Our Rebel Step-Sister

Our Rebel Step-Sister

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Lee Jae In was a normal girl until her mother left when she was 10 she despised her mom ever since.Her and father left the Philippines and went to back to Korea where her dad is from.

Jae In and her dad stayed in Korea for 7 years until her dad met someone new and married her she didn't like the idea of having a step mom.

But who knew that her step-mom had 12 kids. All boys. Will she be able to live her new life with a family she doesn't want? Or will she accept them? 

Read and follow Jae In in her journey and being their Rebel Step-Sister

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She should just be glad that her dad is happy and has found love again. But if she really is bad then she can just wait until she is old enough to leave.
Its just a Story..What are you guys mad at..Its not real,Its just a story!
NAMJOON?! AS IN BTS NAMJOON?! Wow lucky! I wish he had Filipino blood
kwonaboo kwonaboo Oct 23, 2016
What time Is It ? Its Summer Time ~ HiGhSchool Musical 2😍
oh god.your 17 for god sakes.dont act so spolied.i remember my dad having a gf after mom left us.i really didnt like her but i knew she didnt want this to happen either.i mean..what jae-in said was rude af
mal289028 mal289028 Jul 08
bat parang pilipino lahat ang nagcocoment dito sa sentece na to?