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The Puppeteer | Mafia Romance & Espionage Thriller by The_Mafia_Gal
The Puppeteer | Mafia Romance & The Mafia Gal
The shadowy world of the Russian Mafia is rarely a welcoming one to those who unwittingly stumble into it. For most it means death, but for a few it spells a fate far wo...
Romance In A Column by ffoolproof
Romance In A Columnby daniela cesar
Avid reader of and aspiring author to The New York Times, Eryn Sallow, has all but luck in romance. From friend zoned to cheated on, you name it, she's lived it. After f...
Forever Together (Peter Park X Reader) by XreaderWriter1213
Forever Together (Peter Park X ❤ ❤
Peter Park was the 'nerd' of the school and Y/N was the new girl. Y/N was a photographer for the New York Times and took most of the photos of spiderman. Peter was the s...
In A Relationship With Jake Paul by SugaMakesTaeSweet
In A Relationship With Jake Paulby Anal Beads
read for a little surprise... And maybe a little something special just for you ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
Love In Quarantine by 2011FordFocus
Love In Quarantineby imsorry
shawty know was up. covid, self-icolation, bordom. it gets saucy in a trip out to walmart when a brave man steps outside to get sum nessecities and he meets a sales asso...
 H. U. G. O. by godlyakechi
H. U. G. aaaaaaaaa
Hugo is a boy who knows people. My fan fiction on the movie 'Hugo'
Guitar Zero by butterflyluv2020
Guitar Zeroby Jessy
Do you have to be born musical to become musical? On the eve of his fortieth birthday, Gary Marcus, a renowned scientist with no discernable musical talent, set forth to...
New York Times Profile Made Her 'Feel Raped' by hypefresh-inc
New York Times Profile Made Her ' Hypefresh, Inc.
Madonna is not happy with her New York Times profile. Madonna is comparing a recent interview to being "raped" - and she is not backing down from her statement...
Show Me The World by mktobey
Show Me The Worldby mktobey
Tayah Efting is a journalist for missionaries. She has a terrifying past, and unpredictable future. When she comes home for Christmas to be with her family, she runs int...
The History of Taygen by chikaka13
The History of Taygenby chikaka13
An engaging book on the life of Taygen Cribbs
The Unspoken Truth by Angelace657
The Unspoken Truthby Angie
Annie Morter has been a newspaper editor for the York Gazette for the past two years. Even so, she contemplates quitting when she finds out about a scandal in the networ...
Unkempt by _elleboo_
Unkemptby Elle Boodiman
An eighteen-year-old amateur writer named Christopher Elijah had only two goals in life: attend Northwestern University and become New York Times' Best-selling Author. H...
The Living-Dead by nameofursextape
The Living-Deadby Maelynn the Walker loves Broo...
what happens when Charlie comes face to face with a scenario she always wished would happen? people - loved ones - die in front of her very own eyes
"My Nation" by shucura
"My Nation"by shucura
It's basically a poem about my motherland Somalia and it's long civil war and my experience in it hope u like it's very real and emotional
PRESS by n8says
PRESSby Nathan Kowalla
After a tragic accident, Marty, Suzie and Terrance decide to take off to the big city and things are never the same.
His Personal Assistant by beautifuldarkrose
His Personal Assistantby Yeah buddy
Delilah Miller just got her bachelor's degree in journalism and she couldn't be more excited. She was only 22 years old at that and she landed her job with New York Time...
Obama  by otange1
Obama by otange !
an enticing story about meeting Obama in the White House and falling in love with him slowly... but does he love you back
What to Check List by najmagogh
What to Check Listby Najma
Before I kick cancer's butt, I want to check on : 1. Party in the USA 2. Get lost in Ubud, Bali 3. Shop at a sex shop in Las Vegas 4. Sunset with Van Gogh 5. Reach the...
The Perfectly Flawed by KendraBernot
The Perfectly Flawedby KendraBernot
life should have a sign that says "viewer discretion is advised" it should come with panic buttons, alarms and any safety precautions. I thought life came with...