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A New Dawn To The Eclipse by sanchitamaji4
A New Dawn To The Eclipseby sanchita maji
Selena is the head editor of the rose magazine and her boring days continued, but all of it changes when the new CEO is appointed Aditya Sharma ; the young handsome...
Aizawa x Reader: My Goddess by lightninglaze
Aizawa x Reader: My Goddessby lightning laze
A female lead character. My first story ever. Like ever. It's just been stuck in my head, so I'm going to try and write it.... ✨✨this was my very first story, so yall g...
မုန်းတာထက်ပို၍ / မုန္းတာထက္ပို၍  (Unicode+Zawgyi)(Completed)  by Li_Wi_0611
မုန်းတာထက်ပို၍ / မုန္းတာထက္ပို၍ ( Li Wi
Both Unicode and Zawgyi "အခုကစၿပီး မင္းဘဝ မင္းလြတ္လပ္ခြင့္ေတြအကုန္လုံးက ငါ့လက္ထဲမွာဘဲ" "ဘာလို႔အဲ့ဒါကြၽန္မျဖစ္ေနရတာလဲ" "မင္းမိုလို႔ကို မင္းျဖစ္ေန...
Bnha x Male reader oneshots by KIDDOSMOMMA
Bnha x Male reader oneshotsby Momma
I am a mother of anyone who reads this, everyone is welcome here 😌 Unless you like Gabi Braun. Then "Get that bread, get that head, then leave." 💅
Broken And Betrayed by Edinamabasi
Broken And Betrayedby Edinamabasi
When all of Camp Half-Blood, and most of all Annabeth, turn their backs on Percy and shun him for something he hasn't done, he and his half brother leave for Olympus. W...
The Ex by EmRatosss
The Exby EmRatosss
The perfect man just proposed and what was my answer? NO. Why? I'm too scared to get my heartbroken AGAIN. Spontaneity led me to the worst heartbreak of my life. A hea...
Mia by pandabear1430
Miaby 🐼🐼🐼
{Ongoing} Mia Anderson is a shy, innocent, and not to mention short 19 year old. Living with her foster family has its ups and downs, but she loves them like her own. On...
Some Way - [EDITING] by TiffsJaded
Some Way - [EDITING]by Tiff.
Liviana has it all. An amazing life in L.A., flying through college, roomating it up with her best friend from high school, and the hunky All-Star boyfriend. Life is goo...
My Mafian Intern by Chantal_Brae
My Mafian Internby Chantal D. Brae
"You're staring at him again," Valentina sighs. "Hm?" I responded, not catching on to what Valentina was inferring. She tugs on my arm and shakes her...
She's Mistreated|| K. Bakugo x Reader  by DekuandKacchan99
She's Mistreated|| K. Bakugo x DekuandKacchan99
Y/N is the daughter of the villain Dabi, and is determined to move past her father's expectations. She runs away from her abusive father, and finds herself in Musutafu...
Project Harvest by RosesandSpiders
Project Harvestby Esther Rebel
Climate change hit, and it hit hard. Humanity survives in apartments designed to keep them alive until the planet can heal. Generation after generation never seeing the...
Cream Puffs and Courtship by ThatMatchie
Cream Puffs and Courtshipby Madeline Ella
"Do I know you?" She asked. "I think everyone here does." He said with a chuckle. ~~~ Orphaned and left to raise her younger sister, Evelyn feels l...
Daya by Silkwritings
Dayaby Eliza
Younger Sister of a soon to be football star Daya Price is a sophomore who spends her time listening to music from the golden age of hip hop and collecting black icon te...
𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙋𝙡𝙖𝙣 | 𝘽𝙒𝙃𝙈 (18+) ✔ by Barbie__Tingz
𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙋𝙡𝙖𝙣 | 𝘽𝙒𝙃𝙈 (18+) ✔by ♡𝓑𝓪𝓻𝓫𝓲𝓮 ♡
Highest Ranks 💫 1 ~ Possive 19 ~ Hatred 39 ~ New author 23 ~ Black Author "Oh shit angel, the cops are behind us!" I yell at him, worried about us getting in...
Red Oppz by klondikebratt
"I'm a big dog lil' nigga you a pup Pull up on ya spot walk up on it shoot it up" therealkylesister x toosii
Jake Peralta ❣︎  by jakeypisbae
Jake Peralta ❣︎ by liv
He rolled up my sleeve carefully wrote a phone number on my arm. "Call me." He whispered before helping me up with him and walking away... Also my new Andy fa...
One Hour Before Midnight by blossomwritess
One Hour Before Midnightby UrMomL
a little sweet romance for those who want to escape solitude A story about a girl who loved too hard and a boy who never knew what he had until it was gone. Young love...
Beautiful Revenge |COMPLETED| by iammarty10
Beautiful Revenge |COMPLETED|by ᴍᴀʀᴛʏ ᴍᴏᴄʜɪ
"So how does a 'real wife' suppose to behave huh? Tell me Mr. I know everything!" I screamed and he started walking towards me. "Start learning woman,&quo...
Only Love Knows [A JAMAICAN STORY] by thewriter876
Only Love Knows [A JAMAICAN STORY]by thewriter876
I was sitting the car of the biggest scammer in my community, smoking his cigarette and in my school uniform. Of all the things I had done to disappoint my mother, this...
NSfw Thoughts For Folks Out There (Kinks) by rachel_mint_cake
NSfw Thoughts For Folks Out rachel_mint_cake
Hey KiNkY-DrEaMeRs ✨🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️ This book Is gonna need the assistance of holy water 🍶 21+ So go to the nearest body of water after and baptize yourself (trust me you w...