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Tutoring EXO ( EXO fanfic ) by ncttrash
Tutoring EXO ( EXO fanfic )by Moon_17
Past that door will he the boys who will be deciding my future. My future? I have it all planned out. It's like this one big battle plan against life, and I'll do anyth...
Let Go ✎ exo d.o kyungsoo by haechanology
Let Go ✎ exo d.o kyungsooby 𝐩𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐧
In which Lee Haneul needed to repay Do Kyungsoo, a man who was always cautious about how he lived after what happened in the past. ❝Stop following me.❞ Kyungsoo said, a...
EXO Smuts/ Imagines by gxxnhxk
EXO Smuts/ Imaginesby hiss
a collection of EXO imagines. Hiatus.
Exo Imagine by heyitsnixie
Exo Imagineby 𝓃𝒾𝓍💜
Just writing EXO imagines, if you would like to request a imagine, please read the first page of this book, it will tell you how to request an imagine :)
My Only One  by exxangel
My Only One by chanbaek's_gurl
Chanyeol the mystery guy, has a huge crush on Byun Baekhyun, the school's heartthrob unknown to the fact that he is the love of his life which he left behind a long time...
The Fallen (EXO Fanfiction) by Nin-Ninjae
The Fallen (EXO Fanfiction)by Nin-Nin
"If there is one thing I remember vividly from my vague childhood days, it's them. Twelve amazing stars that shone so bright against the backdrop of the velvet nigh...
Little Do You Know | BAEKHYUN by kimchijan
Little Do You Know | BAEKHYUNby blair
Byun Baekhyun has a huge crush on Kim Taeyeon, a senior in the same school he's attending. He doesn't know how to approach her, so he asks help from Nam Hyora. She agree...
The Official EXO Ship Book by qpop_queen18
The Official EXO Ship Bookby Qpop Queen
Welcome to The Official EXO Ship Book! Filled with cute, dramatic, fluffy, (maybe smutty) ships of all sorts for all your shipping wants and needs. After seeing how many...
Gege by Luvelixxil
Gegeby Clover
Spanking and domestic discipline stories involving OT12 Exo. Please make requests! Any ships!
Izone On Crack ♤ (on ia) by luapicky
Izone On Crack ♤ (on ia)by lua
Conversations that may or may not had happened between the 12 girls. ♡ ♡ Some are not mine that i found in the internet and make the different versions of it but some is...
🌸 When I Touch To Love 🌸 by XingNge
🌸 When I Touch To Love 🌸by Coe Coe
အချစ်နဲ့တွေ့တဲ့အခါ ကိုယ်ရဲ့နာကျင်မှုထက် ချစ်ရတဲ့သူ နာကျင်မှာကို ပိုကြောက်မိတယ် သိပ်ချစ်တာကိုး အချစ်နဲ့တွေ့တဲ့အခါ ချစ်ရသူအတွက်သာဆို တစ်ပါးသူရဲ့နာကျင်မှုကို သိသိရက်နဲ့ ဥ...
The Monster From The Nightmares by youngforever143123_
The Monster From The Nightmaresby youngforever143123_
He looks down on her sleeping, shivering form. She was in a cage, he put her there. He liked her there. So weak. So pathetic. So vulnerable.... ....He relishes in her sc...
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Baby Don't Cry by jnnfrstephanie
Baby Don't Cryby Jennifer Stephanie
Lay was another highschool senior just as his friends. In his years of high school he had encountered everything. That is until one day, he accidentally came across an a...
👑 Our story 👑 |BLACKPINKxEXO by whitebearindahouse
👑 Our story 👑 |BLACKPINKxEXOby 👄💄
Тэс ондоо хайрын түүхүүд... Дөрвөн удаа! 4 өөр амтыг нэг зохиолоос мэдрэнэ гэдэг содон биш гэж үү? Хагацашгүй дотно нөхөрлөлийг бүтээсэн охидын тус бүрийн түүх таныг дог...
The Last Call | An Iz*One Journey by Chaechaezuwu
The Last Call | An Iz*One Journeyby Chaechaezuwu
On their way back from their US Tour, the members of IZ*One are met with a force of nature, finding themselves secluded in the middle of a winter wasteland. What trials...
TREASURE MEMES  by kyuland
Treasure memes cause why not ? Note : I decided to continue this book. Thanks for supporting me ^⁠_⁠^ "10 in our eyes 12 in our hearts" 💎 ✧ Cover photo credit...
iz*One, ITZY, TWICE and NIZIU cracks and oneshots by ninaoutsangmeh
iz*One, ITZY, TWICE and NIZIU crac...by alingnina
Giving you a daily dose of Iz*Oneshot, ITZY, TWICE and NIZIU fictions. i do not own them.
CHANBAEK SMUT SERIES || 18+ by LimarioLoey_
🔞🚫SMUTS ⚠️ Containing CHANBAEK smuts. ⚠️ Request open for other ships.
Daddy, Let Me Go by Crystalminmin_04
Daddy, Let Me Goby _IMMORTAL_
Түүний нэр Хван Рюүми. Өдөр нь жирийн л нэг их сургуулийн оюутан, ээжийн сайн охин. Харин шөнө нь сар бас тайзыг эзэгнэсэн ШОНГИЙН БҮЖИГЧИН, Софи. ...Нүүрэндээ зүүсэн ба...
The Official EXO Ship Book Pt. 2 by qpop_queen18
The Official EXO Ship Book Pt. 2by Qpop Queen
I'm back!!! After months of writing, stress, coffee (lots of it) and final edits, I have this book for my dear kittens. I have worked on this for a long time to perfect...