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The Man Who Broke My Heart by summerlyric
The Man Who Broke My Heartby summerlyric
He left his mark on me, and I don't think I could ever forgive him for that.
  • spanking
  • love
  • demanding
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Eternal Love : A Love Beyond Life Time  by HinaShahjehan
Eternal Love : A Love Beyond Hina Shahjehan
A perfect stranger : "Do you not feel that we have met before. Doesn't your body yearns for my touch.Do you not feel the connection we have .... do you not cara&quo...
  • french
  • recarnation
  • tragedy
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My Boss |completed| by MorganHoodStyles
My Boss |completed|by MorganStyles
My new assistant walked in and I already wanted her
  • hazel
  • bookone
  • boss
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My Stupid Story With The CEO by lumierutsuki
My Stupid Story With The CEOby lumierutsuki
What happens when you end up working for the hottest man on the planet? Oh did I forget to mention he's a CEO!? (Disclaimer: If you are reading this on a site other than...
  • hatelove
  • adonis
  • intenselove
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Live With Joy by guitarnotes
Live With Joyby Sarah Montsinger 😃
Joy. We are in constant need of it. Inside are a few original poems celebrating Joy, happiness, love, and all sorts of other things. What's the meaning of life? I'm not...
  • imagination
  • worthwhile
  • poetrycollection
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SwaSan - Second love turns into first Obsession  by angelvk6
SwaSan - Second love turns into angelvk6
everyone says that life gives a second chance, Second chance to smile, to live, to love but what will happen when this second chance turns out be someone's biggest inse...
  • revenge
  • passionate
  • darkness
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Unleashing my Inner Beast by guitarnotes
Unleashing my Inner Beastby Sarah Montsinger 😃
We're all human. But a part of being human is our Inner Beast. We all have one. It's this creature waiting for the opportune moment to escape, to claw its way out, embar...
  • passionate
  • original
  • creative
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Bride for Sale by CaylahWest
Bride for Saleby Caylah West
Amelia Chela is a proper, Italian princess. She was born to royalty and was happy with her life and family for the most part. When tragedy strikes, money gets tight. In...
  • love
  • arranged
  • forced
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Tom Holland Imagines by JuliahCrane
Tom Holland Imaginesby Juliah Crane
❤Here is a book full of Cute❤ romantic🔥 adorable😍and dramatic🙊stories about You and Tom Holland. I hope you enjoy😍😘😘😝❤ Also, I take requests! Just message me!
  • mçu
  • michelleandpeter
  • tomhollandimagines
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A Tale of Love... SOULMATES  by akansha777anu
" Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,while loving Someone gives you courage ! " Let's see what is destiny planning for two people who are really...
  • ishqbaaz
  • dilboleoberoi
  • shivaay
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Runaway Fiancée by sweetdreamer33
Runaway Fiancéeby Neilani Alejandrino
Meet Lily. A smokin' hot bikini model with a sexy Colombian accent. Lily is engaged to a famous Telenovela actor, Dylan Cooper. But how come another man, Xander Valient...
  • pretty
  • arrogant
  • mysterious
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Alpha Abner Roth by pelly_blue
Alpha Abner Rothby @ |< $ |-| ! + ¡
Ever since she freed a wolf from some poachers, she's being stalked. What happens when she hugs the wolf and seconds later finds her arms around Abner Roth- the town's r...
  • dark
  • king
  • businessman
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Manan SS An affair to live for [completed] by Andal100
Manan SS An affair to live for [ Andal100
An affair, which will change the fate of three lives! This book will be private after chapter 3, so do follow me to read further.. *********************** I was burning...
  • desires
  • completed
  • purelove
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Love My Lifeline's (ON HOLD) by EmmaSavarese
Love My Lifeline's (ON HOLD)by Emma Savarese
I run to the elevator and click 8 before Cole steps in, his suit crinkled. "God damn, how do you run so fast in those things" he pants looking at my heels. &qu...
  • virgin
  • hot
  • trust
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Passionate Fire of Revenge  by lilgrandmama
Passionate Fire of Revenge by ICE
Forth kidnaps Beam. Beam is the younger brother of Phana. Wayo is the younger brother of Forth. Wayo is currently in a coma after having attempted suicide. Forth thinks...
  • passionate
  • forth
  • forthxbeam
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Crossing The Chasm - Sheiks of Ahalamin - Book Two by LyndaCoker
Crossing The Chasm - Sheiks of Lynda Coker
A botched abduction by a local terrorist group at a Middle East airport leaves Jessica imprisoned in a sweltering desert camp awaiting execution. She needs a miracle--bu...
  • featured
  • struggle
  • palace
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Wattpad's Best Romance by Alexa_Rayne
Wattpad's Best Romanceby Alexa_Rayne
Be it werewolf, or millionaires, or bad boys, once you've grab a hold on these stories, it is impossible to put down. These books are awe-inspiring, heart-stirring and s...
  • rich
  • neighbor
  • office
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Concealed II by bay-10
Concealed IIby Jordan ✕ Jay
Concealed, continuation.
  • dominant
  • adult
  • passionate
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GIVEN TO THE PRINCE - Sheiks of Ahalamin - Book One by LyndaCoker
GIVEN TO THE PRINCE - Sheiks of Lynda Coker
He was the last man on earth she wanted, but she was the only woman on earth he'd have...From the skyscrapers of New York City to the ancient sands of Ahalamin, two unt...
  • baby
  • hurt
  • arrangedmarriage
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Chase of desire by rpate21
Chase of desireby rpate21
Kavya, a modern girl with Indian traditional roots. Ankur, a hot, confident, young Indian business tycon. "After our marriage, we will be moving...
  • betrayal
  • indian
  • love
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