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Reacting to their future lovers and kids. by mintyNoelle
Reacting to their future lovers Minty/Noelle voodoo
Konoha 12, sakumo, minato, Kushiana, obito, itachi, jirayia, tsuande, guy, asuma, and kuranei react to kakashi and that is it
Boruto and Naruto oneshots by hdfbfb
Boruto and Naruto oneshotsby K1ttyr1ot
Welcome welcome! This is a oneshot book about sasunaru, mitsuboru, and obikaka! Of course the bottoms are Naruto, Boruto, and Kakashi🤧 You may request but it has to be...
Naruto React to Family Team 7 by chargersgirl63
Naruto React to Family Team 7by Sinja lover
Naruto characaters react family team 7 and some others things P.S I don't own Naruto
Obito Uchiha-The neglected Uchiha  by Funnycakes7
Obito Uchiha-The neglected Uchiha by Nezumi
Obito is an uchiha who has unlocked the rinnegan but nobody knows it and they beat and neglect him. I don't own anything in this except for a few ocs and the plot and s...
Kakashi , The Akatsuki by SyNight20
Kakashi , The Akatsukiby •Snowy Kid•
There is alot of fanfic about kakashi joining the akatsuki but alot of them is just about him being a spy . What about , he did it willingly ? Mostly because of pressure...
Back in time... ( Obikaka )  by Yukishows
Back in time... ( Obikaka ) by Yukishows
Konoha village has been destroyed and it's up to Kakashi to preform a deadly Jutsu that takes him back in time to try again. Instead he goes a little too far back in tim...
Bakashi "obikaka" by kamrie0897
Bakashi "obikaka"by karma akabane anime
2 teenaged boys fell in love, but there was a tragic accident done to Obito Uchiha, his lover Kakashi Hatake, was deeply depressed after seeing his lover "die"...
Hidden in the rain by tobisbun
Hidden in the rainby Tobisbun
A cute au where Obito and Kakashi run away together to the village hidden in the rain during the fourth great ninja war.
It's you I need by Avocados4ever
It's you I needby Himawari <3
Kakashi and Obito are rivals and hate each other, but after a while they started to develop feelings for each other. Will Kakashi's abusive father let that happen? Will...
-The Hokages Boyfriend- Obikaka by Yaboinani08
-The Hokages Boyfriend- Obikakaby Weebfreak
-This will be a sequel to my other fanfic "Gone but never forgotten!"- (⚠️!WARNING! I don't own any of the characters or art shown in these, those belong to th...
You're Mine, Kakashi [KakaObi]  by lordzuther
You're Mine, Kakashi [KakaObi] by Esu
Rin confessed to Kakashi and it made Obito anxious. Obito has always told himself, Rin is his dream girl. But he's been lying to himself. He's always been attracted to K...
Team 7's guide On How To Make Sure The World Is Not Chaotic (The Bad Kind) by sanitydontknowher
Team 7's guide On How To Make a person
Team Kakashi time travel with a lot of trauma Also Kakashi is now officially the dad of three trauma filled war veterans
Teacher (Obikaka Fanfic) by UmiIwaizumi
Teacher (Obikaka Fanfic)by joe mama
It was the first day of school and Obito Uchiha was a new teacher at Konoha High. He fell in love with one of his students. Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi just turned 18 so it...
Obikaka ( one shots ) by Yukishows
Obikaka ( one shots )by Yukishows
Hi :) These are just story's I feel like writing when I'm inspired enjoy :D Every chapter will be a different story so don't apply any to another. Unless the chapter ha...
Child of the leaf (Obikaka) by WeFuckinGay
Child of the leaf (Obikaka)by Izuku Johnson💚
Kakashi is 14 and pregnant and Obito is the father. They are both still boys just roll with me here its gonna be very dramatic.
Time and Time Again by Pan_Krazed6542056
Time and Time Againby PanandHotKitsune
The plot line is the only thing I own, characters and places in the following story are not my own, they belong to Masashi Kishimoto. I do plan on releasing a chapter e...
Just a kiss❤ by Smexy-Lloyd
Just a kiss❤by Smexy Lloyd
Yaoi#Obito x kakashi#
A Mask with Another Mask |Naruto Fanfic| REWRITE by Crystal_Saphire
A Mask with Another Mask |Naruto >Era<
Kakashi's Father lives on until Kakashi is placed on a team. He suffers abuse from both his drunken father and angry villager. Worst of all, Kakashi has a secret he must...
obikaka stories(smut) by beels_salty_tears
obikaka stories(smut)by beelzebub's tears
this is just what the title says and i might be able to do day to day updates since its break
Can i change the past? (obikaka) by Kenjibu
Can i change the past? (obikaka)by ☺︎kakashi hatake☺︎
The young silvered hair hatake,woke up in the middle of an huge forest,a familiar voice was calling for him,he felt like recognizing this voice,he woke and holded his te...