jackson: The Heir of Savitar by ghostofIzukuMidoriya
Perseus Jackson: The Heir of Fire Hero: Inferno
Percy was supposed to die in both wars, but he survived. So, the Fates decide to break him. They do this by making all of the people he loves betray him, including Annab...