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❝𝐖𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐌𝐀𝐍❞ | kakashi/obito by dismytune
❝𝐖𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐌𝐀𝐍❞ | kakashi/obitoby barbie ๑♡՞
↺ So this is how it goes? Y/n is the side character of her life. She makes sure that her bestfriend Obito Uchiha knows he's important. He's bold and bright, though du...
Lost Love {Obito x reader} by EnderLynx
Lost Love {Obito x reader}by EnderLynx
(y/n) was a prodigy. She was destined for great things after being raised by the 4th hokage himself, but who would've guessed how shitty her life would've gotten after h...
Rewriting History (Obito x Reader) by JillianJuneBug
Rewriting History (Obito x Reader)by JillianJuneBug
You had always thought that Obito deserved better. In fact, you would have done anything to change the outcome of his life. From his despair, to his descent into darknes...
Unsettling Ties by daliyaah
Unsettling Tiesby 𝐉°hk
Itachi × Reader × Kakashi After the death of Sakumo Hatake, Y/n Ikari was thrown away from the village in accusations of killing him. Even after the truth was out, Y/n...
here || uchiha obito ✓ by icametolaughatyou
here || uchiha obito ✓by ᄊᄊᄊᄊ
Yandere!Obito x Reader Y/n is a girl who knew the hospital all too well, and Obito was a ninja who wanted to be Hokage. Ever since Obito met her when they were little he...
Torn Between Two (Naruto Fanfiction) *REWRITING* by MintSpice_
Torn Between Two (Naruto Mint
Hana Uzumaki's life was normal, at least she thought it was. She learns soon enough that her life wasn't what she thought it would be, while also learning that love is a...
Will of Fire: Kakashi Hatake by GoovinTheSlayer
Will of Fire: Kakashi Hatakeby Goovin
Akira was born into war. The Third Great Ninja War raged for many years, and death followed it every day. Friends died, leaders were struck down, and enemies were vanqui...
The Demon Hunter (naruto and demon slayer crossover)  by karvenman
The Demon Hunter (naruto and karvenman
After Obito died he thought he could find peace but instead he was sent to a different world, a world full of demons Also the cover is not mine I got it from Google but...
Destined  (Obito x Reader)  by poltergayyst
Destined (Obito x Reader) by poltergayyst
You're a jinchuriki, never staying in one place in all aspects Till the orange masked guy finally chains you down👀
Uchiha: Back To The Past! (Naruto)  by DonutDonny101
Uchiha: Back To The Past! (Naruto) by Donny Jay Flores
Obito Uchiha had been crushed. His body, his heart, and his sanity. But what if he wakes up in the past?
What a small world (Tobi love story) by MiniTobi416
What a small world (Tobi love Mini Tobi
"I wish I told Obito that I love him before he died." Hinoiri said to Tobi as they watch the sunset. Tobi looked at Hinoiri shocked and said "Hinoiri..&qu...
Tobi x Reader! (DISCONTINUED) by ihatehoneydew
Tobi x Reader! (DISCONTINUED)by ihatehoneydew
Your a very powerful ninja, the Akatsuki had been looking for you when you just had to have bumped into one of them in your village. They take you with them and we're fo...
Mediocre Life (Akatsuki x Fem!Reader Modern AU) *HIATUS/DISCONTINUED* by MoodyPastel
Mediocre Life (Akatsuki x Fem! Memamusic
(Also on Quotev) [A Modern AU] Where the Akatsuki and (F/n)(L/n) are highschooler students. She is an average student who is always alone and enjoys it, also neither shy...
uchiha X reader daughter father senarios by pikatachi
uchiha X reader daughter father Pika
so this is if the uchiha boi's had daughter, note this will be non massacre AU at least for 80% of the Bois in here, oh yeah and izuna never dies, request are open. inc...
Obito Uchiha: A Lover's Dream by TinkerbullSGB
Obito Uchiha: A Lover's Dreamby TinkerbullSGB
What would you do if you woke up to find a black and white oozy figure and a masked man staring down at you in wonder? Would you scream? Would you snap your senses? Or w...
Obito x Reader  by VoltronErika
Obito x Reader by 💕
{everyone is 16} After 4 years he finally came back He never really payed attention to you He liked your best friend You never told her how you felt about him
Second Chance- Obito X RWBY by Drunken_Crow
Second Chance- Obito X RWBYby Unknown_Narrator
The mask wearing goon who redeem his humanity in the end to face Kaguya with his old enemies however, Despite the best job he could of done. He Inevitable sacrifice hims...
Itachi x reader by Itachisstressmarks
Itachi x readerby Arisa
You, the daughter of Tsunade Senju, have to marry an Uchiha because of the Konoha conflict. Of course you do not feel comfortable marrying someone you don't even know bu...
On My Mind ━━ Kakashi Hatake by sunstaar
On My Mind ━━ Kakashi Hatakeby lee
In Yamanaka Izumi's thoughts, he was omnipresent. ━━ in which Kakashi's childhood friend just can't seem to let him go and provides him with the love he secretly cr...