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Celebrity Burn Book by Jessieprior
Celebrity Burn Bookby Jessieprior
Need to find something bad to say about a celebrity? Welcome to the Burn Book!
Jeffrey Starr x Reader - a romantic meetup in Superdrug™ by number1jeffreeStan
Jeffrey Starr x Reader - a number1jeffreeStan
a fictional romance between the reader and Gregory in the perspective of you!! <333 a love story set in Superdrug UK.
Country Woes by gem2002
Country Woesby gem2002
Amidst the oncoming EU referendum and ongoing South China Sea dispute, two advocates for their respective regional groupings comtemplate their woes.
Scott Morrison x Boris Johnson by scojo_ausxeng
Scott Morrison x Boris Johnsonby scojo_ausxeng
Scomo and Bojo want to relieve some stress of being notoriously bad prime ministers.
Prime Minister's Don't Cry by serpentlingua
Prime Minister's Don't Cryby BORIS
An intern, a prime minister.. A coffee cup. (I'll write a better one/description soon)
Kanen x Zeb x Ezra x Chopper x Lebron James by bucketkoala
Kanen x Zeb x Ezra x Chopper x Can I die
This is for joke purposes only, intended to be fictional only. THIS IS MATURE CONTENT! Sex, gore and things that a young person should just not read. Meme references and...
Dictator Of My Heart | KJU x VP by dweebcntrl
Dictator Of My Heart | KJU x VPby 奈々子
They may be able to suppress their people, but they couldn't suppress their love for one another. It started out as a relationship of benefits, however, those feelings d...
Boris Johnson x Jeremy Corbyn by papaBoris
Boris Johnson x Jeremy Corbynby papaBoris
Two lost souls who are complete opposites are brought together in battle of Brexit. Things get steamy.
Love through Brexit by PtitDoc
Love through Brexitby The Professor
The United Kingdom is in a bad state of poverty. follow the story before and after the Brexit through the eyes of our main character. Love Story (Gay). If you are uncomf...
Untitled by RavennaS
Untitledby RavennaS
In the wake of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, it is proudly claiming to have regained its freedom. The so-called "Brexit" movement is apparentl...
Adopted by the Queen by Sisdaniel
Adopted by the Queenby The Queen
WARNING! May contain large amounts of cheese! If lactose intolerant take precautions I know this is probably not the kinda thing I would write, but I have been asked by...
Bizarre TRiUMPhant Tales by JasonGreenfield
Bizarre TRiUMPhant Talesby Jason Greenfield
"If you like Political Satire, and crooked politicans getting caught in the rain If you're not into 'fake news', if you have half a brain If you like tw...
Brexit Got Done Shirt by KetrinaSmith
Brexit Got Done Shirtby KetrinaSmith
Brexit Got Done t-shirt it's also available for the shirt, Unisex hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt, long sleeve tee and sweater (sweatshirt) for men, women, kid and baby...
The Trial Of David Cameron by whytho25x_7
The Trial Of David Cameronby whytho25x_7
After Economic Collapse due to Brexit, there has been a civil war in England. There are to be trials of the guilty!
The Brexit Mistress by EhrinnAmber
The Brexit Mistressby EhrinnAmber
A look at the Characters of Brexit and their motivations, through the medium of divorce proceedings.
Getting brexit done by thefrenchgoverment
Getting brexit doneby thefrenchgovernment
Who knows what is going on at this point