■Gender fluid. He/her/they ■
◇Cat owner◇
●Oogway Sensei is my Master●
My name is classified and always will be, just call me Jioklo-san.
I like to read books where the romance is slow, like when it builds up. I can't stand when it is rushed and forced.
Cats are life and always will be to me. I am a proud cat owner and always will be.
I do story request for anyone who would like me to ship them or an OC with their favorite character.

I live in the United States but wish to move to Germany or Japan, I haven't decided yet. I am a freelancer, but I may change my profession to carrying mail, also haven't decided yet. I am Cupioromantic, and for those who don't know what that means, it means that I desire a romantic relationship, but I have no romantic attraction to anyone. It's been like that for a while now.

One Piece is my Jam and no matter what anyone says, Kuma is my top favorite right now. Zolo is a second. I only really write BL fanfictions, but I recently have gotten into writing straight romance. ("Zoro" name is actually Zolo in the manga.)
I like to make new friends and share my story ideas with other people so feel free to chat if you'd like. I do have slight communication problems, but I am working on it. Also, I'm kind of slow so please be patient with me.

Favorite song right now, probably has to be "Butterfly" by "Smile."

Thank you, Jioklo-san.
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SORRRRRRYYYNgl, I kinda forgot wattpad existed. I loom at the app every day, but it doesn't register in my mind that it's an important app! I'm sorry, guys!I'll start working ok the next chapter to...
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