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Harry Potter smut by silverbluebird16
Harry Potter smutby Alice-Indigo Morris
Just read the title. WARNING. Extremely smutty.
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THE DARK CHILD (Snarry) by TJames2077
THE DARK CHILD (Snarry)by TJames2077
WARNING: CONTAINS SEXUAL ABUSE, Harry Potter isn't who everyone says he is, his real name is Hadrian Thomas Riddle, son of Bellatrix and Tom riddle, when he finds out t...
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Vampire and Neko (Snarry) by UniKitty321
Vampire and Neko (Snarry)by UniKitty
What do you get when you mix a Neko! Adorable! Submissive! Harry, Vampire! Snape, Veela! Submissive! Draco, the Weasley twins, and... Bitch! Ginny?
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Harry Potter and the Inheritance of  Money and Creature by Snarryfan87
Harry Potter and the Inheritance Angelola
I have been reading Harry Potter creature and Harry Potter with different parents I like a story called pitch black or not complete story by clorol1691 So I decided to...
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Killer Love - HP by Pcrw1233
Killer Love - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry has had enough of everyone ruining his life, he could of had a family that looked after him but no there dead and the other he was put with because of Dumbledore h...
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My Love (Snarry) by NonbinaryNobody
My Love (Snarry)by NonbinaryNobody
For those of you who have read 'My Lover', this is not the same thing it's about Severus and Harry, where Harry is a veela and finds out his mate is Severus who is a vam...
Accidental Injury Gone Right by ttiiggeerr
Accidental Injury Gone Rightby ttiiggeerr
Harry is in a car accident which leaves him blind. Severus takes care of him, and eventually gathers some feelings for the blind boy. A shorter story with a larger than...
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Harry Potter One-Shots by Pastas-Are-Creepy
Harry Potter One-Shotsby Slenderman's Daughter
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Candy - HP by Pcrw1233
Candy - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry after his godfather dies, starts to realise just about him self and slowly becomes who he truly wants instead of hiding it all away - C.W.
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Finding Your Place  by Agarciarondon
Finding Your Place by Agarciarondon
At The Battle of Hogwarts Harry is given a choice that will alter everything we know. Is it the best or worst decision our hero has ever made?
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Die But Once (Snarry) by Death_Doesnt_Die
Die But Once (Snarry)by Lakyn Blue
Harry is abused by his relatives and Snape's taunts aren't helping anything. Well, except the fact that they arouse Harry completely.
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Dom harry by harrypotterships1
Dom harryby harrypotterships1
Harry finds out that he is a dominant creature, and that everyone he have thought about as family betrayed him. This is a dark Harry and Snarry fic. Don't like, don't re...
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The lost truth (Harry Potter)  by Blue_Fang14
The lost truth (Harry Potter) by Blue Fang14
A week after Harry returns from his fifth year at hogwarts to his relatives home for the summer he gets a letter from gringotts about an creature inheritance and finds o...
Intimacy / A Snarry Story. by ptx_sinead
Intimacy / A Snarry ptx_sinead
Snape is an incubus, and all of his life he's been looking for his submissive partner. Eventually he realises it's the boy he's despised but loved for years, Harry Potte...
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severus snape x harry potter  by SugaIsSugarBTS
severus snape x harry potter by SebastianXciel
this is a snarry fan fic. when harty is serving a detention with harry snape learns new things about potter...
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My Kitten by Fand0msUnite
My Kittenby Panic! At The Black Parade
Snape is a vampire. Harry is a Neko. P.S. I suck at descriptions.
Defending Heart by SteinShipping61
Defending Heartby SteinShipping61
Severus Snape is a 5th Year student at Hogwarts. Bullied by James Potter and his gang of Gryffindors, he's unimpressed to learn that James' father Harry Potter is the ne...
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Time travel Harry Potter by Snarryfan87
Time travel Harry Potterby Angelola
War has gone completely wrong too many innocent lives has fallen Harry wants anything to change it and make it better. My Tom will be mostly out of character he'll cha...
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Requiem by SalvationRed
Requiemby SalvationRed
Harry watched his family eatting inside the house,he had enough. harry potter x severus snape. yaoi☆ All pictures from google
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The Locket ~ Finished by Raven364
The Locket ~ Finishedby Raven364
Harry Potter's uncle went too far. A brutal beating left the boy mute. What will happen when Harry finds a suspicious looking locket and a blank diary in his trunk? Warn...
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