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Mine by moaningdinah
Mineby moaningdinah
You're related to the famous a$$whipe Austin Mahthristy sorry I mean Mahone. You meet Camila and stuff happens. Enjoy
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Broken Clocks (Dinah/You) by Tsunami199
Broken Clocks (Dinah/You)by Tsunami199
Y/N, a 25 year old CEO and Dinah, a 24 year old singer have been married for 5 years and been together since middle school. They have 4 year old twin boys and some craz...
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Who Am I Without Him? (Laurmani) by bluedinah1997
Who Am I Without Him? (Laurmani)by Kai
When Lauren comes to Normani for the first time in 3 years as an escape from her abusive husband, will she be able to cope without him? Or will she return once again?
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Conjoined by Full_Korsdei_Meal
Conjoinedby Secret
You got two baby mamas🤷🏾‍♀️
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Adorn by beyology
Adornby 𝐍
Just read.
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Management Made (Normani/You) by OnlyInTheRedSea
Management Made (Normani/You)by Liar
This was just suppose to be a PR stunt, just for a couple months. She wasn't suppose to catch feelings and no one wasn't suppose to know about it, not even her own bandm...
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Her Mentor [BeyxMani] by jthingokay
Her Mentor [BeyxMani]by jthingokay
Normani dreams of making it in the entertainment industry and gets the opportunity of a lifetime when her boss transfers her internship to Parkwood Entertainment, the hi...
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She's My Babygirl by jaureguiscum
She's My Babygirlby jaureguiscum
Camren incest|Lauren G!p Camila and Lauren have always had an amazing bond, you might think they're always at each others throats considering they're sisters, but in rea...
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Behind The Mask (Normani/you) by MyShippersHeart
Behind The Mask (Normani/you)by CamrenBeLife
You're a famous singer opening for fifth harmony on tour. What happens when you catch feeling for none other than Normani Kordei? (Gxg takes place when Camila is in the...
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Whatever Happens On Vacation  by norminahskordei
Whatever Happens On Vacation by Imani🦄
Normani and Dinah are exes. They go on a trip with old high school friends and things get messy. Multiple part One shot
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We Found Love by beanie_lauren
We Found Loveby beanie_hatfield
Lauren found out her fiancé was cheating. Camila found out her son isn't hers. Then they found each other. g!p Posted: 06-15-2019 (Cannot be reproduced in any form, tran...
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The Road Trip by MadMuziQ
The Road Tripby 4H&CimLove4Ever
Five friends go on a road trip that turns into an adventure that none of them will ever forget!
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Accidental Love (Normani/You) by OnlyInTheRedSea
Accidental Love (Normani/You)by Liar
Normani didn't mean to text the wrong number. Y/n wasn't suppose to text back. But Normani did text the wrong the wrong number and y/n texted back. Somewhere along the...
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Define Love by thiccpetals
Define Loveby 𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐞★彡
"I'm not a stranger, I'm Lauren motherfucking Jauregui." "You right, even though I'm pretty sure I'm being catfished, my name is y/n." TEXTING FIC ST...
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Accept yourself (ageplay) by Lynn127
Accept yourself (ageplay)by Lynn127
When Dinah wants to bring the group closer together, it works. The only problem that came along is that Ally locks herself in her room and can't seem to accept herself...
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One shots x Imagines  by KangShyt
One shots x Imagines by KangShyt💎
Celebrity x Reader Y/n = your name GirlXgirl G!p
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Love and Trust (Camila/You) by allabout_gaylife
Love and Trust (Camila/You)by Allabout_gaylife
Y/n Y/ln is a famous YouTuber who makes cover videos. She's also a bit of a Harmonizer. She meets Camila Cabello at the local Starbucks she can't believe her eyes. They...
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Raining, my love. -Norminah ageplay  by SoberDayDream
Raining, my love. -Norminah SoberDayDream
[Ageplay] AU Dinah meets Normani at a little café.
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Fifth Harmony Smuts Book 2 by fuckingcrayon
Fifth Harmony Smuts Book 2by ♡
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