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It's Not Normal But .... (Sanegiyuu) by ShikshaSingh775
It's Not Normal But .... ( Shiksha Singh
What if the wind pillar starts to feel attracted to the water pillar?
Only Us by Sanegiyuulife
Only Usby Kade
An apocalypse starts in the modern era. Giyuu has seen his fair share of zombies and won't stop seeing them. Will he finally see another human? After so long?
Fixing takes time by ItsThePalmTreesKing
Fixing takes timeby Pico
When wind and water dont mix but the two are then put into a 'unique arrangement' More chapters on ao3 as of august 30th 2023 no 1# sanegiyuu???? hellow thank you???
Hashira GC by Mother_Tamayo
Hashira GCby ♡ ʟᴀᴅʏ ɴᴀᴋɪᴍᴇ ♡
| • "Your so intoxicating , it's maddening."• | by Doma_simpp
| • "Your so intoxicating , it's B!tch 😍
• The Wind and Water pillar. 2 that never get along , no matter what. The wind pillar.. Also known as Sanemi Shinazugawa , hates Giyuu , the water pillars guts. Or so h...
The Mission | Sanemi X Giyuu | Demon Slayer by guren_m
The Mission | Sanemi X Giyuu | guren_m
It began with a mission assigned to Sanemi and Giyuu. Could the two of them fall for each other? "Tomioka, let's work separately." "But Oyakata-sama paire...
what made me fall for you?!Sanegiyuu by raven649128
what made me fall for you?! raven649128
To this day the Wind Hashira has always despised the Water Hashira but after their battle, the water hashira got threatening injuries and the wind hashira is assigned to...
To Heal or to Kill a Sanegiyuu Story  by Sanegiyuulife
To Heal or to Kill a Sanegiyuu Kade
Giyuu is a prince of a lovely kingdom. Problem is, his father isn't a good king. People are starting to riot, just as prince Giyuu falls very ill. A new doctor arrives b...
Demon slayer picture (mostly sanegiyuu, giyuu ships or just giyuu) by justafanofanime107
Demon slayer picture (mostly justafanofanime107
i just need a place where i can put pictures i saved in my camrea roll
Fire, a Sanegiyuu Story by Sanegiyuulife
Fire, a Sanegiyuu Storyby Kade
Sanemi is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now he is in prison for something he didn't do. He will make friends, enemies and a possible lover. Hopefully he can be p...
my cute little demon by NattyChanChan
my cute little demonby Natalie/Nat
here is a sanegiyuu story. Female Giyuu cause she's hot.
Sanemi Shinazugawa x Giyuu Tomioka  (SMUT!) by KeitucisTho
Sanemi Shinazugawa x Giyuu Giyuu's wife <3
This is my first story, so please don't hate! Warning: Self h@rm Abuse bullying smut
Sanegiyuu story by MuichiroSimpAva
Sanegiyuu storyby MuichiroSimpAva
I don't know what to write here, this is a Sanegiyuu fanfiction based in the modern AU Other Ships may include: Genmui, Obamitsu, Uzuren, Tankana, Zennezu, Inoaoi
~~Stupid Water Hashira~~ by Pinkycocky
~~Stupid Water Hashira~~by
Master Ubuyashiki assigned Shinazugawa Sanemi and Tomioka Giyuu for a 3 day mission. Sanemi as usual is angry and frustrated that he has to work with Tomioka but a part...
"He's a demon!?" (Demon giyuu au) by Anime_For-Life12
"He's a demon!?" (Demon giyuu au)by Anime_For-Life12
When going to a hashira meeting, he hadn't noticed someone or a group that was following him. That one mistake changed his life forever. Because now he had a bamboo muz...
My problem ♡Sanegiyuu♡ by manidk-
My problem ♡Sanegiyuu♡by カエラ♡kaela
Shinobu said something that will never be forgiven and now giyuu is more emo than ever he almost tried to of himself.. will he of himself or would sanemi change his mind
~Inlove with her brother?!~ by therapy_is_free
~Inlove with her brother?!~by mywonderfulshinobu
An AU of Royals. Sanemi was forced to marry a princess named Mitsuri. Knowing both didn't like each but they had to go with it for their kingdom. For the introduction o...
I Can Treat You Better (sanegiyuu) by TillyIsNotHere
I Can Treat You Better (sanegiyuu)by Tilly
⚠️ There is some heavy topics, head forward with caution. Some elements are: talk about suicide, self-harm, swearing, and bullying. ⚠️ The water hashira Giyu, liked anot...
Your Taste Is Addictive  by NattyChanChan
Your Taste Is Addictive by Natalie/Nat
Vampire Giyuu Au???? love that! Sanegiyuu.
"Your to perfect" by SophieDavies329
"Your to perfect"by Sophie Davies
this is my first story and I am doing this on phone, do not mind spelling mistakes as I type faster, I'll try to upload 2 times a day but I might not be able to