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I'm With The Billionaire by sazedakabir
I'm With The Billionaireby sazeda
Victoria Hale had everything she ever wanted in life. She was the daughter of a multi-millionaire, with a loving family. Every girl wanted to be her. Every guy wanted to...
Runaway Fiancée by sweetdreamer33
Runaway Fiancéeby Neilani Alejandrino
Meet Lily. A smokin' hot bikini model with a sexy Colombian accent. Lily is engaged to a famous Telenovela actor, Dylan Cooper. But how come another man, Xander Valient...
Come into the void by mrmystryauthor
Come into the voidby Mr.Mystry Author
The story of a newly married couple, having their first intimate moments , making love , understanding each other and their sexual preferences while they find out each o...
The Rajput Brides by Atsky6
The Rajput Bridesby Akanksha
A saga depicting the lives of four royal couples , who have their own secrets and struggles in life but they are not ready to share them with their partners. Misundersta...
Undercover Heir by miaaamiamia
Undercover Heirby H.Mia
When a hopeless playboy, Chad James Carter was busted by his father, his life turned upside down. After his father had found out that he was spending his time with diffe...
Romeo by miaaamiamia
Romeoby H.Mia
Romeo Asher Wright was a real troublemaker. He was the captain of the basketball team and one of the most popular boys in the high school. Sienna Anderson was the first...
Anastasia by JasmynTailor
Anastasiaby Jasmyn
When all hope was lost, He began to make all things new. - This is the story of Anastasia and Austin. Very unlikely friends who fell in love without a moment's notice. ...
I will build a city in the last days by Mei-Qin-yi
I will build a city in the last Winter
I will build a city in the last days Author: Shi Yujiu Category: Science Fiction Space 520,000 words | Full text Update: 2022-10-19 Xubai was reborn. Back to ten years a...
Night Rituals by RRwriten
Night Ritualsby RR
When Daisy moves into an old country inn to renovate it, weird things start happening. Loud banging noises, mysterious strangers, and the feeling of being watched in her...
Shadows Of Their Desire by _chijindu
Shadows Of Their Desireby _chijindu
**Shadows of their Desire** In the shadowy depths of a forgotten city, Isabella, a woman haunted by her mysterious past, encounters Damien, a brooding figure bound to th...
Love like burning Red Strings, pulling you in. by Ifra29khan10
Love like burning Red Strings, Ifra Khan
How did I fall? Easy! He turned my life upside down.~'° Noah has to leave her hometown, her fiancé, and her friends behind in order to move into the house of her mother'...
Falling and Breaking by authorzysha
Falling and Breakingby Zysha
DRAMA. MYSTERY. ROMANCE She became his desires. His need. His only possession. And his lethal obsession. And his obsession become a biggest curse in her life. **** Her d...
Willingly Loving Him by poptartwarrior
Willingly Loving Himby Anonymous
*can NOT be read as a stand alone* Forcefully marked once. Shame on you. Forcefully marked twice. Shame on me. Octavia just wanted a hot passionate love. To fall in love...
ISHQIYA :- OS by deepwrites_
ISHQIYA :- OSby ~chand...
Stepping into the world of 'ISHQIYA' where love blossoms in all its glory,just like a timeless tale. Embarking on a journey where such enchanting moments are rarity, A...
A Desire to Win Her | Ongoing by missoctowriter
A Desire to Win Her | Ongoingby Avi 🗸
Not an Arranged Marriage Tale! ❝Har Pal tumhare hi sath guzaru kuch aisi chahat hone lagi hai, Mujhe dheere dheere ab tumhari itni aadat si hone lagi hai...!❞ Arvika, a...
"C/n stop, you're crushing me." I managed to get out a laugh despite me being out of breath. C/n's intense eyes were focused on mine. "I'm not crushing y...
DARBAAR دربار by Shiba_Sakeen
DARBAAR دربارby Shiba_Sakeen
A Legion of Legends from your favorite SULTANATE. The Gashkori and Dehwaar Heirs would never be the same without these loyal men standing behind them like strong pillars...
Uncontrollable Passion... by Jannatjia
Uncontrollable Jannatjia
A story of uncontrollable passion a husband develops for his wife who was unwanted and unloved by him for 10 years. Experience the transformation of feelings of a hu...
Hostel Romance  by smuttyman
Hostel Romance by your friendly neighbourhood S...
In the shadowy, dimly lit hallways of a bustling dormitory, two lovers embark on a secret, forbidden journey. Meeting after curfew, they indulge in risky encounters that...
Reincarnated Romance : Echoes Of Love  by urvvee3
Reincarnated Romance : Echoes Of urvvee<3
Love's Journey through time ♡ 🌷🌌 "Running away, and meeting you on my way....was the best thing to happen in my life Devi.." "Not knowing you but letti...