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𓅯 Delivery Bird! 𓅯  --- One Piece × Male Reader by ShyBabyBirb
𓅯 Delivery Bird! 𓅯 --- One ShyBabyBirb
One Piece × Avian Devilfruit Male Reader... "𝔻𝕖𝕝𝕚𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪! 𝔻𝕖𝕝𝕚𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪! 𝔸 𝕟𝕖𝕨𝕤𝕡𝕒𝕡𝕖𝕣 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕪𝕠𝕦!" In which the world Government hires a n...
Why I Married  You!♥️(Jinkook)🌷 by Jin9102000
Why I Married You!♥️(Jinkook)🌷by jin9102000
Jimin gave taehyung a condition "if you want to marry me then you have to marry with my mentally unstable hyung(seokjin)" Will taehyung agree with jimin's cond...
✅🟥Insane ⛔(jinkook)|completed|✔️ by Jin9102000
✅🟥Insane ⛔(jinkook)|completed|✔️by jin9102000
🔴Typical marriage ff ✅completed jin wants jungkook's attention & jungkook wants taehyung's attention... But something happened and jungkook had to get married to jin...
|Jinkook❤️||completed|✔️ by Jin9102000
|Jinkook❤️||completed|✔️by jin9102000
🟢various type of short stories of marriage ff ❤️Price:Seokjin is working for jeon's as maid.His eyes are on jeon's one & only son jungkook. he deceived jeon's trust & m...
✅(Jinkook+taejin)♥️|completed|✔️ by Jin9102000
✅(Jinkook+taejin)♥️|completed|✔️by jin9102000
🔴various type of short stories on marriage 💗superstition : Jungkook wants to kill his husband jin....he is doing plan to kill him...what if one day truely jin dies wi...
Talk Too Much: Auggie's Story-H.S. Fanfic by 1Dstuffjustforfun
Talk Too Much: Auggie's • mel •
Auggie Styles, Harry Styles' 3rd child, is a prodigy. He loves numbers. He loves math. He loves science. He loves knowledge. What he doesn't love is love itself. In fact...
Louis Tomlinson mpreg requests by Priceisrightrusher
Louis Tomlinson mpreg requestsby Priceisrightrusher
Okay I decided to do it finally and write an all Louis mpreg story whoever you ship Louis with I will write Larry Lilo Nouis Zouis or Louis just by himself works
✅Dirty⛔ 🔵(Taejin)|completed|✔️ by Jin9102000
✅Dirty⛔ 🔵(Taejin)|completed|✔️by jin9102000
🟩Typical marriage ff 🔴||completed|| Multimillionaire Taehyung offered jin to get married & become pregnant...but jin have to leave immediately after giving birth.Taehy...
✅|poor|❣️(jinkook)|completed|✔️ by Jin9102000
✅|poor|❣️(jinkook)|completed|✔️by jin9102000
🔴Typical marriage ff ||Completed|| Jungkook told his mother to bring jimin as his husband but his mother brought jimin's older brother jin as her son in law.....but...
The twins & triplets of Kendall and Logan wattys 2023 by Priceisrightrusher
The twins & triplets of Kendall Priceisrightrusher
As per requested this is triplets it is going to follow Kendall, Logan, Peter, Allie and the triplet boys and girls on their journey of parenthood and adjusting to life...
Logan Henderson baby daughter wattys 2023 by Priceisrightrusher
Logan Henderson baby daughter Priceisrightrusher
Okay, I am finally going to get the story up. Many of you remember from the four babies that were left on Logan's doorstep story, and when Erin was having L.J. Logan Sr...
EXTRA CHEESE : book # 1  | ✓ by RaghaddMurad
EXTRA CHEESE : book # 1 | ✓by رغد
"Don't tell me it's you again." "It is." "Oh my God." "Babe--" "No, stop." "I want to give you olive my love."...
Arylie babies - Final journey to happy ending   by GargiRamtirthaParand
Arylie babies - Final journey to Gargi Ramtirtha-Parandekar
This is my take on Imlie after Malinis lies are exposed. Imlie is pregnant and vulnerable and slowly warming up to her ABP after a long separation. Story of Pregnancy...
Love Delivery (Jamilton) by HardRockLikeLancelot
Love Delivery (Jamilton)by Lancelot of the Revolutionary...
Alexander is a student attending his senior year who has a double job and lives at his friend's basement. Since his parents died he's always struggled for everything, bu...
DELIVERY | KTH by winterytae
DELIVERY | KTHby (hiatus)
He was the only package she wanted. - STARTED: 12/20/18 COMPLETED: 2/7/19
H.S. Labor & Delivery One Shots  by 1Dstuffjustforfun
H.S. Labor & Delivery One Shots by • mel •
One shots of Harry Styles helping people through labor <3 Requests welcome! (Some chapters go along with my story Family Forever, but some do not)
bnha mpreg one-shots by fanfictionwriter178
bnha mpreg one-shotsby Babey
REQUEST PLEASE any ships nothing off limits any kind of one shot is welcome: sickfics, mpreg, smut, etc....
🟪Wedlock💖(jinkook)❎ by Jin9102000
🟪Wedlock💖(jinkook)❎by jin9102000
🔴Atypical marriage ff "can you massage my foot please its become swollen "---kim seokjin " i am not your servant "---jeon jungkook ❤️Marriage jinkoo...
His Words, Her Story by xPureChances
His Words, Her Storyby naja
"Promise me this one thing - don't fall in love with me." I only knew his name. Not his story. But he knew mine. And he made sure he took a part of my lif...