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Perseus The Disgraced Archangel by Randomrandomness12
Perseus The Disgraced Archangelby RandomRandomness12
Lucifer wasn't always this way. Half of what humanity says he is, he isn't. Then again they didn't even get his original name right... Perseus. I do not own Percy Jackso...
Percy the gamer by snakesrawesome
Percy the gamerby Dylan Lampe
Percy gains gamer powers,the layout is a bit different as I play weird games, and will be influenced by games such as, Monster Hunter World Battlefront 2 Minecraft And S...
Ascension of the Fallen by itskrotexil
Ascension of the Fallenby itskrotexil
Millennia ago, he was cast from Olympus, exiled to the Pit. Olympus quakes in fear at the return of the Fallen. As the Titans rise, the eldest of Kronos and Rhea returns...
The Demon King - A Pertemis Story (Book 1) by FireWriter07
The Demon King - A Pertemis Story...by
Percy Jackson finally has peace. - Scratch that, he gets betrayed by the campers for someone named Mark who just showed up, but he doesn't care since he has his Wise Gir...
Percy's French Cousin by Tempest_Ace
Percy's French Cousinby Forrest_Fury
Percy had just gotten through the war with Gaea. Losing 4 of the 7. When it was time for the rewards ceremony he was tuned into a god. But what happens when he goes home...
percy jackson the new god of the sky by ReynaLavesque
percy jackson the new god of the s...by BLACK DIAMOND 🔹
This is a fanfiction that, percy jackson becomes the new god of sky and thunder, and also the king of the gods. For your information this is a Percy x Hera fanfiction
Rwby : The God of Olympus by ahmadnazem
Rwby : The God of Olympusby Am0104
After the destruction of the greek pantheon, percy jackson is sent to a new world as the last legacy of the greek pantheon.
New start ( ATLAx PJO crossover) by Ellaquenta2006
New start ( ATLAx PJO crossover)by Ellaquenta2006
After the Giant war Percy lost everything, the seven were killed, Annabeth was gone. When Percy returned home to see his mother he find that Sally and Paul have been kil...
Perseus, Demigod of Olympus by HERALDOFSET
Perseus, Demigod of Olympusby Herald Of Set
A/u where Perseus was born a son of Artemis , but was thrown away by the goddess due to his gender . Six years later he is adopted by Zeus , blessed and trained by Apoll...
Their Demon by dummy_11
Their Demonby The Destroyer
The shunning, betrayal, and fall of a loyal one, a hero, a loved one, made him this- this man, this... thing? "A wise one once said we make our demons". "...
I'll See You Again When I Escape by DaughteroftheWild888
I'll See You Again When I Escapeby ミ★ ηєяιαηηα вяσσкѕ (ηєяι)★彡
Percy Jackson thought he knew what pain was, after all, he's been through more than any other demigod in history. However, nothing could ever have prepared him for Tarta...
Wrath by SlimePancake1
Was formally Percy Jackson reincarnates in tensura Percy had died avenging Annabeth and killing Gaia. He was a hero to both the greeks and romans, so why is it when he o...
RUNAWAY  by potatoes_books_life
RUNAWAY by theodore eons
In which Percy Jackson was forced to grow up too quickly. [a non canon complaint percy jackson fan fiction]
Percy Jackson. Hogwarts, Here She Comes by ArcherWolfGirl_1
Percy Jackson. Hogwarts, Here She...by R1ddley~
Percy just got back from the war. The rest of the seven are dead, along with her best friend, no sister, Annabeth. Nico and Thalia went and did their own thing, had the...
The Tide of Magic by ECOWarrior18
The Tide of Magicby Eco Warrior
Read as the great Percy Jackson is more than just a demigod but the Saviour of the Worlds. His actions have impacted more than just the world of Greek and Roman and help...
ETERNITY  by ReynaLavesque
Percy jackson and friends were destined to take their parents powers and titles as soon as they were born but the primordials interfere making some of them primordials w...
Percy Jackson: Howling at the Crossroad by _deadly_Deadzio_
Percy Jackson: Howling at the Cros...by _deadly_Deadzio_
Unprepared for the coming conflict with the Titans, Olympus calls upon the help of an old ally. But who is Percy, the Son of Artemis and Lycaon? Who is this man coming f...
Percy Jackson: Xenoverse by ghostofIzukuMidoriya
Percy Jackson: Xenoverseby Fire Hero: Inferno
It has been 2 years since the fight against Gaea, and the "power couple" is still going strong... But what would happen when 5 young girls show up out of nowhe...
Percy Jackson The Betrayed Hero by PJOPegasusluv
Percy Jackson The Betrayed Heroby Queen Cakes {Wattpad Royale}
Tossed away like trash, unloved, betrayed. My name is Perseus Void Chaos Son of Chaos, heir of Tartarus, Champion of Geae, Blessed of the Primordals When Percy gets betr...
Saiyajins and Olympians by ghostofIzukuMidoriya
Saiyajins and Olympiansby Fire Hero: Inferno
During the fight against Gaea, Annabeth dies and Percy accidentally reveals a secret that he's kept for the last 7 years. A secret that only 5 others, excluding his moth...