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What a world aye? by Lolrrb46
What a world aye?by Simba23
Madara in one piece. Ya know how it goes.
"I do." // (Madara Uchiha x fem!reader) [EDITING] by QueenYalo
"I do." // (Madara Uchiha x fem! Pat 🌸
Living with a family that didn't want you was horrible. Living in a village with people you didn't know and didn't understand was almost worse. Almost. You had always b...
Another Uchiha by lowergurl
Another Uchihaby lowergurl
Psychotic genius reborn in the world of Naruto. And has knowledge of Naruto universe. What could go wrong? How will Naruto Universe deal with another Madara Uchiha? Read...
Konoha founders in our world by ItmightbeTsunade
Konoha founders in our worldby The Fifth Hokage
What happens when 4 boys appeares unexpectedly in your room at 3. Am? How they will get used to our modern world? How they will live with an average girl they don't know...
Mito's Sister. (Uchiha Madara) by Darkening-Skies
Mito's Sister. (Uchiha Madara)by Helloooo
Uzumaki Asami finally joins her sister in Konoha after looking for fellow clan members after the destruction of Uzushiogakure, and she meets Madara there. Their relation...
~.:Fictional to Nonfictional?!:.~ Madara Uchiha x Reader by Spearist
~.:Fictional to Nonfictional?! Blue or Neko
Being an Otaku and living by yourself is hard. You would wish that your life could be just like your favorite Anime, but you know that anything fictional cannot be in yo...
Fragile Reality - Tobirama's daughter II - Naruto by VoltageWriter
Fragile Reality - Tobirama's Haven 🌸
Hayumi Senju had died. Protecting her father, of whom she loved the most, to the end. So how did she end up in the world of the living again? A war? Of her father's doi...
Dark Thoughts (Uchiha Kittens) by Qolfie
Dark Thoughts (Uchiha Kittens)by Qolfie
When a 17 year old orphan's orphanage is burned down, her life takes a drastic change from all bright to the darkest of dark. What makes it worse is that she has to deal...
Adventures of Nanny Madara Uchiha & Baby Akatsuki  by MysteriousDoctor1
Adventures of Nanny Madara MysteriousDoctor1
Madara wakes up finding that all Akatsuki members have been turned into babies. Find out what havoc the baby Akatsuki cause and how Madara is forced into his new role of...
N A N I ? I'm In Naruto? [Discontinued] by Alistartdraws
N A N I ? I'm In Naruto? [ Al is trying his hardest he s...
(Naruto Various x Reader) With one night, (admittedly fraught with bad decisions) you find yourself in a place unlike what you had ever seen before. Wait, no, that's a l...
Uchiha Boyfriend Scenarios (Modern) by grey_lilies
Uchiha Boyfriend Scenarios (Modern)by m
Just some modern Boyfriend Scenarios for you! Uchihas only...
The Entire Sky | Madara Uchiha by urahahara
The Entire Sky | Madara Uchihaby wren ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡~)
- COMPLETED - Upon a pact of peace between the Senju and Uchiha, the constant fighting of the Warring States Period ultimately ends, and a new shinobi village is create...
Tobirama's Twin   [Madara X OC] by moonwolf2506
Tobirama's Twin [Madara X OC]by moonwolf2506
What if tobirama had a twin sister? What if she was like tobirama but kinder? What if she returned home from a long mission only to encounter Madara on her way to the le...
Uchiha brothers by DanielMaxwell358
Uchiha brothersby Daniel Maxwell
An extraordinary man dies in one world and awakes in another. A genius unrivaled in the use of his abilities, abilities that he once thought to be mere fiction. Witness...
The Ghost In Paradis by SwellingMusk
The Ghost In Paradisby SwellingMusk
Tragedy. What more need to be said? Two worlds waged in never ending bloodshed. Men, women, and children suffer, tremble, and break from the fates of their cruel worlds...
Indra Otsutsuki Reborn by Luna_Uchiha1
Indra Otsutsuki Rebornby Luna Uchiha
What if Indra Otsutsuki was reborn in Naruto's time as Naruto's brother.
Let's Dance (Madara's Son) by Jikook_fluffy
Let's Dance (Madara's Son)by Madara Bakugou <3
What happens when Madara's Son Ito comes to Konoha? Read To Find Out..
Madara Uchiha's shock when Black Zetsu who was his most trusted ally betrayed him brought confusion and hatred. Unable to continue on, he eventually lost his strength as...
The Windows to the Soul (Madara Uchiha x Fairy Tail) by Spector45
The Windows to the Soul (Madara Spector45
Madara Uchiha. The Destroyer, the Savior, the Shinobi of Legend.... Fairy Tail. The most chaotic and destructive Guild in Earthland, the greatest Guild in Earthland...
Reborn as Madara's twin brother!? by OfficialWoodSpammer
Reborn as Madara's twin brother!?by Wood Spammer God
Y/N died at war in the real world sacrificing his life for the sake of his comrades. "Y/N! Pls don't! We need you!" "Big Brother! Noo!!!" "Y/N...