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Nexo Knights daughter scenarios by jocolate4326
Nexo Knights daughter scenariosby Jocolate pirate foxy
This is the first and I mean first next knights daughter book.
AngelTheLEGOFan's Blog About... AngelTheLEGOFan... by AngelTheLEGOFan
AngelTheLEGOFan's Blog About... Obsessed_Pianist
Oh, come on! Why didn't you just call it 'AngelTheLEGOFan's Blog' or 'AK's Blog'?!? LOL Anyways, enjoy my new work!
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[Completed] Clay, Lance, and Macy - Two Knights and A Princess by AngelTheLEGOFan
[Completed] Clay, Lance, and Obsessed_Pianist
Clay and Lance both have a crush on the Princess Knight-Macy Halbert, who happened to be one of their teammates. And Macy doesn't seem to know that both of them fell for...
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More Random Nexo Knights And Ninjago Stuff by AngelTheLEGOFan
More Random Nexo Knights And Obsessed_Pianist
Looks like one book isn't enough... So I'll have to write TWO!!!
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[Completed] Random Nexo Knights And Ninjago Stuff by AngelTheLEGOFan
[Completed] Random Nexo Knights Obsessed_Pianist
Just some random stuff about Ninjago and Nexo Knights(aaaannnnnnnddddddd maybe some other stuff). Enjoy! This book has a 'sequel' LOL (and will probably get more XD)
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[Completed] Jestro x Macy-The Princess And The Jester by AngelTheLEGOFan
[Completed] Jestro x Macy-The Obsessed_Pianist
I'm pretty surprised that I couldn't seem to find any shipping stories regarding them. So I decided to make one myself. I don't really ship them, because I am more of a...
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Ninjas vs Nexo Knights by Master-of-Chaos
Ninjas vs Nexo Knightsby Master-of-Chaos
The Ninjas arrive in the Realm of the Nexo Knights to rescue their (Y/N) only to discover she's living happily with the Knights. Tempers flare and insults are thrown as...
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Kai x Clay Ninjago/Nexo Knights (Phoenixshipping) by KaiFanJc
Kai x Clay Ninjago/Nexo Knights ( KaiFanJc
During a battle a portal opens and Clay Moorington gets sucked in it, Clay wakes up in and discovers an unknown world called Ninjago, He meets the Ninja and they try to...
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Ninjago and Nexo Knights (Kai x Clay shiping) by MonikaNijagoFangirl
Ninjago and Nexo Knights (Kai x MonikaNijagoFangirl
Ah ! What a good day to just relax and have a peaceful life, well, not until something go totally wrong on Ninjago and open a strange portal tô another world, where our...
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The Lost Knight【Nexo Knights x reader】 by EndyEnder
The Lost Knight【Nexo Knights x EndyEnder
||The Lost Knight|| You were given a task you couldn't complete. You could never go home. You were lost. Fallen into the history books you soon became nothing more than...
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His Attention (Lance x Clay x Aaron)  by Gravity_Faller_03
His Attention (Lance x Clay x Gravity
Disclaimer: I do not own Nexo Knights, pictures or videos. They all belong to their rightful owner. Lance doesn't admit it, but he's had a crush on Clay ever since they...
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Talking To Stone  by AlleonaSoriano
Talking To Stone by Just some moody teen
What happens if Clay could communicate with the person he loves the most whilst he's trapped in his stone prison? Well, that person is Macy. The orphan has liked her for...
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My Randomness! by LindseyMasterofSong
My Randomness!by ....
*fights off pirates, robots, ghosts and more* *bURSTS THROUGH THE WALL-* DID SOMEONE SUMMON ME?!?!?!? Oh, hello!!!!!!! WELCOME TO THE STUFF THAT GOES THROUGH MY H...
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The monster inside me by Blazetwin88
The monster inside meby Blaze
All of the nexo knights have been living in peace after the destruction of the Colossus, well all except one. Clay stopped sleeping and when he does he only sleeps for a...
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The Realm Hero Chronicles: Round 2 by AlainaPost122515
The Realm Hero Chronicles: Round 2by Alaina Post
Is the fight truly over or has it just begun? Things seem peaceful in the realms following the Realm War. At least that's what a majority of the Realm Heroes, now the Gu...
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Enemies? (Phoenixshipping Fanfiction) by CatNinja1
Enemies? (Phoenixshipping Alexander
Kai, Master of Fire from Ninjago, gets sucked into another dimension with his teammates and make new enemies... Clay, Leader of the Nexo Knights team, in the middle of...
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Nexo Knights - Vengeance for Power - Book1 by FlirtingWithDeath000
Nexo Knights - Vengeance for DeeJay <3
Aaron's younger sister has been in need of guidance and the knight have it. But she has something Jestro needs, and Monstrox the book. The last magic book. -- Based on...
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Lost Prince, Lost Brother by ZeldaAndMimi
Lost Prince, Lost Brotherby ZeldaMimiLinkAndLeia
Ninjago and Nexo Knights crossover! Kai, Clay, and Nya have a secret past they want no one to know about. However, an old enemy finds Clay as he escapes to Ninjago. Kai...
Nexo Knights React! by heart_with_wings
Nexo Knights React!by heart_with_wings
Send in some things on what you want the knights and other characters to react too! [Disclaimer: I do not own Lego Nexo Knights or the pic on the cover. Or any of the th...
Jestro infinite journey  by Jestro56789234
Jestro infinite journey by Jestro's Jester empire
What if Jestro got the infinity gems from marvel This is an idea I had I hope you all enjoy
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