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Storm Rising  by RekkusuIsRex
Storm Rising by RekkusuIsRex
The giant war is over and the gods are ruling peacefully, but not for long. When horrifying experiences happen to his friends and Percy is left by those dearest to him...
The Faded Angel by _Clockworkkat_
The Faded Angelby _Clockworkkat_
After years of aiding the Olympians. Perseus is repaid with betrayal. _________ A great evil took over Zeus, giving Percy no mercy. Zeus sent Percy down to Tartarus...
Heir to the Primordial Throne by DarthEnma
Heir to the Primordial Throneby Darth Enma
Percy Jackson is the son of two of the strongest primordials, Pontus and Nyx. Unfortunately, Nyx's husband, Erebus, wants to kill him. Nyx and Pontus send their son to E...
Balance: The Dark and The Light by AndyTheGoat
Balance: The Dark and The Lightby AndrewTheGoat
Percy is having a hard time, so many are dead after the war with Gaea, and he blames himself for not being strong enough. A new son of Apollo arrives at camp, and he hog...
Percy Jackson and The Hunt by PeraMythos
Percy Jackson and The Huntby PeraMythos
Percy Jackson is betrayed by the one closest to him and he experiences more pain than any other being to ever live. Later he meets a mysterious person that gives him pow...
Percy Jackson The Invisible Assassin by Supergirl8666
Percy Jackson The Invisible Amber Caple
Percy is betrayed. Betrayed by those he cared most about. He goes off on his own. Later everyone realises their mistakes and tries to find him, but they can't. It's like...
The Warrior Reborn by Souldestroyer165
The Warrior Rebornby Souldestroyer165
hi my name is Perseus Jackson. I'm a demigod son of Poseidon, or was a son of Poseidon. You see after Ryan Rivers my half brother arrived at camp, everything has gone do...
I Pity the gods by Collapsing_Entities
I Pity the godsby MusicScars
They betrayed me. All of them. I was used. To think I was that stubborn, the gods don't care. They never did care, and they never will care.
Millenia old husband by pur2003
Millenia old husbandby SOMEWHERE DIAZ
When Artemis was hunting one day, she encounters a lost god. How will she cope with it? How will Apollo take it? And most importantly, why did he disappear in the first...
The Dark Side of the Moon by thayes2014
The Dark Side of the Moonby thayes2014
As I began to close my eyes I heard a voice inside my head," What would you give to have revenge on those who betrayed you young Demi-God" I replied without he...
Percy Jackson, Master Of The Elements by DojoToxic
Percy Jackson, Master Of The Dojo Toxic
My name is Percy Jackson. I'm an 18-year-old demigod living from manhattan. I'm a son of Poseidon, the ruler of the seas, the earthshaker and the king of Atlantis. My l...
Curse of the Triblood by EliJGuard
Curse of the Tribloodby Elijah J
Thousands of years ago before the reign of the Olympians, during the time of the Titan Lord, the mortal Perseus and primordial Aphrodite meet and fell in love. In a fit...
Percy Jackson The Dark Sea by PjoGalaxyDude
Percy Jackson The Dark Seaby I don't need a username
So I got bored and decided I want a new fanfiction to write. I decided since Percy is good in my first fanfiction, why not make him bad? So I did it. BTW I DO NOT OWN PJ...
Perseus: The Omnipotent by TheCreatorofReality
Perseus: The Omnipotentby The Creator
In the beginning, there was one being: this being had an unlimited amount of power that it could not use. So it wandered around nothingness searching endlessly for somet...
The Remembrance of Chaos (A Percy Jackson Fan-fiction) by TheDarkGamer123
The Remembrance of Chaos (A TheDarkGamer
Percy has been kidnapped, made to forget everything: his name, his status, and worst of all; Chaos. The future seems grim, but can Chaos save his beloved?
L.O.V.E. (Percy Jackson x Steve Roger)(boyxboy) by Primordial-Miky9
L.O.V.E. (Percy Jackson x Steve Primordial- Miky9
Percy was betrayed by the gods, his friends from both camps and his family. After banishment he encounter a Primordial, a forgotten one, Michaíl, Primordial of ice. Wil...
The Broken Storm by _xVoid_
The Broken Stormby Void
Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. He was betrayed by all he knew in camp, including his soulmate. And then, he takes that as the final straw. NOT GOOD AT SUMMARIES
Can I Decide right by Huntress-Moonlight
Can I Decide rightby Allison Gayle
A reading the books fanfiction but with the titans instead of the gods. There will be gay pairings. THIS IS A FANFICTION. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO RICK RIORDAN THE ORIGINAL...
Titan Hero by MarvinWenzel
Titan Heroby Marvin Wenzel
Percy Jackson the saviour of Olympus, the bane of monsters and the unbeatable hero was gone. He left the place he called home because he had no purpose there. He left be...
Not Everything Is As It Seems by Supergirl8666
Not Everything Is As It Seemsby Amber Caple
Hi, I am Percy Jackson. I have been betrayed a couple of times. The first one was with my so-called family on my dad's side; you know like Poseidon, Zeus, Hades, Apollo...