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Kwon Siblings | vsoo  ✓ by euphoricninja
Kwon Siblings | vsoo ✓by ᴢᴇᴇ
What is it like to have 3 famous idols/good-looking brothers? Jisoo can tell you about that. Idols family members are dug up by fans. It seems that their family members...
you belong with me ; b. yedam by jibbyeon
you belong with me ; b. yedamby elaine.
❝have you ever thought just maybe, you belong with me?❞ - inspired by taylor swift's ❝ you belong with me ❞ - bang yedam high school ! au - lowercase intended [ !! this...
CHAEBOL||k.yh by Jaeun_Hwang
CHAEBOL||k.yhby MoRKErLee
Wherein they were supposed to be working as a partner but the girl end up doing everything. "A man hater who cannot hate you" {Under editing}
Crazy Love // Kim Junkyu by wrdcuttie
Crazy Love // Kim Junkyuby kyu_tiepie
;I don't know when or how it started, all I know is that I'm crazy inlove with you. "I don't care who she is, where she came from, or how different she is. I love h...
traitor | p.jihoon by tanniesjoon
traitor | p.jihoonby jeongwoo's
inspired by traitor - olivia rodrigo with a little bit of twist. ↪lowercase intended ↪the ch gets longer further into the story ↪tw : death
A Jerk named Haruto | Hajeongwoo by ItsBaejinjja
A Jerk named Haruto | Hajeongwooby bless
T R E A S U R E Watanabe Haruto - Park Jeongwoo wherein Park Jeongwoo is a son of a maid working for the "Kang Family". The only thing he ever wanted was a...
forget him | kim doyoung ✔️ by EUPHORISAN
forget him | kim doyoung ✔️by malsh
❝You can't fall for him, Eun.❞ ❝But what if I already did?❞ ‹ In which Kim Doyoung tries really hard to make sure that Cha Eun doesn't fall for Park Jihoon › ★ college a...
His Scars || Minsung by -HONEYYCHAN
His Scars || Minsungby -HONEYYCHAN
The scars around Minho's wrist? They're just from fighting. Or at least that's what everyone assumes. Jisung, on the other hand, has a feeling there's a darker backstory...
i love you | treasure 13th member by EUPHORISAN
i love you | treasure 13th memberby malsh
♡ in which treasure debuted with thirteen members. treasure's golden diamond, park eunbyul. STARTED: 23.01.2021 FINISHED: TBA highest rankings #1 in parkjihoon #4 in yge...
DEAR RUTO || HAJEONGWOOby nome world
jeongwoo puts all his daily stories and wishes into his blue notebook named 'Ruto' specially if it's about his crush Watanabe Haruto, when suddenly everything he wrote m...
ailurophile ; minsung | discontinued by jasukeii
ailurophile ; minsung | minah🌻
❝ what the fuck are you doing to my cat? ❞ -in which minho mistakes jisung for a cat thief and then falls in love with him ! totally not a cliché and unrealistic love st...
love   》 Treasure 13 by LazyLlamaDrama
love 》 Treasure 13by LazyLlamaDrama
When a girl is given the task to match make 13 boys. "I'm Hwang Y/n and I'm the Cupid that will help you!"
P I Z Z A  》Choi Hyunsuk by LazyLlamaDrama
P I Z Z A 》Choi Hyunsukby LazyLlamaDrama
When a girl delivers pizza to the wrong address. "OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR-"
Fiction [K.SM + H.HJ]✔️ by Sky3_M0ua
Fiction [K.SM + H.HJ]✔️by Sungs
rewrite, if I can ⌮ watanabe haruto by DIORTYUN
rewrite, if I can ⌮ watanabe harutoby 🍒
❝The boy in my drawing has tears in his eyes.❞ - できれば書き換える © DIORTYUN x D & D Started: Dec 16, 2018 Completed: June 28, 2019 _____________________________ TREASURE/ TRE...
Detention | Treasure by Liya_xx444
Detention | Treasureby liya
What happens when twelve teenage boys end up in detention together?? Sequel - After School Special (#1-jaesahi 22/05/2021, #1-jihoon 30/05/2021)
imagines - treasure by -kimyoungtae
imagines - treasureby ☁︎︎
❝ treasure, that is what you are ❞ a book for ygtb imagines #3 - ygtb #4 - choihyunsuk #5 - kimjunkyu © -kimyoungtae 2018
Dear You, My Rival by maylyn__HJ
Dear You, My Rivalby Drr" gyeongie
"မင်းကို ငါ ဘယ်တော့မှမချစ်ဘူးနော် Haruto!" "ပြန်စဥ်းစားပါအုံး သေချာလို့လား?" #Hajeongwoo #fanfic
Anak Adam by tintstory
Anak Adamby tintstory
(n) keturunan adam. Bukan cerita romantis atau mengharukan. Melainkan hanya cerita mengenai kumpulan bocah SMA menyedihkan, yang sibuk mengejar cinta yang indah ala FTV...