Objection | SVU by barbasvu
Objection | SVUby m
When Detective Jessica Mitchell is transferred to the New York Police Department's Special Victims Unit, she has to adjust to being the newbie. She begins to build a rep...
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Barba x Reader Imagines by true_rose24
Barba x Reader Imaginesby ✧・゚:Emily:・゚✧
A collection of Barba x Reader imagines that I've written. Hope you enjoy! Feedback is highly appreciated as well!
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  • xreader
  • specialvictimsunit
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||{Barba's Student}|| COMPLETED by ls1226
||{Barba's Student}|| COMPLETEDby ls1226
Working for SVU was always a dream of mine, and knowing the best Prosecutor around is helpful when you need a job right out of law school...
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Because Of You  by taylor_lauren20
Because Of You by ~T~
When ex army soldier, Kinley Benson, comes home she gets accepted as a detective for SVU. She becomes partners with Nick Amaro. When she was in the army she was sexually...
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SVU GROUP CHAT  by carisimyhomeboy
SVU GROUP CHAT by Whitney💚
The title says it all!
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  • rollivia
  • amandarollins
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youngblood ↠ rafael barba svu-blue bloods by abandingswimmer
youngblood ↠ rafael barba abandingswimmer
"remember the words you told me, 'love me till the day i die?'" kelly reagan, the first female in the reagan family to become not only a police officer, but...
  • dannyreagan
  • sonnycarisi
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No One Can Hurt You Now (SVU Fanfic) by dancingwithswift
No One Can Hurt You Now (SVU dancingwithswift
14 year old Elise is saved from her abusive father by someone who has always been a mother-figure.
  • nickamaro
  • adopted
  • carisi
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U can't save me by briellepuleo
U can't save meby .
It's a normal day at the precinct, when a young girl came walking in. She was surely assaulted, she was bleeding, her clothes where ripped, and she was limping. Nobody s...
  • amaro
  • oliviabenson
  • johnmunch
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Save me by JfkRfk37
Save meby ⚓️Jackie⚓️
Faith Deluca works for SVU as a victims counselor she is called in when she is needed when the detectives find out she needs help can they help her before it's too late
  • svu
  • carisi
  • rollins
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Carisi x Reader Imagines by true_rose24
Carisi x Reader Imaginesby ✧・゚:Emily:・゚✧
A collection of Carisi x Reader imagines that I've written. Hope you enjoy! Feedback is highly appreciated as well!
  • lawandorder
  • xreader
  • lawandordersvu
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Law And Order SVU Reader Imagines by ADepaz2021
Law And Order SVU Reader Imaginesby ADepaz2021
SVU x reader imagines. Mostly Barba and Carisi
  • svureader
  • svu
  • lawandorderfanfic
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Law and order SVU Oneshots (FROM TUMBLR) by starstruckchalamet
Law and order SVU Oneshots (FROM k
{COMPLETED} These are just SVU characters x reader imagines that i got from tumblr. i will put the author of the imagine in the beginning of each chapter. I will also pu...
  • sonnycarisi
  • fin
  • lawandordersvu
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Law and Order: SVU imagines  by allieeeee_nelson
Law and Order: SVU imagines by allieeeee_nelson
Imagines of your favorite SVU characters
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  • svu
A Second Chance by Anne_Bensler
A Second Chanceby Olivia E. Bensler
The first SVU fanfic story I ever wrote so be kind. The story is set mid-season 17. Olivia Benson is now a Lieutenant. One day a visitor comes into the squad room, looki...
  • benson
  • stabler
  • svu
Carefully by haleykayofficial
Carefullyby Haley Kay
What will happen when Cassidy goes undercover and has to leave Olivia? How will Elliot living right across from her affect her? [this story is set very awkwardly. The s...
  • carefully
  • wattys2017
  • fanfiction
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X-Men Preferences by ScottSummersGirl
X-Men Preferencesby Daughter of Apollo
Choose your dream X-Man: Young! Charles Xavier (Professor X) Young! Hank McCoy (Beast) Alex Summers (Havok) Scott Summers (Cyclops) Logan Howlett (Wolverine)
  • wolverine
  • xavier
  • havok
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Don't Let Him Take Me by briellepuleo
Don't Let Him Take Meby .
Maya is a 12 year old girl who is in the 7th grade. She is abused by her father. One day she goes to school where the SVU detectives are putting on a presentation. They...
  • svu
  • captaincraigen
  • oliviabenson
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SVU: Imagines & Oneshots by cannolibabe
SVU: Imagines & Oneshotsby sunny
Oneshots, imagines and scenarios with your favorite SVU characters! These will not be connected unless specified. I write some of my own ideas but will focus on requeste...
  • dominickcarisi
  • lawandorder
  • sonny
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These are their stories ~ Amanda Rollins by Celery04
These are their stories ~ Amanda Celeste
When Amanda Rollins falls pregnant how fast will things start to unravel? With unexpected visits from the past and with a troubling future ahead of her, how bad can thin...
  • sonnycarisi
  • amandarollins
  • fintutola
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Barba's Secret Family(SVU story) by FanficMayham
Barba's Secret Family(SVU story)by FanficMayham
We all know Rafael Barba from SVU, but what if he had a secret? A secret family nobody knew about?
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