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Beautiful Imperfections - An Uchiha Madara Love Story by Midnight_Lilac
Beautiful Imperfections - An Midnight_Lilac
"There is no such thing as 'perfection'. The world is not perfect - that's what makes it beautiful." A delicate blind girl. A ruthless powerful shinobi. An inn...
  • chakra
  • naruto
  • senju
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Caretaker Of Jinchuriki's [Naruto]  by Fallen_Angel_Otaku_
Caretaker Of Jinchuriki's [Naruto] by Fallen_Angel_Otaku_
Akari was born to look after each Jinchuriki and their host. Ever since her father passed away from old age, she carries out his duty. Nobody dares to trifle with Akari...
  • blood
  • love
  • narutoshippuden
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Tsubaki no Hana (Madara Love story) Watty's 2017 by tuiboog
Tsubaki no Hana (Madara Love Scarlet B. Moonlight
Mikubae Senju is the younger sister to the Senju siblings and Butsuma's only daughter. She's spent most of her life inside her clan's compound. And although she grew up...
  • shippuden
  • wattys2017
  • tobirama
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Peacemaker by jokergirl2001
Peacemakerby jokergirl2001
The Sage of the six paths knew that his ideal of peace had failed, but what had he gone wrong? Why couldn't any of the reincarnations of his sons fulfil the peace? He fi...
  • hashirama
  • time-travel
  • madara
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Reborn as a Girl | Naruto Fanfic by Yuki347
Reborn as a Girl | Naruto Fanficby Yuki-chan
Madara, once known as a war god, finds himself having another chance at living. Reborn as a girl, taking the place of Sasuke, little does he know what's in store for him...
  • anime
  • reborn
  • kakashi
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Reiko by Miss_Sagia
Reikoby Lili
A rumor erupted across the shinobi countries in the midst of the Warring States Era. Rumor has it that a high warlord is inducing terror across the shinobi lands and doi...
  • izunauchiha
  • fanfiction
  • narutowattyawards
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The Acrimony Anomaly [Naruto Fanfic] by AnimeKittyKat
The Acrimony Anomaly [Naruto NekoNekoNe
Madara was dead, deader than dead. Probably the most deadest person ever to make as many mistakes and regrets as he had. And how fate liked to play him. The most powerfu...
  • regrets
  • naruto
  • madara
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Juicy lemon  by Blaksoul67
Juicy lemon by Blaksoul67
Lemon lemon different anime characters.Ladies let's have some fun!!
  • aktsuki
  • subarusakamaki
  • diaboliklovers
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Falling for him [Madara Uchiha]  by I__nfinity
Falling for him [Madara Uchiha] by Anantika
STARTED: 11 July 2016 COMPLETED: 9 March 2017 ✔2016- Naruto Winter Watty Awards- 3rd Place ✔Naruto Watty Awards 2016 (Winters)- 2nd Place Shanaya Kim's life is as perfec...
  • love
  • senju
  • izuna
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Parenting (Daddy! Madara x Mommy! Reader) by TonickaKennedy
Parenting (Daddy! Madara x 😈Satan is Waitin😈
It takes two to make a baby and two to raise one, that was happening to Madara Uchiha and his wife (Y/n) Uchiha who just discovered their soon to be parents. A big respo...
  • husband
  • wife
  • madara
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