Because Alpha said so by RoyalyBree
Because Alpha said soby RoyalyBree
Avery Roberts is the most hard headed, stubborn and passionate she wolf you'll ever come across, unfortunately, Alpha Derek is even more stubborn and hard headed. Why th...
  • pack
  • fiction
  • wolf
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Peaky Blinders x Reader by abby_jones99
Peaky Blinders x Readerby abby
Literally what the title says. If there is a Peaky Blinder that you would like me to write about requests are open!
  • blinders
  • john
  • michael
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Break (A Kylo Ren Fanfic) by HeyThere_Delilah
Break (A Kylo Ren Fanfic)by Delilah
"You will give into me," his masked figure says in its electronic tone. The increasing pressure I feel in my skull is a direct result of the power he is wieldi...
  • episodevii
  • driver
  • ben
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ruins➽kylo ren|1| by lostgirl928
ruins➽kylo ren|1|by ::aria sparrows::
zayla shook her head breathing hard, ❝ you are wrong. ❞ she whispered, ❝ this, this is just the beginning of the ruins of you, kylo ren. ❞ [2015-2016] cover credit goes...
  • solo
  • ben
  • luke
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Stiles Mikaelson *TW, TO AND TVD*  by haxxamaria
Stiles Mikaelson *TW, TO AND TVD* by haxxamaria
ON PAUSE // SLOW UPDATES Scott Mccall's pack consists of: A true alpha - Scott A banshee -Lydia A beta - Liam A beta - Isaac A werewolf - Derek (beta) A were coyote -Mal...
  • vampire
  • witch
  • elena
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What happened to Amanda? A Law & Order SVU Fanfic by lemonadeJo
What happened to Amanda? A Law & lemonadeJo
Amanda seems different, she looks sick and worn down and is becoming more distant. When she suddenly goes missing with little explanation, can the squad get to her in ti...
  • injury
  • svufanfic
  • odafintutuola
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Three Thousand Miles Apart by ReadWriteLoveIt
Three Thousand Miles Apartby Ceri-Lou ♥
Will We Always Be: Three Thousand Miles Apart {Book 1.5} Please read Just A Friend first {Includes Spoilers} Lydia has just been offered a three month summer fashion int...
  • friends
  • miles
  • ashton
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Dragon Scales Book one: Hatchling by ManedWolf71
Dragon Scales Book one: Hatchlingby Foxfyre and Wolfseeker
Fin is a more or less normal teenage boy living in the kingdom known as Lenseia. Well, normal as in there really isn't anything special about him. He's relatively weak...
  • foxandwolf
  • manedwolf71
  • dragons
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Law and order SVU Oneshots (FROM TUMBLR) by electricblake
Law and order SVU Oneshots (FROM k :)
{COMPLETED} These are just SVU characters x reader imagines that i got from tumblr. i will put the author of the imagine in the beginning of each chapter. I will also pu...
  • oliviabensen
  • sonnycarisi
  • amandarollins
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Bad end Friends by KaoriChan12
Bad end Friendsby ❤❤ ~~|°°Girl Player°°|~~❤❤
Querias ver terror? entra XDXDXD querias ver a tus personajes favoritos de disney versión mala? entra... aqui encontraras la mejor historia de terror (voy a tratas de qu...
  • gore
  • drama
  • fin
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relics➽kylo ren|2| by lostgirl928
relics➽kylo ren|2|by ::aria sparrows::
❝ try as you will, you cannot annihilate the eternal relic of the human heart. ❞ [2016] cover credit goes to the amazing @auratics
  • kylo
  • ren
  • fin
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Intruder by LexaDelTaco
Intruderby Flavored Tap Water™
Elliot and his family have been put into witness protection. Elliot seems to have ticked off people in some high up places. Those same people attack Olivia and she has t...
  • elliotstabler
  • munch
  • interrogation
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To The Beat by Chicago_PD_
To The Beatby Chicago P.D.
Bryce Carisi is the daughter of Detective Dominick Carisi of SVU or AKA Special Victims Unit. She is doctor taking the safe route, which really isn't a difference. An ex...
  • voight
  • halstead
  • lindsay
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Dragon Scales Book Two: Dragonet by ManedWolf71
Dragon Scales Book Two: Dragonetby Foxfyre and Wolfseeker
Book 2 of the Dragon Scales series (DISCONTINUED) (more info inside)
  • dragonscales
  • caelea
  • dragonet
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Rollisi/Rollaro Fanfic- Stuck In The Middle by AmandaRollins02
Rollisi/Rollaro Fanfic- Stuck In Amanda rollins
Rollins and Carisi's relationship had been getting stronger, what will happen when Amaro comes back?
  • amaro
  • liv
  • guilt
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♕Princess♕ boyxboy | FIN by vesikorento
♕Princess♕ boyxboy | FINby vesikorento
-'Jimin, musta sä oot tosi kaunis.' ©vesikorento 2017
  • boyxboy
  • fanfic
  • bts
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Insta;School of rock by Princess_Geek_101
Insta;School of rockby Aanyeleexoxo
What happens when SOR gets insta??? Fremmer Freedy Zamika [COMPLETED]
  • mr
  • sor
  • drama
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SVU Problems ✔️ by multiple_fandoms198
SVU Problems ✔️by Multiple_fandoms198
Why has Nick Amaro left? Why is Amanda Rollins moving in with Olivia (Liv) Benson? What are they hiding from Fin?
  • nickamaro
  • fin
  • oliviabenson
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Falling for Santana Lopez by KeepingUpWithFanFics
Falling for Santana Lopezby KeepingUpWithFanFics
There is the new girl at Mckinley High School named Bella Moore. Bella is Sam's cousin who just transferred from Florida. She has major stage fright but an amazing voice...
  • teenromance
  • rachel
  • singing
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Stitches (Twins series 2) // TVD by Cece20102
Stitches (Twins series 2) // TVDby Sierra 20102
Valerie Gilbert is back with Damon, Stefan, Elena and the Gang. Yet this time there is a steamy annoyance going on between the sisters. Right after the two apologise Ele...
  • jeremy
  • ştefan
  • witches
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