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My Beautiful Beast (A KaiSoo fanfic) by ChocoBabyKai
My Beautiful Beast (A KaiSoo fanfi...by Alex
"He prefers to be called beautiful instead of gorgeous and he prefers to be called baby instead of squishy"
Everyone's Mate || EXO Fanfic by sugarsoojie
Everyone's Mate || EXO Fanficby soojie
Park Jinhee is a normal girl...well if you would call a former gang member, famous K-Pop idol, and a member of the supernatural normal. Growing up with little to n...
Our Senior Year |  Heejin X Male Reader by kurow-san
Our Senior Year | Heejin X Male R...by Park Gowon
What if this is your last year together with the person you love?
Twelve Majestic [EXO X OC] by Ushioink
Twelve Majestic [EXO X OC]by Han!n
When six years old Moon Hani stumbles upon a weird shaped card that is different from any types of game cards, she doesn't pay it any of her attention; especially after...
The Fallen (EXO Fanfiction) by Nin-Ninjae
The Fallen (EXO Fanfiction)by Nin-Nin
"If there is one thing I remember vividly from my vague childhood days, it's them. Twelve amazing stars that shone so bright against the backdrop of the velvet nigh...
new moon mission //loona by loonathebroke
new moon mission //loonaby eras<3
12 girls from different social classes, family lives and backgrounds become a part of an experiment on the moon. this experiment is called the new luna experiment, but...
Little Do You Know | BAEKHYUN by kimchijan
Little Do You Know | BAEKHYUNby blair
Byun Baekhyun has a huge crush on Kim Taeyeon, a senior in the same school he's attending. He doesn't know how to approach her, so he asks help from Nam Hyora. She agree...
The Official EXO Ship Book by qpop_queen18
The Official EXO Ship Bookby Qpop Queen
Welcome to The Official EXO Ship Book! Filled with cute, dramatic, fluffy, (maybe smutty) ships of all sorts for all your shipping wants and needs. After seeing how many...
CHANBAEK SMUT SERIES || 18+ by LimarioLoey_
🔞🚫SMUTS ⚠️ Containing CHANBAEK smuts. ⚠️ Request open for other ships.
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Mission From Heaven by onlyfordaddysukuna
Mission From Heavenby D A O X I
An angel descends to be with rude boy. And if with three failed missions, she'll turn into ash. This story will depicts how beauty and cruel a life can be, and how to li...
The Boyz Reaction, Mtl, Imagine, Wyr [ON HOLD]  by globalsquid
The Boyz Reaction, Mtl, Imagine, W...by Hyza
*only for TheB's* I accept request!!!!!!
Izone On Crack ♤ (on ia) by luapicky
Izone On Crack ♤ (on ia)by lua
Conversations that may or may not had happened between the 12 girls. ♡ ♡ Some are not mine that i found in the internet and make the different versions of it but some is...
WITH YOU【oh sehun】 by parkchanyeolover
WITH YOU【oh sehun】by 先輩
I'm in love.. with you.
crunchy texts {Loona Chatroom}  (DISCONTINUED) by kimchungie
crunchy texts {Loona Chatroom} (D...by 김충희
a mess of a chatroom ft. me trying to flex my bad humor 😤✊🏻 i will be updating soon! please wait for me~ 💕
Egocentric [Book I] by Cold_Fingers
Egocentric [Book I]by trash
"I have never met anyone as selfish as you are."
Ekleipein by xdlpngn
Ekleipeinby ...
A short(?) story I wrote wherein HY an introvert bumps into HW who became his friends or maybe something more than that. Leaving HY for 7 years will it change anything b...
LOST IN TIME (ENHYPEN/I-LAND FF) by Moonlight_Engenes
LOST IN TIME (ENHYPEN/I-LAND FF)by Moonlight_Engenes
What happens after the debut stage of enhypen,they decided to have a sleep over with the eliminated ot12 members and until the maknaes saw a weird golden box at the fron...
Let Go ✎ exo d.o kyungsoo by haechanology
Let Go ✎ exo d.o kyungsooby 𝐩𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐧
In which Lee Haneul needed to repay Do Kyungsoo, a man who was always cautious about how he lived after what happened in the past. ❝Stop following me.❞ Kyungsoo said, a...
Two Moons (An EXO fanfiction) by shehumustnotbenamed
Two Moons (An EXO fanfiction)by shehumustnotbenamed
The memory of our bloody youth is still clear in my mind. It brought me countless nights of nightmares growing up. Then there stood the twelve of us, perfected by the bl...
[EXO] One-Shot Collection by euwonlol
[EXO] One-Shot Collectionby euwonlol
Highest ranking | #41 in Humor | #320 in Funny | #376 in Romance | #490 in Cute | #583 in Kpop | #623 in Fiction | #630 in Imagines | Ever imagined of bei...