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Betrayed  by Xmia_aliX
Betrayed by Mia
After Midoriya was cheated on by Uraraka he decides that enough is enough and moves to America to live with his sister. When he returns to Japan with his sister after a...
Devil's Witch (ON HOLD) by _Ash_keneko_
Devil's Witch (ON HOLD)by Mother/Papa
What If Izuku Midoriya was born with two quirks? What if Inko was killed just after Izuku lurns of his quirks? What happens when Izuku becomes a teacher at UA? Read and...
Rapid Pregnancy One-Shot by Pregnancy_Lover
Rapid Pregnancy One-Shotby Nyx
Rapid Pregnancy book, where it's all a fantasy Arts are not mine, it belongs to their rightful owner Do not enter if you're uncomfortable with this book
Voice Of The Heavens by Imacupheadfan
Voice Of The Heavensby I'm a cuphead fan
basically it's your singing izuku where they find out but with a twist, it's not the izuku leaves and they find out stuff
Re: Demon, everything wants to kill me. by Mettalord
Re: Demon, everything wants to kil...by Normal Demon
Died and Reincarnated as.... a Demon. well I'm doom. (I do not own any of the photos, except some that I made myself)
Better me (tododeku) by p3ggingtoji
Better me (tododeku)by 🍰🥦
Deku finds kacchan cheating on him and also finds out his classmates hate him with this deku goes to America for a new life and doesn't expect to find his former crush...
Never Really Gone:  A Hermitcraft Watcher AU by XandeaTheWatcher
Never Really Gone: A Hermitcraft...by Xan 🌈
Those born on the first day of the first month are said to be cursed. Most are chosen to be powerful Admins, ones who will lead servers and inspire others. Every parent...
Love Live!: School Idol Showcase [PART 5] by SecondRound
Love Live!: School Idol Showcase [...by SecondRound
From the creator of the School Idol Festival comes a brand new event. The School Idol Showcase! However, only one group per school may enter, meaning that Akihiko's Club...
Multiverse & Memories Of Monkey D Luffy by NatashaHannan
Multiverse & Memories Of Monkey D...by Natasha
Do not own One Piece and the picture. At the verge of Ace's death, pirates and few good marines are suddenly appeared in the room where they would watch Luffy's alternat...
I Died. But I was Reincarnated as a Rock?! by Just_OrdinaryWriter
I Died. But I was Reincarnated as...by Ordinary-Sensei
Angus was a successful person in life. But due to misfortunate tragedies and with his misfortunate cause of death. He was reincarnated into a fantasy world full of monst...
In his Memories Lies the Unspoken Truth by Hiribayashi
In his Memories Lies the Unspoken...by Hiribayashi
Hmm.. so it's basically One Piece characters reacting to Luffy's Memories. Oh and By the way some of the memories they'll be 'watching' can be fanfiction. Ah.. they migh...
Izuku's Back Hoes by Roi_lo
Izuku's Back Hoesby Ree
It was fine, Izuku didn't care when he was bullied. He had his mother, his friends, everything was fine in Japan. Sure, his idol kinda crushed his dream and all his hope...
Karasouno's New Manager by Mashiro_biggest_simp
Karasouno's New Managerby #only4shoyo
‼SLOW is UPDATES AND BAD GRAMMER‼hinata has always been mistaken for a girl because of his feminine body but will happen when hinata becomes the new manager of karasouno...
In love with an villain? by Cuttieis
In love with an villain?by Cuttieis
Obs! This is a fanfic/story based on the manga Wmmap/lovely princess the characters are not mine except for the main character. I might add my own Oc's in it. The Backgr...
Changing For The Best by Stardustjuno
Changing For The Bestby Stardust
Izuku was being bullied by his classmates because of some rumors that have been spread around the school. He thinks that he should go and live with his father in America...
Karma's Twin Sister by KunaTheTrash
Karma's Twin Sisterby Traitorous_Kuna
This is my spin off of Assassination Classroom/Ansatsu Kyōshitsu/ass class. This might look like a xreader thing but it was supposed to be a xoc thing but I couldn't fig...
Forgive or Forget by Unalive
Forgive or Forgetby Fire
{Co-writing with Natopotat so go check them out uwu} On valentines day, Ochako Uraraka confessed to Izuku, Deku, Midoriya. That set off a chain of events that changed ev...
Stupefy | How to Fanfic by Imaginebooks
Stupefy | How to Fanficby Li
A guide for how to write fanfiction by a semi decent fanfic writer. Including tips, rants and promotions for your books.
BNHA reacts to things by MCTheFandomHopper
BNHA reacts to thingsby FandomHopper
The plot is just Bnha characters reacting to comics, memes, aus, anything in my gallery that's related to them. you get the idea. Why I did this? boredom. I don't own B...
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Y/N's story as the UA traitor  by Sm0l_weeb_friend
Y/N's story as the UA traitor by ✨that one smol weeb friend✨
careful when reading, there are fight scenes and may be a lot of blood idk. This story is about a 16/15 year old girl named y/n. She is a weapon used by the villains, d...