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Peaky Blinders x Reader by abby_jones99
Peaky Blinders x Readerby abby
Literally what the title says. If there is a Peaky Blinder that you would like me to write about requests are open!
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Pied Piper // taejinkook by taejinkookie_
Pied Piper // taejinkookby WOOZI UNIVERSE
In which Taehyung is always there for Seokjin who's always ready to support his boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook.
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Because Alpha said so by RoyalyBree
Because Alpha said soby Britani
Avery Roberts is the most hard headed, stubborn and passionate she wolf you'll ever come across, unfortunately, Alpha Derek is even more stubborn and hard headed. Why th...
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Phillips twin sister?    (benny love story) The sandlot by FlowerRose709
Phillips twin sister? (benny FlowerRose709
Phillips has a sister. not just ant sister a TWIN SISTER.her name is Deliah and she is comming over the summer to live with her parents .she was finally comming from liv...
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SVU Problems ✔️ by multiple_fandoms198
SVU Problems ✔️by Multiple_fandoms198
Why has Nick Amaro left? Why is Amanda Rollins moving in with Olivia (Liv) Benson? What are they hiding from Fin?
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I love you (Goku x Vegeta Yaoi) by DiabolikPrince
I love you (Goku x Vegeta Yaoi)by ThiccDiccDan
NadechYaya One Shots  by fanficwrxtxr
NadechYaya One Shots by fanficwrxtxr
Filled with NadechYaya stories. Tweet me your prompts and requests, anything you want to read about P'Bear and Yaya @nadechyaya10 😍
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NadechYaya: Lighthouse  by fanficwrxtxr
NadechYaya: Lighthouse by fanficwrxtxr
They say if you follow the light from a lighthouse, it will lead you to the way back home. Two hearts that were once morphed as one, divided into two ships that decided...
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Save Me by JanetSnath
Save Meby Janet Snath
Katie Cull is a girl who has been sexually abused and victimized since she was seven years old. Her mother always drinks and her stepfather assaults her on a regular bas...
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no one can hurt you now by dancingwithswift
no one can hurt you nowby <3
14 year old Elise is saved from her abusive father by someone who has always been a mother-figure.
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Find Me: Kylo Ren by GingerJustice
Find Me: Kylo Renby Ginger
"Years ago, in a galaxy far far away, four of the oldest Jedi Masters forged a Mind Stone which would allow its users the control the Force. The Masters gave the st...
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issei el sirviente by user62480015
issei el sirvienteby
issei al finalizar la guerra contra el trihexa ve como cada chica de su harem lo va dejando por un chico al sentirse tan solo dice a draig que quite todo sus sentimi...
ruins➽kylo ren|1| by lostgirl928
ruins➽kylo ren|1|by ::aria sparrows::
zayla shook her head breathing hard, ❝ you are wrong. ❞ she whispered, ❝ this, this is just the beginning of the ruins of you, kylo ren. ❞ [2015-2016] cover credit goes...
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relics➽kylo ren|2| by lostgirl928
relics➽kylo ren|2|by ::aria sparrows::
❝ try as you will, you cannot annihilate the eternal relic of the human heart. ❞ [2016] cover credit goes to the amazing @auratics
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Miles Fairchild Imagines  by 0TheRealQueenBee0
Miles Fairchild Imagines by 0TheRealQueenBee0
I just can't find what I wanna see, so I'm gonna write my own
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SVU Secrets ✔️ by multiple_fandoms198
SVU Secrets ✔️by Multiple_fandoms198
Amanda Rollins and Nick Amaro are having a secret relationship what happens that causes them to tell people. Main characters: Amanda Rollins Nick Amaro Olivia Benson Ota...
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APOCALIPSIS by Anni_keith
APOCALIPSISby Anni_keith
El tiempo se detuvo. La vida de todos los sobrevivientes cambió. Los que conocimos una vez cambiaron. El mundo que conocíamos se terminó.
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Amanda's baby ✔️ by multiple_fandoms198
Amanda's baby ✔️by Multiple_fandoms198
SVU season 17, following Amanda and the baby. The beginning will be based on what happened on the show but then it will go to my version.
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Just NY Things by writeryish
Just NY Thingsby Elle
Random one shot stories of our favorite couple Nadech Kugimiya and Urassaya Sperbund. *Note: Each one shot is inspired from real life events, however whatever are the e...
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Trauma - Hopper Fan fiction by cwilborn2017
Trauma - Hopper Fan fictionby cwilborn2017
15 year old Jamie Hopper has had enough living with her mom and her abusive step dad. She decides to run away to her father after her mother had forbidden her from keepi...
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