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Union Of Doom  by nolongerXD
Union Of Doom by al
This is a snarry story . This story follows the life of Mr snape and Mr Potter as they are forced to marry for each others protection Word count -- 90k+ words-- This st...
beyond words by nolongerXD
beyond wordsby al
this is a snarry fan fiction if you don't like this ship pls don't comment or read . Plot summary: Ignores The Half-Blood Prince, but borrows a few elements such as Snap...
The Locket ~ Finished by Raven364
The Locket ~ Finishedby Raven364
Harry Potter's uncle went too far. A brutal beating left the boy mute. What will happen when Harry finds a suspicious looking locket and a blank diary in his trunk? Warn...
Requiem  COMPLETE by RoyalKirin
Requiem COMPLETEby Kirin
Harry watched his family eating inside the house, he had enough. harry potter x Severus snape. yaoi☆ All pictures from google COMPLETE
Candy - HP by Pcrw1233
Candy - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry after his godfather dies, starts to realise just about him self and slowly becomes who he truly wants instead of hiding it all away - C.W.
Broken Mates (snarry) by UniKitty321
Broken Mates (snarry)by UniKitty
In Harry's summer before his fourth year, he went through a horrible experience: leaving him bloody, depressed, and feeling dirty. Then, he goes through his early inher...
A Second Soul by the_cheshire_kitten
A Second Soulby Kelsea McCleary
So...umm... 2 Harrys. Harries? What would be the plural of Harry? Let's just go with "Multiple H.J. Potters". So this is obviously based off the Harry Potter f...
Killer Love - HP by Pcrw1233
Killer Love - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry has had enough of everyone ruining his life, he could of had a family that looked after him but no there dead and the other he was put with because of Dumbledore h...
Dear Professor... || snarry  by grethanxs
Dear Professor... || snarry by grethanxs
harry is now in his 5th year at Hogwarts, he has always thought that the potions Master was attractive this year Harry was more obsessed with him When a unnatural feeli...
My Love (Snarry) by NonbinaryNobody
My Love (Snarry)by Wormstache
For those of you who have read 'My Lover', this is not the same thing it's about Severus and Harry, where Harry is a veela and finds out his mate is Severus who is a vam...
Harry and the smarts he never knew he had. by Snarryfan87
Harry and the smarts he never Snarryfan87
A/N in my reality Harry has always had a disability but it was never discovered until I wrote this book. I know you can't catch a disability but it's called made up for...
TAKEN (Being Rewritten In A New Version)  by annaprinsloo
TAKEN (Being Rewritten In A New Angelique
This is a book a adopted from A_M_Book. This is a Harry Potter fanfiction where Harry was taken from his real family and came into a creature inheritance. And he found o...
The dungeon bat's neko by Ima_nugget
The dungeon bat's nekoby sammy
The summer before Harry's 5th year at Hogwarts, he goes through a creature inheritance. How will people react to his new appendages and who will his mate be?
  Raised by the Darkling by 1dkingwell
Raised by the Darklingby 1dkingwell
Harry potter the brother of the wrong boy who lived is a Grisha and the most powerful Wizard was sent to live with the Dursleys what will happen when the Darkling knows...
Harry And His Six Mates (Harry Potter) by Pcrw1233
Harry And His Six Mates (Harry Hellowerewolf1
Harry goes throw a painful inheritance and ends up finding about the truth and everything he knew was a lie
Nothing Can Stop Me - HP by Pcrw1233
Nothing Can Stop Me - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry starts to read about dark magic at first it was just to get an understanding but now he uses it to get what he want what is it that he wants, will he join the dark...
Till death tear us apart by JustOneChapterMore
Till death tear us apartby JustOneChapterMore
-what do you mean?!- -I said that this contract cannot be broken unless you want to lose your magic- ------------- - Mr. Potter I have some bad news for you - - it's not...
Harry Potter and the Inheritance of  Money and Creature by Snarryfan87
Harry Potter and the Inheritance Snarryfan87
I have been reading Harry Potter creature and Harry Potter with different parents I like a story called pitch black or not complete story by clorol1691 So I decided to...
Harry Potter smut by silverbluebird16
Harry Potter smutby Alice-Indigo Morris
Just read the title. WARNING. Extremely smutty.