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Olivia Benson x Reader one-shots  by marchtomydrums
Olivia Benson x Reader one-shots by Marchtomydrums
Just a series of short stories between you and our favorite detective. Some stories are rated M. (**) While others are fluffy stories including Noah. Sorry in advance fo...
Peaky Blinders x Reader by abby_jones99
Peaky Blinders x Readerby abby
Literally what the title says. If there is a Peaky Blinder that you would like me to write about requests are open!
Rebel (SVU Fanfic) by BenslerForever1
Rebel (SVU Fanfic)by Gean Bean ❤️
Olivia Benson transfers from Special Victims in Jersey to Manhattan, meaning she has to move her 15 year old daughter, Nicole, her 9 year old son, Zach, and her 3 year o...
Break (A Kylo Ren Fanfic) by HeyThere_Delilah
Break (A Kylo Ren Fanfic)by Delilah
"You will give into me," his masked figure says in its electronic tone. The increasing pressure I feel in my skull is a direct result of the power he is wieldi...
I'm Sorry | Remus Lupin x Reader | (Further Editing) by BlaorB
I'm Sorry | Remus Lupin x Reader | Ghost
'Sorry sir, I can't have any' Edited & Finished A Remus Lupin x Reader Please be warned that this is a student x professor reader, not a young Remus Lupin fanfic.
Because Alpha said so by RoyalyBree
Because Alpha said soby Britani
Avery Roberts is the most hard headed, stubborn and passionate she wolf you'll ever come across, unfortunately, Alpha Derek is even more stubborn and hard headed. Why th...
Finnick and Annie by Hungergamesbooks1
Finnick and Annieby Hungergamesbooks1
Exactly what the title says
euphoria  by justMikaylaT
euphoria by justMikaylaT
Olivia Benson starts noticing her daughter acting strange. Jude Benson is just trying to get through the day. Both Bensons learn some lessons along the way.
New Love: an SVU fanfiction by AestheticallyDaisy
New Love: an SVU fanfictionby Daisy💜
When a Rollins sister joins SVU and everyone meet her. What will everyone's first impression of her be? Will she find love? What will happen when her and Amanda are kidn...
Best friends! (countryhumans) by Ukraine20
Best friends! (countryhumans)by Ukraine20
Book 1 of 2 Best friends are meant to be together. Read, see and laugh with all your heart and make it feel warm with this cute little stories of 4 idiots in highschool...
Maria Barba  by klausmikealson2001
Maria Barba by klausmikealson2001
I'm Maria Esperanza. Now Maria Barba, I'm the Sargent of SVU. And my husband is an ada. ~~~~I only own Maria and any other characters I make up~~~~
SVU One shots by MagicGoldenFlower
SVU One shotsby MagicGoldenFlower
~Characters from Dick Wolf's Law And Order SVU~ -In a criminal justice system, sexual based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated d...
Olivia Benson's Daughter by MichelleFarrelman
Olivia Benson's Daughterby Mich91991
Olivia Benson has everything she ever wanted. She has her son Noah, and her boyfriend Ed Tucker. What happens when the little girl she thought was stillborn 10 years ago...
I love you (Goku x Vegeta Yaoi) by DiabolikPrince
I love you (Goku x Vegeta Yaoi)by ThiccDiccDan
Kidnap My Heart | Law&Order SVU Fanfiction by HisKoala2003
Kidnap My Heart | Law&Order SVU Marilyn (May not update books)
She was an ordinary girl just trying to make a living and He was just an ADA doing his job.When she joined the Precinct their world's came together.
Miles Fairchild Imagines  by 0TheRealQueenBee0
Miles Fairchild Imagines by 0TheRealQueenBee0
I just can't find what I wanna see, so I'm gonna write my own
Jaws of Love  by DarylDixons_ho3
Jaws of Love by Daryl Dixon Is Hot
Samantha Brody wanted to be a lot of things. One thing she wanted to be more than anything though, was loved. Not like a sister the way Martin did. Not like a daughter t...
Solo (Sonny Carisi) by Tearsonlyknow
Solo (Sonny Carisi)by Magnus
But I'm no longer blinded by your lies I know your heart was never mine.
Maria Barba  by amaris_2001
Maria Barba by amaris_2001
Law and order:svu
Victory and defeat by svu-jj
Victory and defeatby olivia
Amanda Rollins has a gambling addiction. Shes finally become clean. But what happens when she is assaulted she has a baby on the way?. Will this baby be a miracle or wil...