Romance In A Column

Romance In A Column

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daniela cesar By ffoolproof Updated Nov 10, 2020

Avid reader of and aspiring author to The New York Times, Eryn Sallow, has all but luck in romance. From friend zoned to cheated on, you name it, she's lived it. After four romantically unfavorable years of college, she came to the executive decision to veto entirely relationships. At least, in her twenties. 

But in wine-drunk and lonely night spent reading the newest article -- "thirty-six questions that can make two people fall in love," curiosity laced with alcohol get the best out of her, persuading Eryn to book herself dates in a pseudo-tinder app with the intentions of deciphering just to what extent is the article true. And when collecting data, you can't conform to just one trial; hence why she arranges for five. 

And solely because this might just be the opening she needs to achieve her journalism dreams, the liquor-caused idea becomes a determination to water down the accuracy of the article and the entirety of the concept of romance into a column.

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